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Posted Sunday March 23, 2014, About: Texans zeroing in on Blake Bortles at No. 1?
What's the over/under on how many times someone uses "the kid" in this comment section? I guess it's the cool thing these days, calling them "the kid". It doesn't matter what, baseball, hockey. They all have "the kid". At least, according to the wizards commenting here.
Posted Saturday March 22, 2014, About: Jerry Jones still very involved in Cowboys personnel matters
It's "have". I would HAVE never known.

Say it isn't so!!! How do imbeciles decide that "would've" is a contraction for "would OF"?
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Can Friday top Thursday?
Who is Cameron Ridley?
Posted Thursday March 13, 2014, About: Cleveland's primary target
Yeah. This is exactly the same thing. Go have another drink or toke or hit or whatever mind altering substance you're on.
Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014, About: Now, Dallas turns to ...
Now, with the benefit of seeing how this pick "with a 2nd round grade" panned out, no way all 32 teams pass on him in the 1st round.

Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Charlie Strong wants to renew UT-Texas A&M rivalry
Wow. Lots of smugness here. Everything is cyclical. All those years when TAMU couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, the game was played. All those years when Texas couldn't crack open that same wet paper bag, the game was played. It's good for many reasons, none of them though have anything to do with somebody yakking on the internet. Recruiting war? Right. GMAFB. If you want to talk "war", take a look at the dollars. Money talks, BS walks. But the bottom line is when the Aggie gets over the butthurt of DeLoss Dodds telling them to **** off, the game will come back. It has nothing more and nothing less to do with anything other than that.

They "want to start it back up"? LMAO (to quote the SEC butt sniffer)? This is Charlie Strong saying what he thinks is the right thing to say. When (and if) those who actually can make it happen say the same thing, THEN you can say that "they want to start it back up".

Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: No guarantees for returning Ash
I'm very surprised to read that Ash is even considering coming back. As far as the others go, I'm pretty sure when all is said and done, that Swoopes is going to be the Texas QB at the beginning of next season. How well Heard comes along will dictate how long Swoopes will be the Texas QB. I don't see Heard being the guy from the get go. Eventually? Yes. Game 1 next season? No way.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Did Bill Belichick warn Patriots about Colorado pot use?
Speaking of 10 years ago, that's when the term "butthurt" went out of style.
Posted Friday January 17, 2014, About: A.P. getting critical of the Vikes
He has a point. You might want to go back and read his original comment, because you flat out missed what he said and therefore your comment WAS ignorant. Dude.
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: Harbaugh falls short of A++ work
That would be "played". Speaking of brain dead....
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: Harbaugh falls short of A++ work
Do any of you brain dead sports fans understand that, in football, there is one...ONE "ref" per officiating crew? Yet all I hear and read are brain dead sports fans, when complaining about the officiating of a particular game (one crew), they are yakking about the "refs". Brilliantly play, ye brain dead ones.
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: Greg Zipadelli offered to crew chief for Tony Stewart
Based on his track record with crew chiefs, even firing the one who he won the Cup with, who in their right mind wants this job? On top of that, consider the out and out disarray (barrel o' hotheads) over there and, well, the ol' "Ten Foot Pole" comes into mind.
Posted Monday January 13, 2014, About: More to Romo's surgery?
Stay up all night coming up with this brilliant insight?
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: UCLA's Mora flirting with Texas
Just news to fill the time. Texas has already selected their new coach and will announce it after the bowl games are done. But, it's quite amusing to read all the comments. Yours included.
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: Roy rips NHL schedule
Your accomplishments? In any field at any level. Please list them here. Or are you just like every other sports fan "expert" out there who can't even talk the talk, much less walk the walk?
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans to enter 2014 NFL Draft

There, does that help?
Posted Monday December 30, 2013, About: Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans to enter 2014 NFL Draft
Evans and Matthews will be outstanding in the NFL. Manziel will become the butt of even more jokes.
Posted Sunday December 29, 2013, About: Danny White: Cowboys better off Sunday with Kyle Orton
X 1000
Posted Sunday December 29, 2013, About: Report: Art Briles would take Texas job if offered
Art Briles is not going to be the coach at Texas.

Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: Terrell Owens: Cowboys have better shot with Kyle Orton
If he has half a brain, he won't ever put on a uniform again.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: NASCAR's Kyle Larson preparing for rookie campaign
He isn't going to become "the next Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart" driving for EGR. Besides, the "next Jeff Gordon" (literally...will be driving his car with his team) is Chase Elliott.
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