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Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Even Manuel unsure Phillies can make run
Yes. Mostly in how he's handling the starters and when/who he brings in as relief. Like last night- Lee was gassed in the 8th and up to a count of 109 pitches and a 3-0 lead, and Chollie trots him out in the 9th. Lee gives up hits to the first 2 batters, Papelbon blows the save, and Phils lose in 10.

The other thing Manuel is doing is mixing up the lineup nearly every night.
Posted Saturday May 18, 2013, About: Roy Halladay may return to Phillies at end of June
Doc is a fierce competitor, but this is one time to take it easy. Come back too early and rip up your shoulder even worse is bad hoo-doo.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Best time for Phillies to trade Ryan Howard?
At least he doesn't have an ARod attitude.
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Phillies mull trade for Halladay's replacement
Hamels was the WS MVP.
Posted Thursday April 25, 2013, About: QB transfer shakes up Penn State depth chart
I was wondering how long it would take until some fool brought up this completely unrelated fact.
Posted Wednesday April 17, 2013, About: Mets manager yelled at daily by front office
4.2 more pitches a game, eh? That ought to solve all your woes.
Posted Thursday April 04, 2013, About: Bynum hasn't ruled out Philly
Translation- "Sure I'll stay in Philly. They pay me for not playing. Where are my bowling shoes?"
Posted Monday April 01, 2013, About: Rodgers, Packers $2M per year apart
When you're getting a cut of your player's money, I'd go for as much as possible, too.
Posted Thursday March 14, 2013, About: Pujols' best years behind him?
All quality major leaguers. Oh, wait...
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Alabama will soon open $9M weight room
Wow, you've played since 1961? Dang, you're spritely for a 68-70 year old, dog!
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: AP report may not help Miami
Or offer the, "Take these sanctions or get the death penalty" route. He's seems to like doing that.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Joeckel a lock at No. 1?
Andy really like to play games with the draft- trading up, trading down, trading up and then trading that down for more picks, etc. Expect some fun time with the Chiefs' draft this year.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: The NBA's most overpaid player
"???" was supposed to be the infinity symbol.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: The NBA's most overpaid player
How about Bynum in Philly? $16 million for, ah..., zero games played. $/(time played) = ???.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Whispers of a side deal for Brady
The guy has made tons of money already, his wife is rich, I think he can afford a discount for the chance at another ring. But that's not as juicy of a story headline, now is it?
Posted Friday February 22, 2013, About: Report: NCAA backs out of Miami settlement talks
"... two key boards were against it because of concerns about "not deviating from the rules."
Didn't stop you with Penn State. What changed?
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Cowboys spent millions on a luxury bus?
Would have been nice to include the bus company's name so I could look up their models.
Posted Monday February 04, 2013, About: Kobe: 'Realistically I have only one year left'
A ploy to get rid of the coach. Shocking.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: SEC dominates Super Bowl rosters
Besides all the previous posts above, what does it really matter if a conference has more players in the Superbowl? Has SEC dong measuring come down to this? How odd.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Nets not interested in Howard
I don't understand Howard at this point. Is he just cruising around at minimal effort for a paycheck? Is he still hurt. Does he not give a shiite?
Posted Saturday January 19, 2013, About: Report: Manti Te'o's real girlfriend surfaces on Twitter
"Sorry, baby, but that internet girl was so much hotter over the intertubes."
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