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Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: It's time the NCAA lets Miami go
NCAA has tried too hard to become supercop. They will now implode. Not sure that I think Miami should skate, but the NCAA have zero credibility. It will make any punishment they hand out harder to explain. I think Emmert's time as NCAA prez is almost done. Just like their own investigations, the top guy should have known what was going on during his watch. He can always go back and teach somewhere.
Posted Thursday January 24, 2013, About: Leach no longer welcome at DeSoto (Texas) High School
Sounds like something happened during the visit. Whether it was some disagreement with a coach or something else, the timing points to something happening that weekend. But I don't think that Leach can talk about any recruit until after LOI day. Even then, if whatever happened is covered by FERPA, he still not be able to comment. Or he could just be a jerk. Since players can change after committing, I see no reason why a school cannot change their mind either. Seems fair. Nothing is official until you have that final offer signed, sealed and faxed back.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: UConn basketball at a crossroads
B1G won't take them. Their not AAU members. An academic requirement for the B1G
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: USC drum major upset about "abolished" sword tradition
And exactly what happens if he does it anyways?? Kind of like Miami and the smoke thing at the Orange Bowl.
Posted Friday May 18, 2012, About: OSU reports 46 NCAA violations since last June
They are just on reporting overdrive. Chances are most schools don't even bother reporting these spitting on the sidewalk type of offenses. Gene Smith will be gone soon, it is only a matter of making it look like it was his decision. And maybe Gee will have to retire at 70 (less than 2 years). Some schools require that of Presidents.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Official: Miami likely to settle with Shannon
Maybe he will settle a boat and a few broads. Isn't that standard for Miami?
Posted Saturday March 10, 2012, About: Leading candidates for Illinois job
I read somewhere that the VCU guy worked with th AD before. So he might be more of a favorite.
Posted Saturday January 07, 2012, About: O'Brien's hire gets mixed reviews at Penn State
I think that they had to make a frsh start. But they should have been upfront about that from the very beginning. I think the AD led the current coaching staff and others on that he might select Bradley. They deserved better treatment in the process. They could have begun getting their lives changed around had they been told. And to have the news go public before they even gave the current coach a courtesy call was bush league. Now that this is sorted out, they need to formally get rid of Curley and hire a permanent professional AD and send this trustee back to the board.
Posted Sunday December 04, 2011, About: NFL teams eyeing Oregon's Kelly
Spielman works for ESecPN doesn't he? Just towing the company line. They seem to determine too much in College Football. They pushed this rematch (probably a company mandate). I am conspiracy theorist. Did they also anoint the Heisman winner? I didn't watch their show tonight. I do predict it will be one of the least watched BCS NC's ever. It will become a who cares kind of thing (other than the Deep South, of course.)
Posted Saturday December 03, 2011, About: UCLA shifts search to Golden
Just out of curiosity --- since only 2 teams from the SEC can be in BCS bowls ... and if Georgia should beat LUS today. Then won't LUS or Bama have to be excluded because Georgia would have the automatic bid for the BCS?
Posted Thursday December 01, 2011, About: LSU staff bonuses could top $1,000,000
The parents have to get the cars via money that they get from the boosters. That way the players have no way of knowing what their parents are doing (it's the Cam Newton rule) and the players have no idea what their parents are doing, so then everything is OK with the NCAA.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: Syracuse loses recruit after allegations
This kid is a sophomore in high school. By the time he has to make a decision, the truth will be known. What a non-story this is. And his mother is a fool for making such a stupid comment. If she really wants to do what's right for her kid, she would reserve judgement until everything is out. It's not like he will be signing a letter of intent any time soon. Or maybe she is making a play for some of that secret SEC money.
Posted Sunday November 13, 2011, About: Munchak not interested in Penn State job
If those 2 play again it ill be a incredibly low-rated game for TV. No one wants a re-run and especially one for a yawner of a game like that one was. How Alabama stayed that high is a joke. They can't kick field goals, a very big hole in their game. If the voters were honest, Bama would have fallen much further.
Posted Sunday November 06, 2011, About: Can Paterno survive Penn State scandal?
First off -- I am not a Penn State fan. Looking at it objectively, JoePa did what he was supposed to do. He was made aware of an incident involving a former employee and reported it. I firmly believe that JoePa has already made the decision to retire at the end of this season. The fact that he cannot be on the sidelines is (I believe) the final straw that will lead him to retire. This whole horrible incident should not put a mark on his great career. This incident has NO NCAA implications since it involves a former employee and events alleged to have occurred AFTER he left the Penn State program. The charges are the same as if any Joe off the street committed a crime. One of my biggest questions is that if (as has been reported) detectives recorded Sandusky admitting to this behavior back in 1998 (see #65 comment), why was he not arrested then? Didn't their lack of action potentially allow more boys to become victims? Aren't these detectives guilty of some kind of malfeasence?
Posted Wednesday November 02, 2011, About: Congressman compares NCAA to the Mafia
I think this rates as a "people in glass houses" comment. Louisiana --- Home of David Duke of **** and a senator fame, home of politicians found to have literally put cash on ice. I don't disagree that Rush is an idiot to make such a statement. But when you are from a state as steeped in political corruption as Louisiana, I wouldn't blame it on the state. Every state has skeletons in its closet.
Posted Tuesday November 01, 2011, About: RichRod on Tulane's short list
I think RichRod deserves a chance back at coaching. He did OK with WVU and things just did not work at Michigan. At Tulane, we can see what he does. Might be a good stepping stone back up to a big school down the road.
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: Mack Brown: Some guys don't like each other
Actually, I see Mack Brown's comments as a further reason why he needs to retire. If he can't be an example of sportsmanship to his players, then it's time. He should have retired to keep Muschamp at Texas (or are we calling them Texa$ now). Texas deserves a better coach.
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: Hoke puts out QB controversey
Heck --- they have a week off and then have Purdue and Iowa on deck. Should be easy win with Purdue and Iowa has not been impressive. It's that last stretch of @ Illinois, Nebraska and tOSU that will prove interesting. They lucked out with no Wosconsin on the books. That would be a blowout win for Whisky.
Posted Friday October 14, 2011, About: Writing on wall gets clearer for Neuheisel
Maybe they can hire Leach. Can you see him putting a player in a tool shed in August?
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Saddened Pryor: I should be on the field, helping OSU
Maybe him being quiet will help tOSU with the NCAA. It sure seems that the "keep everyone's mouth shut" rule helped Auburn avoid aything in the $cam Newton debacle. Wonder how much that cost them -- in untraceable dollars of course.
Posted Wednesday October 12, 2011, About: BC didn't want UConn in ACC
South Carolina to the ACC? And leave the SEC? Why would they even THINK about that.
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