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Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Whisenhunt promised this season -- and little else
When Whisenhunt had Kurt Warner he was a good coach. Now he has no QB and is a bad coach. Unless he lobbied for the ridiculous giveaway to Philly to get Kolb, Whisenhunt is not the biggest problem. How's Boldin doing in Baltimore? Not bad. He's just one of a group of solid players that the Cardinals let migrate to other teams because they are cheap. Again, unless Whisenhunt is behind these personnel moves, he should not be first in line to get fired.
Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Which outcome is worse for the Cowboys?
Cowboys must lose out, ditch Garrett for Payton, and see what they can get from the draft. More of the same will result in more of the same.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Could Mike Holmgren end up with the Dallas Cowboys?
There was a time when I would have jumped for joy at the thought of Holmgren as HC. With Sean Payton available, I would actually be disappointed if the job went to Holmgren. Having said that, either would be a better choice than Garrett, who is getting credit for a win over a bad Eagles team that was the result of great defensive play, if anything.
Posted Monday September 10, 2012, About: Weeden on the path to shell-shocked
Tell me again how Colt McCoy sucks. Tell me again how Weedon "won" the QB competition. Tell me again how the QB is the weak link in Cleveland with "all that talent" surrounding him. (OK, no one made that last argument although it seemed implicit in the way Colt was blamed for Cleveland's pathetic record.) I just wish they would cut him so he could migrate to a better organization.
Posted Friday September 07, 2012, About: Big 12 QB jinx?
Overvalued or not, your point is exactly right. And while VY has had his shot, I don't know how one can evaluate Colt McCoy based on one year with NO decent skill players around him.
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Payton frustrated by mistruths
What we know for sure is this: The Patriots cheated their way to three SuperBowls and received a slap on the wrist for blatantly disregarding NFL policy. This suspension is a joke.
Posted Thursday August 30, 2012, About: Jimmy Johnson rooting for Dallas ... and Tony Romo
He's right on Romo but Jerry's record speaks for itself. He and Mike Brown of the Bengals have set the standard for poor GM performance. But what sets Jerry's performance apart from even Mike's is his demonstrated ability to take one of the best teams in NFL history and turn it into the epitome of mediocrity. This season is looking about the same as the last fifteen or so...8-8.
Posted Friday May 04, 2012, About: Father's comments doomed McCoy
I really have to question Pat Shurmur's ability to be an HC. It was Cleveland who screwed the pooch with the concussion; not Colt or his father. If he's so defensive that he's going to use accurate comments made by Colt's father as the basis for a personnel decision then he should be looking for another job???regardless of Colt's abilities as a QB.
Posted Saturday April 28, 2012, About: Browns want Weeden to win starting job
I'd love to see McCoy go to a real NFL team instead of languishing in Cleveland. Heck, I could even pull for SF if he ended up there.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Did RGIII offend the Colts?
I hope and pray that RG3 is an enormous bust. The Cowboys will never be good again while Jerry Jones still breathes so my only joy is to see Redskins fans suffer. ... Actually, I enjoy seeing Eagles fans suffer too. Last year I really enjoyed it.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Payton may work TV gig, sidelines for son
Hey Debbie Does???the eavesdropping thing happened before Peyton was even coaching the Saints.

I can't believe the vitriol directed at Peyton. He seems like a decent guy. Yes, he's guilty of turning a blind eye but it was Greg Williams who did the same thing here that he did in previous stops. The Saints aren't my team but I have a real problem with the way they've been pummeled into the ground by the same guy who gave the Patriots a pass for cheating their way to three SB titles.
Posted Saturday December 24, 2011, About: The biggest story in college football?
This victory total might matter if he played in a real conference against legitimate competition. Unfortunately for him, he does not.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Texas to the ACC?
Right on. It's the bottom dwellers that make the Big 12 such a joke. Hear that, Baylor? I'm talking about you. (But not just you.)

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