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Posted Sunday February 03, 2013, About: Let's Go NINERS!
Super Bowl Sunday is always like another holiday at my house. And this year, it is made even better with the Niners playing for #6. The anticipation of this game today, for me, is making me wanna start tailgating too early. Don't wanna be slumped over in a bowl of chili when we win!!
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Seau Family Lawsuit - Worthy or Witchhunt?
If you don't want a concussion, or several, don't play football.
Posted Friday October 26, 2012, About: WEEK #8 PICKS
we don't need the drama!! We already have Moss for that. Although he has been quiet, for now.
Posted Thursday October 25, 2012, About: WEEK #8 PICKS
Vikes never play well in prime time, but I think they will win at the dome. Hate the Cowboys and the Giants but I don't think the Boys stand a chance. Praying for a 49'er win!!
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: WEEK #5 PICKS
After the "beat down" from the Pats and Niners....maybe he should consider a different team from New York....LOL
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: WEEK #5 PICKS
My Buffalo Bills fan boyfriend won't even bet me a 20 minute massage on this game. He sucks, says he doesn't need to bet because I give him everything he ever needs.....awwww.....what a punk!
Posted Monday October 01, 2012, About: Deja Vu
Who cares, I just can't muster up enough empathy for the Pack....maybe I just need some more coffee..
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: and the stupidity keeps rolling on...
Randy Moss pleae keep your nose clean and your mouth shut this year and we will get along just fine. I am from MN and remember all the antics he pulled up here. Please just shut up and play, the whole game.
Posted Monday January 16, 2012, About: Giants put a beat down on the Packers in their own house!
I'm only celebrating because where I'm from in MN, most are arrogant Packer fans. Especially living in a border city. Thanks Clam Jams for the support!!
Posted Monday January 16, 2012, About: Giants put a beat down on the Packers in their own house!
All I have to say is.....Nah nah nah...nah nah nah.....hey hey hey.....Goodbye!!!!!! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the G-men are worn out!!
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Harbaugh & Schwartz Have Words After Niners/Lions Game
As a long time niner fan, this is one of the best years we've had in a long time....let us have it!! I kept saying the 49ers are bad **** this year and now so is their coach.

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