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Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Calipari missing key element
Oh come on man you were down 10 in the first half and looked like crap at home. You end up pulling it out in uninspiring fashion. You would have brought that same game to Assembly that same night you would have gotten the UNC treatment. Donky Punch!
Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Calipari missing key element
Cal didnt recruit a shooter in his latest crop of frosh. That's his main problem with this squad. You cant just take athletes and length and throw it together and it works. You need someone who can put the ball in the basket from 12 feet, from 20 feet. UK doesnt have that, so you just pack the middle and hit the glass and you can beat UK. Florida the team to beat this year in the SEC, but UK will be better next year.
Posted Friday July 27, 2012, About: Recruit spurns Calipari, guarantees title at Florida
If that's the case, then Cal blew it. Walker is going to be an absolute beast.....and to lose him to your SEC rival nonetheless!
Posted Wednesday June 20, 2012, About: Centerpiece of Michigan's future
Zeller will be tough to handle this year. I've seen him once this Summer and I would agree with the coaches that he's a true 7' now and is at about 255. He's added around 10 lbs since the end of the year. With his ability to run the floor and you add in Yogi's skills at pushing the rock and those two together with the pick and roll and they will be tough. You've got the sharpshooter in Hulls, athleticisim on the wing, and the best depth at IU since I've ever been a fan. Three things I want to see big improvements on from last season:

Zeller and Oladipo shooting the mid range jumper with consistency
Team defense must be much better
How do the frosh blend with the current guys to contribute where and when they can
Posted Friday June 01, 2012, About: Indiana made last-ditch effort to salvage Kentucky series
Um just to state what the report said in obvious fashion........IU is up for the home and home, UK isnt. How's that to be interpretted that IU is scared of UK, a team they beat last year and will be better than this year?

The fact of the matter is that IU tried a second time to make this work and Cal ducked us again. He's been petrified of Bloomington since December, which is strange considering you just won a championship. Indiana has no incentive to provide him more exposure in Indy........the best recruiting area in the country, but in good faith they tried to compromise.

When your program already gets the most exposure and has the most money......arguing its about more money and more exposure is a hollow excuse. Whatever, though. When we are #1 and undefeated in December Cal will wish he had a shot to knock us off just like we did to him.
Posted Wednesday May 23, 2012, About: Prized transfer has final four ... and a front-runner
He's snipped UK from the list per Evan Daniels' tweet yesterday. It's going to be Louisville.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: Former coach pans Mays' transfer choice Kentucky
I would have agreed if it was last year. Cal and UK arent going to sniff a title this coming year and may not even win the terrible SEC. He'll get some minutes for sure this year. The frosh coming in arent close to last year's crop. Noel, if eligible, is solid but he's hardly even a poor man's AD. No one is near MKG coming in and you add a transfer PG, a kid from Trader's Point here in Indiana thats best offer was Northwestern before Cal offered, and this kid from Marion who was bench material at NC State. No one is going to fear UK this year. Who you guys playing non-con anyway? Cal already ran from Indiana and UNC. Remember they are a "non-traditional program". Poof bye bye all that tradition.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Illini lands Mr. Basketball runner-up transfer
If the kid is that good why's he going to Drake to begin with? Illinois player of the year didnt have BT offers? Good for him getting back home. The Hoosiers are going to slap the Illini twice this year regardless.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Did RGIII offend the Colts?
I can speak from being in the city........if we would have taken RG3 after the Colts' brass has been blowing up Luck for the last 6 months this city would have lost it.

I am sure RG3 will be a good enough QB in the league. He's not Luck. If the redskins had the #1 pick they'd be taking Luck too. That should tell you all you need to know.
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Florida cuts computer science, adds $2M to athletics
Apparently not as important as the football program according to Florida I would agree.

I wonder if they realize 99% of the people that graduate from Florida will need to know how to effectively use a computer whereas .01% will play football for a living?

Somebody said robbing Peter to pay Paul.........more like robbing society to pay boosters' ego.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Hoosiers offer 8th-grader a scholarship. Purdue next?
Less relevant lately yes. That started to change last year. I tend to think being #1 in the country means your relevant. When's the last time ND was #1 in the country?

And we are actually doing it the right way with a focus on academics.

Gordon will be better than his bro in the NBA. Mark it down. He'll be a one and done at IU. His 8th grade AAU team was named The Hoosiers.
Posted Thursday April 12, 2012, About: Gruff Howland gets giddy
Wanted to also say.......is it strange to anyone else how quickly an embattled/gruff coach can jump right up off the hot seat just because a couple teenagers signed a piece of paper to play at your school?

These kids have all these guys by the nuts.....coaches, agents, fans, administrators, EVERYONE. Even the media is all of a sudden saying (taken straight from above) "the longtime coach was back on solid footing." Guess at UCLA you dont have to actually win games?
Posted Thursday April 12, 2012, About: Gruff Howland gets giddy
Yes we do. But they arent blue. They are red. And they are to your North.

Our year now.

Cal going nowhere without a PG and a scorer. Bennet cant hold Davis' jockstrap.
Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Embattled Howland's future may hinge on Muhammad
Lots of reliable sources saying he's leaning UCLA. Jerry Meyer being one.

I think Shabazz is UCLA bound and Nerlens is going UK.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: The nation's most hated coach?
I'll speak only from an Indiana fans' perspective. When his assistant sent one of our now signed recruits a text saying he would work to have him deported if he didnt commit to Baylor, that put Drew on our list of dirty dudes over here.

Per the NY Times:

"The FoxSports.com article included a copy of a text message that was sent from the Baylor assistant Mark Morefield to Huss, saying that Baylor had the power to deport Perea if he did not go to Baylor.

???I guarantee you if he does [commit to another school] he will be in Colombia for the spring and summer and next year. Don???t forget it,??? the text message said.

Drew quickly fired the assistant. Highly doubt you send that as an assistant without that feeling toward Parea being driven down, at least somewhat, by the head coach.
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Kidd-Gilchrist planning to stay?
Why is this news? Because a frosh under Cal isnt leaving after one year?

Guess what......we've got a pretty nice frosh in Zeller at Indiana who would be frosh of the year if it were not for Davis killing it at UK. And he's going to be here for at least 3 years if not all 4 just like his brothers. Guess if you arent expected to bail after a year under Cal it's not news!
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Ebersol among candidates for Big 12 commissioner
Ebersol.......HOO HOO HOO HOOSIER!!!
Posted Wednesday February 08, 2012, About: Gee's advice to Bielema: Get a life
Gee called new coach Urban Meyer the "finest in the country," "the greatest affirmation of the quality of this institution"

The greatest affirmation of the quality of your university is that you hired a good football coach. Wow........and from the President? Your priorities are F'ed dude.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Irsay snipes back: Manning not cleared by Colts
Most comments I've ever seen on a non-pic thread.

This one is easy.......yes he's been cleared medically........meaning structurally his neck is good to go with the bone fusion. The problem is that his vertebrae BONE has never been the issue. The issue is the nerve in the neck/shoulder and down the arm. And no one knows when/if that will regenerate.

Bones & Nerves.........two different issues that no media news outlet seems to report as they say "Peyton cleared by the doctors"
Posted Thursday January 26, 2012, About: Changes in store for Rupp?
Gotta keep up with The 'Ville to the Northwest. Yum looks awesome right on the river. No way UK can just sit back and allow Louisville to have a better place than them.
Posted Thursday January 26, 2012, About: Pitt hoops losing fan support
Dont tell that to a Hoosier fan! We were selling out Assembly Hall when we were winning 6 games a year and still sticking in the top 10 nationally in attendance. Greatest fans in the country. No doubt about it.

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