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Posted Wednesday December 18, 2013, About: Miami willing to deal arms for a 3B
Cubs will not trade Mike Olt. Who writes this stuff?
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Snag in Cubs' manager search, Samardzija a goner
Did some unpaid intern write this blurb and headline? Boy was it all over the place.
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Cubs' Plan B
NO Manny Acta!
Posted Tuesday July 02, 2013, About: Marmol move imminent?
I don't think you consider a "sell-off" when it's Carlos Marmol.
Posted Sunday June 09, 2013, About: Raiders owner knows he's ridiculed, disrespected
"The good of the franchise?" What's so good about the franchise?
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Agent: Nate Robinson open to Knicks return
Hopefully the Bulls aren't as foolish as you are.
Bet on this.......next season, Jimmy Butler will start at the '2' for the Bulls and Deng will start at the '3'. The Bulls don't need Smith.....but I'd like to see Nate backing up Rose.

You don't need to bet on that, because Bulls' management already announced Butler will start at the two-spot and Deng at the three-spot.
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Jeff Samardzija, Matt Williams had words between innings
He's just trying to get some attention for the Diamondbacks, since they have a fan base of six or seven people.
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Justin Verlander covets Home Run Derby invite
He's not talking about pitching in the HRD, he's talking about batting in it.
Posted Friday May 17, 2013, About: Hawks interview McMillan, Drew waits in limbo
I feel bad for Drew. Think about it, if we all had a job and KNEW our boss was looking to replace us, even though our boss only gave us a limited amount of tools to get the job done, how would we feel? Betrayed? Drew did a good job with what he had. It's a pretty crappy thing to do to your coach.
Posted Friday May 17, 2013, About: NCAA star refuses to give Spurs his phone number
Are you serious, bro??
Posted Monday April 01, 2013, About: Karl miffed NBA teams aren't looking at his son
If he's so good, why doesn't his dad pick him up again?
Posted Sunday January 06, 2013, About: Bulls claim Daequan Cook off waivers from Rockets
Can anyone on this thread spell?



And you call yourselves Bulls' fans???!!!
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Jimmy Butler on his way to earning a starting role in Chicago
Blogger can't spell, can't proof his/her copy and is on something only Delonte West would take.
Posted Wednesday July 28, 2010, About: Promising Harangody looks to sign soon
He went to high school where I went in Indiana and I came back to watch him play. He dominated there. Then went on to Notre Dame and grew into a hard-nosed, tough player. He should make the team, and if not be a big contributor this year, definitely next year. He can rebound, score inside, has developed both hands and has worked on his jumper. Kind of a Tyler Handsborough, but with more meat on his bones.

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