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Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013, About: Yankees-Cano gap 'very substantial'
Cano is not that good, not worth $200-300 million. Hits around .300, though I once thought he'd won a batting title or two. Not even close. A disappointment there. Yeah, he's good for around 30 dingers and 100 RBIs, but he's going to start going downhill soon enough. And he'll never be a team leader. He's not worth throwing that kind of money at him. But you never know desperate the Yankees will get now that the team is going AARP. They already overpaid grossly for McCann, a catcher who's best offensive numbers are behind him.
Posted Friday September 27, 2013, About: Mo could play outfield in Houston
How could you possibly criticize the farewell tour of Mariano Rivera? Who's more deserving of such respect? An incredible pitcher and an obviously good man. Finally, a great story in baseball.
Posted Saturday June 29, 2013, About: Tejada returns to Mets without his job
Tejada is a .220 hitter with no power and an erratic glove. He'll make a great play, then flub a routine grounder. Why settle for that? Quintanilla is a steadier fielder, wields a better bat, though inclined to be streaky, and is capable of hitting an occasional home run. For now, Omar's the pick.
Posted Wednesday June 19, 2013, About: Worst performance of Hamilton's career
Isn't it about time for Hamilton to go on the DL?

He's usually good for a spell or two there.
Posted Saturday June 15, 2013, About: Dodgers, with $6B to spend, could add Cano
Law of Nature:

The Dodgers sign Cano to a 200-million, multiyear contract: His production immediately plummets.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Yanks desperately want to hear 'R' word from A-Rod
A-Rod is a pile the Yankees can't shake off their shoe.
Posted Thursday May 02, 2013, About: Time to count out the Jays
The Jays are this year's 2012 Marlins. They look formidable on paper, many pick them to have a great season, but then reality sets in.
Posted Saturday April 20, 2013, About: Buck Showalter advises Rex Ryan to stick to football
Ryan may have slimmed down but he'll always have a fat mouth.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: How long will Mets stick with Ruben Tejada?
"Problems" should be "problem."
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: How long will Mets stick with Ruben Tejada?
Is Tejada's problems temporary or is he a victim of stevesaxitis, a kind of dysfunction that overcomes infielders when they have to throw to their first basemen? Whatever the case, he better find a cure fast because he wields a light bat and provides no power at the plate.
Posted Wednesday April 17, 2013, About: Mets manager yelled at daily by front office
I hope Ike Davis wakes up. His woeful start this year is even worse than last year's. He looks clueless in the batter's box. He looks so vulnerable to pitches that graze the outside of the plate, especially when he's up against a southpaw. Keith Hernandez should come down from the booth and give Ike some pointers before management and Terry Collins start yelling at HIM.
Posted Saturday March 16, 2013, About: David Wright may miss Mets season-opener
MLB is a business? You better tell the Mets owner and GMs that it is, because they sure don't know how to run their business. Hey, Fred, good move getting yourself all twisted up with Bernie Madoff. That did wonders for the team. As for the Mets in general, no franchise has been more adept in recent years at taking on players on the downside of their careers (Bonilla, Bay, Alomar, Vaughan, Santana ... (Hey, maybe they'll sign George Foster. The outfield looks a little iffy.) If the Mets think risking injury to David Wright at the start of the season, after a string of inglorious years, is sound thinking, well, that fits with all the other stellar moves they've made in recent years.
Posted Saturday March 16, 2013, About: David Wright may miss Mets season-opener
I don't understand the idea of letting your best players participate in a pre-MLB tournament anywhere, for any reason, when there's a good chance they may be injured and lost for any part of the regular season. It's ... how shall I put ... INCREDIBLY STUPID. You sign Wright to a major multi-year contract, make him the enduring face of the franchise, and then expose him to injury even before Opening Day?
Posted Wednesday February 06, 2013, About: A-Rod scared Yankees, MLB are out to get him
It's a "vast, right-wing conspiracy" against A-Rod.
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Wright put off by Mets offers
Wright declined the second half of 2012. Only 35 HRs and 154 RBIs the past two years.

A solid ballplayer and a fan favorite but I think his best years are behind him. Do you keep him because he stands out among mediocrities? A trade could help the Mets still some conspicuous holes? Outfield? Catcher? Relievers?
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Report: Josh Hamilton wants 7 years, $175 million
In reality, Hamilton is asking for four years and $175 million because there is no way an even older Josh Hamilton is going to play a full seven years, given that he's not known for playing entire seasons now or in the recent past when he's presumably fitter. Kudos to his agent if he's able to get Hamilton anything close to his initial bargaining position.

I guess Hamilton might be a good fit for the quickly aging, increasingly desperate Yankees. If MLB ever creates a seniors circuit for ball clubs (any player age 40 or above or who plays like a 40-year-old), New York might finally win another world championship.
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: Demotion coming for A-Rod?
Who would even want to think about how ineffectual Alex will be in two, three, four, or five years? What team will give him the chance to be? (Okay, maybe the Mets.)

Yes, steroids surely take its toll on players who use them to pump up their bodies, bank accounts, and stats. Just ask the mighty Big Mac. A knee disintegrated. Tragically, you can't ask Ken Caminiti about that. (Or FloJo, for that matter, though Lyle Alzado bravely "testified" before he died.)

I'm very glad Rodriguez now has no chance to pass Bonds for the career HR total, that is unless he plays somehow until he's eligible for Social Security. It's bad enough Barry's "on top." (As for Slammin' Sammy Sosa and his 600+ dingers. Three years in a row of 60 or more? When Ruth only did it once? Very, very funny.)
Posted Thursday October 04, 2012, About: Valentine sells out coaching staff
Bobby, Bobby, Bobby... your desperate rant reminds me of Bogie's paranoiac Captain Queeg on the witness stand near the end of "The Caine Mutiny": "They (his crew) fought me at every turn." Queeg was **** metal balls as he complained. What did you have? Sunflower seeds?
Posted Wednesday September 19, 2012, About: Mets skipper: No one is safe
"There is not a guy in that clubhouse who can't get traded," Terry Collins said. "Not a guy."

What about the owner and general manager?
Posted Friday September 07, 2012, About: The most underrated player in baseball
"Lou Pineilla once said [Angel Pagan] was the dumbest player he ever met."

I guess it takes one to know one.
Posted Friday September 07, 2012, About: The most underrated player in baseball
The problem about calling anyone the most underrated player in baseball is that it can be said so many times, the player in question actually becomes overrated. Joe Rudi of the champion Oakland A's in the 1970s was called underrated so many times by the media that it should've been sewn on his uniform. He was a solid ballplayer but the accolade became tiresome.

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