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Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Knicks pressured to give World Peace a chance
So what makes you think that injuries won't reoccure lets be real Deng and Boozer aren't gettin younger and seem to be hampering injuries who knows what shape Rose will be in when I just read a report about him having complications after Tibs said he was back to self. Bright side is jimmy butler but to suggest the outcome of a teams wins based on stats 3 seasons ago then look at the Lakers and their position 4 years ago they won a title two years ago they were in title contention and last season they even felt they were the best since the Magic error all first round exits including two sweeps. We have no real reason to truly believe Chi is any where near the same team they were when they played the heat in the ECF and that was back when Miami wasn't winning titles. Rose is gonna need more time once he's back on the floor the guys mentally weak one knee bang and he gonna be down.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Knicks point guard may not return
Apple is to FN what Lebron is to ESPN. You clowns cant stop talking about him its pathetic.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Anthony's knee pain is nothing new
Funny while watching the game I was telling my brother Melo looks sluggish hes dragging his legs he kept jogging. There was a play in the 1st qrtr where the Knicks got the rebound and looked to push and melo put his head down attempted run about 3 steps and then just walked instead he was the last one up the floor. less then 10 minutes hes down with a knee injury. Hopefully its nothing rest wont cure. I say sit out wednesday we got OKC thursday let STAT start and go off on the Pistons.
Posted Wednesday February 06, 2013, About: Jennings angling for brighter lights?
The Knicks can retain Smith cause they signed him on a 2 year contract he has the option to opt out and resign for a bigger contract. The Knicks at this point will have birdy rights and can offer JR whatever they want and it would count towards the CAP. they will just have to pay the luxury tax. JR aint going no where he loves the attention he gets here.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Abdul-Jabbar: Durant could break scoring record
a TEAMS legacy is defined by winning rings its not the players. Its the individual numbers they put up with or with out the rings. That would mean Luke Walton and his 2 rings makes him better than Kidd and his 1 ring and hes is on the level as Chamberlain and his 2 rings or his legacy is greater than Barklys, Malones, Kings, Ewings. Championships make a city legendary a team memorable, the players stats get them in the hall of fame with or with out the rings.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Aldridge wants in on Team USA
To early to predict that. I doubt he'll be on the Blazers much of his career. Hes got a lot of talent and depending on the situation with the team and coach hes around he can be a superstar and soon.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Knicks not sure when Wallace will return
That sucks I liked Sheed he was looking good out there. I think he'll make a great coach much better then Ewing. Release him his contract is guarenteed now so hell get his money he can do a Baron and help coach from the bench and we can sign Martin until Camby is healthy (if)
Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: Howard insists labrum is separated, not torn
If im the NJ Nets (i will not acknowledge them as BK until someone from BK is actually on that team) I would still make the trade if the Lakers want Lopez which I doubt. Lopez is actually a solid scorer very weak defender but I just have this feeling hes gonna end up with the Yao syndrom. His feet are so weak and probably wont last thru a 10 year career. 7 years of good ball and maybe 3 years worth of accumlated injuries. But never consistant court time. Lakers have become the Knicks, injured big men & PGs, Kobe/Melo faces the blame for being the only one on the team for balling, D'antoni, below 500 record, and the belief that it will turn around eventually.
Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: Anthony suspended one game
Knicks will be fine. Melo could use the suspension level his head a little. Now its clear where the frustration has been coming from this season. Beef at home with his misses = 8 techs and 1 game suspended and hes playing with such attitude, but its a good thing. Just gotta be in control. JR should have a good game maybe Stat will break out against IND im hoping. They got a 8 game streak at home so its gonna be a tough game for us. GO KNicks keep your head up Melo KG is one of the best at the head games we aint blaming you.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: Did Monta Ellis run Scott Skiles out of Milwaukee?
*cricket noise* Who cares the Bucks will never be relevant.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: Suns involved in trade talks for Rudy Gay
Im guessing Gays contract is apart of the old CBA thats why hes making such an amount. I believe with the contracts under the new CBA he would of never had such a contract where the Grizzles would have to trade him off to balance thier cap not to mention no matter how good Memphis is they dont sell out the crowd and dont make enough money to go over the cap. Sucks I was starting to enjoy these small markets replacing the big markets. Lakers lose Grizzles win. Its good for the NBA.
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol out indefinitely
Its over. Dwight gave up he could play but for what hes just getting beat up for nothing. Hes realized its not his fault they are lose nor is he the answer for them to win. They should of won that Denver game. Dwight had his best game as a Laker and couldnt get no touches in the 4th. He was playing with the same injury thats gonna sideline him for a week (remember nash was sidelined for a week (7 to be exact)) and grabbed 26 rebounds so I dont think the injury is limiting him but why risk getting worst if you know your not gonna make the playoffs. Can Dwight play? yes. The Lakers need him now more than ever and had they been in a position to win something this year Dwight would be playing. Hes just tryina get 100% now so he can start the next season off fresh with whatever team he decides to sign with. And Gasol could play Novak took a worst elbow from World Peace and was knocked out yet he played the rest of that night and played the next game. No way that shot to the nose is why gasol cant play or travel with the team.
Posted Sunday January 06, 2013, About: Amar'e Stoudemire's jab boggles Mike D'Antoni's mind
G-B and Mecca are solid trolls, they literally bash ppl for having thier own opinions. You guys are not experts and are wrong most of the time with your predictions and your views are bias. You shouldn't bash someone for the same things you commit. Talk basketball agree to disagree and let your opinions be heard, no need for hate and school yard name calling its pathetic and all the names you call ppl redirect them to yourselves "ladies". Not taking side by you guys look like fools writing stuff with the intent to gather a specific persons attention like a child waitin to be chased by the person who is declared "IT" in a game of tag. Its clear you guys love Apple more then he loves Melo and its pretty G.Ay!
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Stoudemire: 'I've never been taught defense'
Amare was 16 years old when scouts were bringing him all over the country to play ball. This was the late 90s early 2000s there era of the cross over And1 street ball BS. SO what Amar'e develope was a street ball game that was hard to stop because of his size. He was a big who could put it on the floor and take his defender on the first step for an easy dunk. No part of his game consisted of him defending or learning rotations. Players usually get that in College. Jumping from highschool to the pros and playing under a guy like Mike NoD'antoni he only utilized what Amar'e was good at and didnt bother to try to develope him into more then a pick and roll player who became dependent on it. He can learn the system cause thats all its about, you have great defenders and you have great defensive systems, and most of the time the system does not require the best defenders because the system makes 5 defenders as 1 and each covering for the others mistake. Basketball is not 1 on 1 so we dont need Stat to be a great defender we just need him to learn the system.
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: New York Knicks' point guards must step up play
Its rather pathetic how **** Apples sauce all the time. Its like you live solely to comment on that dudes post. G. A. Y
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: 'Dwight Howard is basically Kosta Koufos'
Im starting to think Dwight is waiting for the end of the season to bolt. Hes noticed life with Kobe isnt what it may seem. Theres a reason why there hasnt been paired with a real all star since Shaq was gone, Gasol is soft and Kobe belittles him all the time and he wont say anything or do anything about it, um thats about it Odom was Kardashian Artest was Metta World Peace and Bynum was ....Bynum... Dwights career numbers will be low if he continues to play with Kobe And the team isnt bad on defense they are incapable of defense other then Metta whose not who he use to be not even close but throws a mean elbow, Dwight and Kobe (cause refs dont call fouls against him) they really dont have any good defensive players for Dwight to make an impact plus now that hes in the West hes gonna get banged on a lot more by teams like the Clippers and OKC who he has to face 4 times a year now. Its very unlikely he stays put after this year. I wouldnt be surprised to see a crazy trade where he ends up on brooklyn and Lopez ends up like on the Jazz and the Lakers get Jefferson or Millsap as the main pieces of a trade,. GO KNICKS
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Johnson canned after 14-14 start
I almost feel bad for Avery. We all seen this coming once D-Will came out of his face. They should look to trade that guy hes a cancer to his team. Theres never any unity in the locker room when hes on the team. Not a single player missed or was upset when he got traded to the Nets from the Jazz. People considered the Jazz to have given up D-Will for nothing, looks like they were the better halfs of the trade. They got some draft picks and Favors who could either be there future cause hes a solid player or they can trade him this year for more quality pieces or draft picks to continue to rebulid without demolishing what they currently have. The passed 2 seasons the Jazz have been signifcantly better then the Nets including this year. D-will is a great basketball player hes no leader or first option and hes defiantly isnt worth $100 mill
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Johnson wanted contract extension
Look on the Bright side Avery you can always be the next Lakers coach once D'Antoni is canned
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Olshey: Blazers unlikely to trade Aldridge
Come to New York Nets or Knicks we would treat you well!
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Johnson didn't see firing coming
I think he fell off by being so lienent with D-Will. See D-Will makes mistakes and has a lot to learn but the last season and a half Avery had to kiss his toes to make sure D-Will would stay but by doing this Avery was never able to gain the ground in the locker room since they were making D-Will more important then the team I mean no one ment anything to the organization more the D-WIll not the coach GM or any other player including there beloved Brook Lopez who D-Will was publicly telling the media he wanted Dwight. That takes a toll in the locker room as the players dont know who to follow the coach or D-Will. He always has something negative to say about his team and teammates but rarely hear him complimenting them. Avery is not the best coach but honestly when it comes to D-Will it doesnt matter the coach hes just one of those guys that thinks he knows it all and couldnt learn from a coach. When you run Jerry Sloan out something is definaly wrong with the product. Maybe Avery will be the next Laker coach once D-antoni is fired
Posted Friday December 28, 2012, About: Nets fire Avery Johnson
D-Will the coach killer

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