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Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: This again???
Am I reading this wrong, or is left's argument that "MMA is real/exists"?? Real controversial angle there, bud.. Can't we just have another Favre/Tebow or Manning/Brady TD? The 2nd/3rd arguments are about as schizophrenic as it gets... Are you arguing that it's not a sport, or that it's fake like wrasslin', or simply that you interpret right's stance as "MMA is a figment of our collective imaginations"?... They fight, therefore they are..
Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: Is it time for a change in Indy ?
No, no, and no. Other than that last drive where he miraculously completed 3 passes to garcon, he's shown absolutely nothing that would suggest he is even a semi-competent backup. I don't understand why they aren't giving Orlovsky a shot - he's pretty bad, but he clearly better than Painter.. You seem to forget that Painter's first drive ended in a fumble returned for a TD..which is basically the norm for him when he's not throwing picks and balls 5 yards short of open receivers..
Posted Monday September 26, 2011, About: The Bears need a replacement for QB in Chicago, he sucks.
Cutler's not the issue. The O-line is the problem. He got sacked over 50 times 2 years ago, and is probably going to eclipse that by the 10th game this year. He gets no protection. I hope left watched the Colts game tonight and saw what a truly horrible QB(s) looked like. Collins and Painter can't even get a ball within 10 yards of a receiver..
Posted Friday September 23, 2011, About: Cedric Benson should not be suspended
Benson spends 4 days in jail on a misdemeanor, gets a 3 game suspension.. so Vick's 23 months in prison as a felon should've resulted in a 518 game suspension, going by Goodell's conversion rate??
Posted Friday September 23, 2011, About: Top 5 most lopsided rivalries in sports.
Wow. Is this the best TD people can come up with today? How about FanNation vs Real Humor? Pretty sure FN'ers killed that a long time ago...but they just keep beating it after it's death..
Posted Thursday September 22, 2011, About: San Francisco 49ers will win the division
Insta-voted left once right cited PRESEASON as part of a "winning streak"..
Posted Thursday September 22, 2011, About: Better Division? AFC East or NFC South?
I agree with right, the SEC is much stronger than the AFC South this year. LSU is looking really tough, as is Bama. There's no way the Colts could hang against the Tigers' pass rush and special teams.
The unbreakable rule of "Only cities suffering from a natural disaster deserve a championship" (See: Saints SB win for reference) mandates that either Tampa Bay, Carolina, the Jets, the Giants, the Panthers, the Patriots, the Ravens, the Jags, or the Redskins must win this year. The Saints have no chance this year, as (one of those teams above) have to win this year - they deserve it!!
Posted Thursday September 22, 2011, About: Who Should Replace Kerry Collins and when?
I'm pretty sure Al Bundy is available if Crewe isn't willing to make a comeback. He scored 4 touchdown in his high schoool championship game as a fullback, and has decades of experience evading 300 lb pass-rushers (women shoe-shoppers during a clearance sale). He's the obvious choice. Especially over that Garrard scrub.
Tim Tebow is inarguably the greatest football player ever. I'm fairly sure that, if he played baseball, he'd inarguably be the greatest at whichever positions God wanted him to play.
Posted Monday September 12, 2011, About: How much worse can it get...?
Or 1-19, if you were a person that had the ability to count to 1.
Posted Monday September 12, 2011, About: Best Cities for a Team
Louisville's not that great of a city, and that's from someone who's lived in, or within 30 miles of it, for nearly 30 years. It's surprising that there's no pro franchises here, given the size of the city, but it just seems like more of a large college sports city. Hell, if OK City and Kansas City have pro clubs, I guess it's a decent choice for this TD though. Personally, I'd like to see more NFL teams in the midwest/West-that-isn't-Cali. I'd guess about 70% of the NFL is east of the Mississippi.
Portland, OR would be a great choice for an NFL team - they're crazy for the Blazers out there. Vegas is a tourist-only market, which makes it a poor choice for pro franchises, and that's ignoring the obvious gambling issues they'd run into..

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