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Posted Saturday March 02, 2013, About: Gardenhire's days numbered in Minnesota?
Ron Gardenhire was left with a young team that was ready to break out by Tom Kelly and Terry Ryan. He did well managing, but even during the good years, the quick exits from the playoffs and becoming the Yankees "easy pass" to the ALCS every year was too much to bear.

I haven't checked, but I believe from 2004-2010 the Twins won just one game and went something like 0-6 in the last couple ALDS. After 20+ seasons as a Twins Coach and Manager (coming in now to his 12th season as Twins Manager), as a Twins fan, I welcome a change. Like the guy, but I have Gardenhire fatigue.

If we're rebuilding lets go all the way with all new coaches and managers. Exception... I'm looking forward to Tom Brunansky as hitting coach. Maybe he can step up as manager. New managers without previous managing experience have been doing well recently. Rebuild with Bruno.
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: Will Detroit make Cabrera a Tiger for life?
Didn't he play for the Marlins? He could never be a Tiger for life since he wore the fish's uniform already. Maybe they meant for the rest of his playing life.
Posted Sunday November 25, 2012, About: New Marlins manager tries to calm angry Giancarlo Stanton
Managing in the big leagues, is managing in the big leagues, but I wonder if Mike Redmond is thinking, what have I done!
Posted Saturday November 03, 2012, About: Dodgers expected to hire Mark McGwire as hitting coach
As to the steroid comments, I too rolled my eyes when McGwire was hired as by LaRussa, but sure looks like he's a good coach. Steroids won't turn you or me into a MLB player, it makes a ball player with the talent, like McGwire to hit 73 homeruns instead of 40-some. Plus he can speak from experience of the dangers and negative impact steroids can have on a player's health and career. And MLB didn't even have a steroid policy by in the day. So he cheated, yes. But he didn't break any MLB rules at the time.
Posted Saturday October 27, 2012, About: Marlins eyeing Sandberg ... and Ausmus, too
Hopefully the Marlins pass on Mike Redmond so next year, after the Twins finally fire Gardenhire, they can bring in Red Dog to manage the Twins in 2014!
Posted Wednesday October 17, 2012, About: Red Sox tipping their hand
They're not interviewing anyone from inside the Red Sox organizations, thus the new manager "will come from outside the organization". That's how I read the "tipping their hand" part of this post.
Posted Sunday October 14, 2012, About: Jason Giambi gaining support as next Colorado Rockies manager
Too funny, because of the success of first time managers without previous manager experience like Robin Ventura and Mike Matheny, now every team and their brother that is looking for a new manager is going after that trend. See if it rubs off on them. Just like when it was fashionable to hire a twenty-something year old General Manager.
Posted Friday October 05, 2012, About: What John Farrell would cost Boston
It's understandable why the Red Sox want them, he was their former pitching coach and all, but to trade for a manager with a .475 W/L average is a bit nuts.

If they want an "insider" so bad, why not just promote AAA manager Arnie Beyeler? He at least has a winning .515 W/L record in over 10 season managing in the minors and most of those in the Red Sox organization.
Posted Monday September 17, 2012, About: Marlins officials disappointed in Ozzie Guillen
And the cherry on top of the Marlin's poop pie? They gave Ozzie a four year contract! They should have at least gone with a one... maybe two years, see how it goes with the loudmouth contract. So they didn't do their homework at all when hiring.
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: Will Boston bite on Mauer?
If the Twins can sucker the Red Sox into taking Mauer and his entire albatross of a contract, for at least two top pitching prospects, rock on! Ryan Doumit has been pretty good at catcher and he has 14 hrs and 60 RBI's so far. But I don't think the Red Sox will fall for it. They won't bite. Kudos to Terry Ryan for trying! So glad that dope of a GM, Billy Smith is gone.
Posted Wednesday August 15, 2012, About: Leyland picks rival as AL's top manager
If the Twins fire Gardenhire after two bad seasons, I would believe that another team would snap him up right quick to manage in 2013. He's under contract in 2013, so I doubt the Twins will fire him after two bad seasons. Gardy has been a ML coach and or manager from the Twins since 1991. That's a long time. A fresh start in the coaching for the Twins sounds good.
Posted Monday August 13, 2012, About: Free agency keeping Ortiz from rushing back?
Not sure if you're implying that NL pitchers go more than six innings since they don't have the DH. If so, that's not the case.

According to BaseballReference.com stats, in 2011 AL pitchers average innings per game started was 6.1 vs NL 6.0. So AL starting pitchers, pitched a tad more than their NL counterparts.

So far in 2012: AL: 5.9 NL: 6.0 (starting pitching stats only).

I agree with you, it would be if AL and NL pitchers would go more than six innings, but the DH doesn't seem to be a factor since pitchers from both leagues hardly make it pass the 6th inning.
Posted Sunday August 12, 2012, About: Three teams on Torii's wish list
As a Twins fan, the sentimental part of me says, yea, cool. Torii comes back and finishes his career as a Twin. The practical side, not so much. But at a discount, he could provide some leadership for the young players they're rebuilding around.
Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Twins 2B booting re-entry to big leagues
Clarification to my post above... I meant to write: He WASN'T exactly tearing it up at AAA either. Sorry for the typo.
Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Twins 2B booting re-entry to big leagues
He was exactly tearing it up at AAA either. I can see why the Twins are giving it another shot. It's not like they're on a play off hunt. But it's a good time to start planning for 2013 and I just don't see Nishioka turning it around. He's just way over matched at this level of baseball. And now he's taking time and a spot from other young players the Twins could checking out.

I think it's time to admit the gamble didn't pay off. Swallow the $3 million for next year and just release him and be done with it. Expensive lesson learned.
Posted Tuesday August 07, 2012, About: Dodgers irate over Cubs trade ethics breach
Really? You really think he deserves no credit? Too funny. Lets see, he traded for Curt Schilling; signed Twins castoff, David Ortiz. Those moves right there were pretty big for the Red Sox championship teams. That's just two right off the bat.

When you become the youngest GM in the MLB history and you're the GM when the curse is broken for one of the most storied baseball teams, well yeah, he might get a bit cocky. I've never met the man, so I don't know. But he seems to a pretty good GM when he was with the Sox.
Posted Thursday July 19, 2012, About: Twins preparing to move Liriano, suitors include ...
You just proved his point with the data you provided. That is the correct use of the word "several". More than one.


So they are in the top 10 in several categories.
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: Reggie wants to apologize to Carter's widow
What was the point of his comments? ... this. We're all talking/commenting about Reggie Jackson. Noting makes Reggie Jackson happier than everyone talking about Reggie Jackson.

Put the lifetime stats of Gary Carter and Reggie Jackson and it's Jackson who really doesn't belong. He was a one faceted player who could hit homeruns. He lacked HOF skills in every other category.
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: O's on the hunt for veteran outfielder
Denard Span if the Twins can stock up young pitching talent.
Posted Thursday June 28, 2012, About: O's on the hunt for veteran outfielder
If the price is right (pitching talent), the Twins should trade Denard Span.
Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012, About: No. 2 pick set for draft's biggest bonus
They're too lazy to do a five second search on Icon Sports media site to find a Byron Buxton photograph:


Nice pay day for Buxton. Hope to see him in the big leagues in a few years.

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