Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012, About: I'm so confused...where did all the brainpower go?
If it was easy to pick games and winners, everyone would be rich doing it. Everyone chimes in with their opinion, and sometimes it ends up right, most of the time, not. I, for one, was shocked to see OK beat San Antonio 4 straight, and not sure even the most ardent Thunder fan would have called that happening. The fun part is trying to predict it, so instead of getting spun up, make your own predictions and live with the results. I hope the Thunder win it all, but Miami showed me something the last 2 games, so for me, they look to be the favorite in 6 or 7 games.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the NBA.
No he is not. He routinely throws up bricks in the 4th quarter, and his stats bear that out. He is darn good still, but not on top, no way.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Vegas Over/Unders: Raiders
New head coach, new GM, a lot of player changes, few draft picks, and a questionable QB. Even as someone who wants this team to do well, I just don't see winning 8 games this year. I think they are a 3 year project for the new GM.
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: The least skilled sportsmen in sport are...
So to sum this all up, we agree that BOWLING requires the least skilled sportsmen, right? A bunch of practice, some tape for the fingers and a little hand eye coordination and almost anyone can become a great bowler.
Posted Wednesday May 02, 2012, About: RIP Junior Seau
Marlins Fan- I too disagree with his actions. Problem with the macho world of the NFL mindsets is hard to overcome, so going to a doctor for help with his problems probably never entered his mind. Again, he could have had brain damage, so his decision making could have been impaired as well. Thanks for holding the salt, it is sad to see someone who did a lot of good things in his community die young, no matter the reason.
Posted Wednesday May 02, 2012, About: RIP Junior Seau
Marlins Fan- Someone who kills themselves is mentally ill. Of course killing yourself is not noble, it is out of desperation to stop living. I offer that it has nothing to do about respect, nor lack of concern about family members. I venture a guess that he had several concussions playing in the NFL and had brain damage due to it. Cut him some slack please.
Posted Wednesday May 02, 2012, About: RIP Junior Seau
Football players are like crack heads, which means they are in full denial of the implicaitons of being hit in the head too many times. Junior Seau was a big Samoan dude, so steroids were probably not his downfall. Saw him in town recently, still had arms like a 25 year old NFL player. For those talking about Pitt players, the facts are in, and head hunting is a problem in the NFL. So let's move into the 21st century and figure out how to keep these guys from being vegetables or killing themselves later on after football. It starts with tough rules against head hunting, because these guys are not smart enough to protect themselves, so someone has to do it for their own good.
Posted Wednesday May 02, 2012, About: RIP Junior Seau
Someday, and I hope very soon, the NFL will have a policy in place to help current and former players be screened for head injuries, and to get them the help they need sooner rather than later. We don't know for sure why Junior took his life, but the epidemic is coming, and the NFL better pay attention fast.
So, to recap, Ozzie is still a moron. Cuba is, well, Cuba. The thing is, no matter why those in Miami are so upset about the statements made, the deal is this: one must know the lay of the land where you work. Anyone who has paid attention the past 50 years knows darn well how much those in Miami of Cuban descent hate Castro. Knowing that, self preservation would dictate that broaching a topic such as this would be career suicide. That has never stopped Ozzie before, nor does it seem now, and his words, while he is free to say them, may spell the end of his short run in South Beach. He is a loose cannon and from my end, not good enough of a manager to make it worth the headaches he brings.
Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Joe Flacco is not the best QB in the NFL. Statement of "fact".
Agree, all he did was make him 4th out of 4 QB's listed. Weak. Flacco is okay, but he should not talk to the press about where he stands. Play ball and do it on the field. Saying it does not make it true, in spite of what Oprah is telling you.....
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: Tebow to the Jets - Like or Dislike?
Tebow will be able to spend his days trying to get Cromarte to stop bagging every chick he meets and has a kid with. Seems like a good fit to me. He can also spend his days singing psalms to drown out Rexs' cussing, and also explain to Rex that the cleansing of the feet is not a fetish. Easy call, NYJ a perfect fit.
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: SpyGate should have been penalized more than BountyGate.
Not even close dude, and I hate the Pats. N.O. much worse offense, and it involved players, coaches, and the GM. NE was just doing some spying.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Peyton SHOULD have gone to the 49ers..
Manning wanted to stay in the AFC, that was talked about early and often. SF came in and made a play for him, and I am sure Manning considered it, but Denver offered big money first and Elway showed him the love first. Denver offensive line stunk against the Pats, and had Manning been in that game, he would have been killed. Even Tebow got hit in the backfield several times. Denver also overachieved last year, and rallied behind and around Tebow. Manning comes in having missed a full year, on a new team, with average receivers at best. Remember two years ago when Manning missed the pre-season and took several weeks into the regular season before getting up to speed? Denver will play a first place schedule as well. AFC West is very watered down, but to me, Denver may not be the favorite. SF would have been a better fit, but NFC is loaded, so Manning took the easier path and tons of money. I hope he is healthy and we get to see how it plays out.
Posted Monday March 19, 2012, About: FREE TIM TEBOW!!!!!!!
Tebow needs to stay in Denver and try out as a FB or TE.
Yep, low risk move, still might be some fire in him to win a ring.....some risk involved with his past obviously, but why not take a chance for the price?
Easy. Put a timer on the pitcher and hitter between pitches, 30 seconds max. Batter only gets one retightening his gloves per bat. Only one crotch grab per bat. Pitcher can step out of the mound once per batter. Only one pitcher/catcher meeting per inning. Ban all chewing tobacco from the field of play, easily the most disgusting habit still allowed. Imagine sliding in the outfield or infield on a fresh batch of some other person's spit of chew from the 3 plus hours standing there.
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Most exciting things to look forward to in baseball..
I loved baseball growing up and into adulthood, but as time has passed, so has much of my interest in the game at times. It is way too slow. By the time the batter checks his package, regrips his gloves, spits on them, taps the bat, puts his hand up to stop action, redoes his gloves, rechecks his package, and then finally, is ready... but, oops, then the pitcher has to go through a series of signs with the catcher, regroups, and by then, the batter is out of the box again to restart the sequence of events. Lord forbid a runner is on base, which drags it on even longer. Add in the steroids still a nagging issue and it is really hard these days to be too engaged in the former national pastime. Now, if we could eliminate much of that, the game would be much more enjoyable. I still watch, but only if I have other stuff to do at the same time.
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Should Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis be fired?
Spygate was tame compared to this. Not saying the Saints are the only team doing this, but as with all things, the ones who get caught are in line to pay up for thier indescretions. I watched that NFC title game and even though rooting for NO, it was obvious to me that they were targeting Farve. Refs are to blame. If they would stop flagging for incidental contact or light hits to the head that occur, and focus on real flagrant late or high hits, it would have stopped. Instead, the one or two flags they got did not hurt the team and so it kept happening over time. Sad part is, as players who also depend on their health to keep playing and making thier livelihoods, they were willing to try to hurt another player and possibly end their career over a small amount of money. It is inexcusable. Play hard, clean, and put in good hits. Saints have to pay, as does the coach. Not sure they should be fired, but a full season for the D head coach is in order. Players like Vilma, at least 8 games. He will think twice about ending someone's career after that.
Posted Tuesday February 28, 2012, About: Is Braun a cheater?
bucky- we live in America, and MLB urine testing protocols and guidelines for samples being handles were not followed, so I have to agree that it gets thrown out. Again, I AGREE with you, based on reading the findings, it had to be thrown out. I just don't agree that he is clean. But hey, I don't believe alot of players are clean, it is still a game being played to see who can get away with cheating. One reason the Tour D'France is a joke. NFL is another sport very tainted with cheating and steroids since the early 70's. Make me sad.
Posted Tuesday February 28, 2012, About: Is Braun a cheater?
ok bucky, you are convinced you are right, good for you. It was a valid sample, had his DNA in it and illegal substance. If you wish to live in a fantasy world where somehow the sample got opened up and infused with processed steroids, then so be it. I chose to believe he got away with being a dirty player. As baseball has been filled with dirty players since the 60's, it does not really bother me. What bothers me is those who continue to buy into the I'm innocent line when they get away with a technicality. Again, if the rules state the panel COULD NOT find him guilty based on protocol being breached, then I am with you, they have to not find him guilty. Just take out the word "tainted", because nothing was shown to be tainted or tampered with.
Posted Tuesday February 28, 2012, About: Is Braun a cheater?
clemtheslowson- good analogy, fits this case perfectly. He did it, we know he did it, but he walks. Won't be the first or last to get away with something. My biggest problem with this dude is his saintly attitude and how dare they try to frame me and ruin my reputation angle. We have all seen it before. The dog slipped it into my drink.....
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