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Posted Thursday November 28, 2013, About: Pelini re-upped into 2018 last December
As a Cornhusker I have a different opinion on this than the comments from fans from other cfb programs. I want to stay with Bo and exercise some patience.
The program is in world's better shape than it was when Bo took over after the train wreck from Callahan.
It took Osborne 22 years to get his first national championship and we almost lost him in '79 to Colorado because of the fair weather fans constant whining. AND Osborne came into a healthy program while Bo came into that train wreak.
I hope the administration does not listen to the whining fair weather fans who expect instant results and keep the coach we have now.
Posted Saturday September 21, 2013, About: Bo Pelini writes apology letter to Nebraska fans
Bearcat, just what is your problem with people who work in the agricultural profession? Guess you just don't like to eat.
Oh I am sorry you are probably one of the many who actually think that all the stuff in the grocery stores are produced behind those big swinging double doors in the back of the store and that chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows.
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Longhorns are latest to install 'no-visit' policy for recruits
So does this also mean that these schools who are putting in this "no visit" policy will also not go after another school's committed recruit and try to make this committed recruit change his mind and decide to go to this "no visit" policy school?
Not going to hold my breath for their answer to that. Of course these "no visit" policy schools will continue to go after any recruit that fits their need even if that recruit is committed to another school.
Welcome to the real world of sports young recruit.
Posted Friday February 01, 2013, About: Dodds detects 'more of a burn' in Mack Brown
Oh, come on fellas, Texas needs to keep Mack so the slide continues.
He really does live up to that phrase of 'doing less with more' and don't forget that other programs are keeping a close eye on the high school offensive players whose names are not McCoy or Young and have only 3*s that Mack is offering a schollie to play for UT as a defensive back. You know like the past two Heisman winners that won for playing offense.
Posted Friday January 18, 2013, About: A&M taking control of recruiting in Texas
Good for those young men to have the opportunity to go to a college football program that will teach them to be the best player they have the ability to become. Not a program that plugs them into an antique mindset of taking good offensive players from high school and shuffle them to the defense because they don't have the right last name or the 5*s from some talking head recruit ranking sight.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Manziel courtside at Mavs game
My first thought was "Wow Johnny came from money and his parents instilled a good work ethic into him". He is not going to be one of those trust fund kids who hook into crazy projects just to keep them busy or really blow it with the poor decisions ( fill in the blank---) of a bored youth\life.
Posted Thursday December 13, 2012, About: Seven schools ready to ditch Big East
#10, Tinman, Love your comment. This would give the sports talking heads more fodder than they now have to spin,dip and dis to their hearts' content.
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Texas courting Alamo Bowl QB controversy
#49 Grouch, exactly.
If a head coach does not know the strength of players any better than Mack's record shows then that goes a long way in explaining the state of the UT football program which usually has a top 5 recruiting class year in and year out.
Posted Thursday November 22, 2012, About: Iowa's at home field disadvantage
This is the only way many Husker faithful can be at a game by going to an out of state game. The sell out at Memorial stadium is over 300 games and started back in 1962, I think.
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Nebraska's youth to be rattled by Madison?
#5 <DaJewz, Wisconsin is in the Leaders division, not the Legends.
Took me a while to keep them straight till I thought of the "G" in Legends as being the "g" in both of the Michigan schools. I know it is silly but so are the Division names. LOL
Posted Monday August 29, 2011, About: Sources: Arkansas kicked tires on Big 12 move
Just because the good people in Arkansas talk slow does not mean they think slow or are stupid.
There is no way in this world that Arkansas would ever return to the same cfc as those prima donna Horns from TU are in.
Besides what strong football program would want to be in a cfc that is rapidly becoming extinct or irrelevant?
For the life of me I can not see why all of this silence from OU. Is OU quietly looking into other options? Sure hope so.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: Big 12 targeting Notre Dame, BYU?
And that is why Nebraska and Colorado left last year.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: Big 12 targeting Notre Dame, BYU?
#305 Not Default 2, sorry , my comment is #300 and was similar to #273 about Dodds but was not as openly honest. #273 really told how the cow ate the cabbage.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: Big 12 targeting Notre Dame, BYU?
#305,Not Default2, yes I know that but I wanted to play nice so the Texas fans would not accuse a Husker of "whining". LOL
This article makes it plain as the nose on your face just who is in charge of the Big 12 and it is not Beebe or the other members.
My question is who in the world would want to join the mess that this conference is becoming. Don't think any school with a quality football program would touch the Big 12 with a 10 mile pole.
Which is sad because this region needs a strong cfc.
Posted Saturday August 13, 2011, About: Big 12 targeting Notre Dame, BYU?
Why is the UT AD Deloss Dodds doing aggressive research into getting more teams\schools into the Big 12 and not the commissioner of the conference whose job common sense would say it is? Just wondering if Dodds is also acting Big 12 commissioner, can't do a worse job at it than Beebe has done.
Posted Tuesday July 26, 2011, About: Pinkel dares to blast Longhorn Network
#3 deep creek, Lubbock will not say anything that TU does not like. They are a good little sister and will defend Bevo no matter what Bevo does.
Good for Pickel. Wonder if Missouri is still shopping around.
Posted Tuesday July 19, 2011, About: Green narrows mouth-watering choices, USC out
LUS, I have no doubts that RG3 could have been 1st string at most of the elite football schools. Wonder what my Huskers would have done with him behind center. Maybe win a couple of conference championships?
Oh well that is the fantasy football league and not real..dang it.
Posted Tuesday July 19, 2011, About: Green narrows mouth-watering choices, USC out
That was sad to read. Cody is a fine young man but it looks like his dream to play QB in college is causing him to not see the bigger picture. If he could not make 1st string at Nebraska, shouldn't he seriously think about a position change if he wants to play at the next level?
All I have when I think about Cody is flash backs of Eric Crouch who could have played many positions but would only play QB. Now look where the former Hiesman winner is at, maybe playing for the Omaha Nighthawks.....maybe as a backup.
Posted Tuesday July 12, 2011, About: Tyle Gabbert leaving Louisville after a week
Love the GPS tracking comment in the article.
#37, Blaine is implied because he committed to Nebraska first before he committed to and went to Missouri. Same with his smaller and younger brother. Never understood why Nebraska went looking for another Gabbert after what Blaine had done. We got burned twice by the same family.
So I find the GPS comment righteously funny.
Posted Thursday March 10, 2011, About: Music to Nebraska fans' ears
#44,justsayin', Lol that is a great observation about Rex. I can see why his nickname has been Superman, the young man can do it all.
I also liked what Beck said about teaching the fundamentals of offense to the players. The Pelini's said that about the defense their first year and it worked out great. It about time the offense got back to the basics too.
Posted Saturday February 19, 2011, About: Kiffin talking to Huskers coach?
#25 just, wasn't that great? There is a thread over on the Big Ten blog about Nebraska and all of these texas trolls could not resist commenting till the final score of the b ball game....suddenly silence. I can't figure out why they have to follow us over to our new blog. Wonder if they miss us or something.LOL

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