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Posted Thursday January 30, 2014, About: Sherman daring Manning to throw his way
I usually root for the NFC team in the super bowl if the Niners are not playing. I will NOT be rooting for Seattle, I am still a little bitter about our loss and I am not afraid to admit it. I hope Manning and the Broncos shove the ball right down Sherman's throat. Maybe he will once and for all shut his trap. Yes, I said, just a little bitter. Sigh.....
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Frazier trying to keep dirty laundry in-house
My Viking fan friends are putting bags on their heads.
And every NFL team out there knows their play book. Run, Run, Run, Pass. Run, Run, Run, Pass, Interception. Run, Run, Run, Pass, Tipped, Interception. Run, Run, Run, Pass....you get the picture. Not one of their many qb's really needs to know the offense. It's pretty easy to learn.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Tomlin takes away 'silly' celebration, too
sounds like preschool over there in Steeler land
Posted Monday October 07, 2013, About: Tuck defends Giants' sputtering offense
Hey where is that loud mouth that used to brag about the G-men all the time? Pretty quiet this year eh?
Posted Wednesday May 15, 2013, About: Packers want Favre back in the family
Will his beloved Packer fans be so ready to support him as a Packer again? I know my mother wont', and many people who have no respect for him anymore. She even burned her jersey. Good Luck Favre...
Posted Thursday May 02, 2013, About: Former Cowboys player says he played with gay teammates
Hey, women are on FN and love football and sports too. I learned that if you know a little something about football or sports, you can strike up a conversation with anyone, especially the cute boys. Even if they are wearing a Packers or North Carolina jersey.
Posted Wednesday April 24, 2013, About: Chiefs preparing to shock the world?
Hey didn't Jared Allen come from a culinary school?
Posted Thursday April 11, 2013, About: Seahawks CB Richard Sherman says he was misquoted
Dink? LOL haven't heard that one in a while :)
Posted Tuesday April 09, 2013, About: Jets want 1st-round pick for Revis
MMMMMMM........could go for one about now!!!
Posted Thursday March 07, 2013, About: Judges to hear new case against Redskins name
I just don't understand why we are so sensitive about Indian names. I thought it was a sign of respect but I guess, since I'm not full blooded Indian, it isn't. Get over it people!!!!!!!!
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Cowboys want to 'reward' Romo
LMAO...you guys are on a roll today.
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Vikes GM has no intention to trade Percy Harvin
Harvin is a tool. Between his "headaches" and injuries he rarely plays anyway. Let him go.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Cowboys spent millions on a luxury bus?
thank you...I have that stuck in my head now.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Bowers released on $10,000 bond
Ya, everyone who doesn't know how to use a gun safely.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: St. Louis Rams decide not to hire Rob Ryan
This guy gives me the creeps.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Vikings interested in Driver
I think it's funny that Packer fans thought Favre was the second coming. Up until he decided to play for MN.
Here's a little advice to DD, if you want to feel the Packer fans love forever and not do what YOU want to in YOUR life, then I suggest you retire.
Posted Friday January 25, 2013, About: Lewis doesn't want Ravens near Lombardi trophy
Hopefully he will get what he wants...no trophy...no ring...!
Love my Niners.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: Record day for Matt Ryan
My boyfriend always says to me "All hail the New York Giants". Well here is my comment to all giants fans.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......I know, I know the Niners couldn't even beat them or the Rams but I am still laughing knowing the G-men got SKUNKED!!!!
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: RGIII wasn't happy with being inactive
LOL...How does he think Alex Smith feels?
I heard they have sober cabs for any NFL player out there. This should not have happened.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: A look at the Arizona Cardinals collapse
I was a little worried when the Cards were 4-0. Now I worry about Seattle, they are playing tough ball. And maybe I should worry about those Rams that we can't seem to beat this year. (ya, I beat ya'll to it)
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