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Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Darker side to Harden's game
Harden makes you need another roster spot for a wing defender. That said do the Rockets have a Bruce Bowen type of guy who demands attention and can slow down a Westbrook or Lillard or Paul? The West is filled with excellent shooting guards and just canceling them out isn't going to win the Rockets jack...
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2013, About: Colts' Richardson feeling the heat
way to throw the ol' o-line under the bus Trent. Those holes should be opening up any minute now...
Posted Thursday November 07, 2013, About: Chilling consequences if 'toughen up' is true
Now it's getting out of hand. Incognito is known as a tough player and Martin is/was probably known as a soft player. It makes so much sense. Did Philbin consult the file on Incognito and perform due diligence on his qualities as a the guy to toughen up MArtin? WHat would he have found? A pro bowler who shoots off at the mouth sometimes, is a veteran, and exhibits some of the characteristics you want from Martin. No red flags there. ENough! Incognito is to blame for taking things too far. Plain and simple. Media needs to stop trying to take down the league with every scandal.
Posted Sunday October 20, 2013, About: Report: Trent Richardson's entourage worried Browns
You can have an entire nation of 'hangers-on' so long as you gain 4 + yards a carry and 8 TD's a season. Make no mistake, Richardson's being traded had all of nothing to do with the 'entourage' as this is just a little justification for the Browns for trading a guy who still has some ceiling (albeit not much).

Next season, chip embossed on his shoulder when he runs for 1500 and 11, THIS will be the justification for the Browns trading the bum.
Posted Tuesday October 08, 2013, About: Disconnected, toxic relationship in Chicago
No it doesn't...in most cases sure, but the Bulls dynasty was a casualty as well as the Cowboys dynasty. For some folks, success, riches and fame just isn't enough. Thibs is an excellent coach, he also has a pretty good roster and a superstar joining a playoff team. What's the problem...

Posted Tuesday October 08, 2013, About: Karl remains angry, frustrated
The issue with George Karl is that he can't get over the hump. Sure you can give him any kind of squad and he will get a minimum of 40 wins out of them, and likely a playoff spot. BUT, for as long as he has coached, he hasn't won. Even Lenny Wilkins won a ship and he coached FOREVER.

At then end of the day, folks start to look at your record and wonder if you are the guy that CAN get it done. Doesn't seem like Denver felt that way about homeboy...
Posted Saturday October 05, 2013, About: Nick Saban: NFL draft experts 'don't even have an idea'
Saban is right. He coached in the NFL so he knows what he's talking about.

His focus is on players to help him beat LSU, Auburn and the rest of the SEC. That doesn't have to translate to systems at the pro-level on both sides of the ball. Bama is a team that exceeds the sum of it's parts because of the 'The System'. Pro evaluators are missing something when so many of these guys turn out to be scrubs...
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: Doc Rivers: Kendrick Perkins trade was Celtics mistake
I'm sure he was asked a question and just answered it honestly. It has been no secret, and the decision was questioned as soon as it went down.

In other news, Doc Rivers may be a better coach than Del Negro, but not by much really. The Celtics for all of their success never really exceeded their talent. Pierce was already there, Garnett was a gift and Allen was the ONLY move Ainge made that really made a difference. Before that, the Celtics were perennial losers that played to their talent. Afterwards they played to their talent. The Clippers hope that Doc can do something with them, but I dont see him taking them farther than their talent will allow for...
Posted Tuesday April 16, 2013, About: JaMarcus Russell likely won't get 2nd chance
ever heard of Tony Posnanski?
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Paul Pierce 'definitely hurt' by Ray Allen's exit
WIth all due respect, thats not the wrong perspective...did they stick up for him when he was being marginalized? Dude is a potential HOFer and for all that Rondo means today, where is the loyalty? Sure he was only there four years, but without him they don't beat the Lakers that first year.

Pierce is hurt now? They didn't want him to go to a rival team? Their biggest rival? Jonie Mitchell wrote a song about it. This was never about business. It was about no one wanting to tell Rondo to shut the heck up and respect your elders. This was about Ainge totally disrespecting one of the best shooters of all time (shopping him around constantly) and the final piece of the puzzle for their championship. This was about no one looking out for the reason the Celtics have been able to compete (tremendous outside shooting). This is about Ainge going 3 for 30 (Rivers as coach, and the big three off-season) since he got there and whiffing on everything else. The Celtics are screwed now, and it's pretty clear that he was more important than they thought...

but it's all Jesus Shuttlesworth's fault? Please...
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: Hickson a goner from Portland
J.J. Hickson has some talents, but it's what he doesn't have that keep biting him in the butt. He'll grab a board, get a bucket, but something about his game just doesn't translate into anything. He's like a poor man's Shareef Abdur-Raheem.
Posted Wednesday April 10, 2013, About: Is Jason Hanson a Hall of Fame kicker?
The most underrated aspect of playing the game, LONGEVITY!

Not sure if Hanson belongs. Anderson and Ray Guy come to mind...but if a guy can play 21 seasons of 16 games and mini-camps and pressers, and boos and wins and losses and it's nothing then you or I could do it. Fact is, the fact that he played 21 seasons and didn't get cut. Didn't get injured. Game didn't trail off. Was always one of the best and most reliable at his position. If kickers aren't worth squat, which seems to be the prevailing opinion, do away with extra points. However, the HOF is reserved for the best of the best. Jan Stenerud is the only one? Please. DO away with kickers if they dont matter and do something else. However, as long as they are an important part of the game, they should be recognized for their contribution. It should be Stenerud, Anderson and Hanson. They play the game too! And if they play the game, again, the best of them should be recognized. The Bills might have won one had they had him. Besides that, he played for 21 season which only the very very best have been able to do at his specialty.
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Teams taking Russell's comeback seriously
Fact is the dude has athletic talent...if he can get the head game together he can be a quarterback in the NFL period. If he earns a second chance, someone will likely give it to him on an incentive based (if that) short term non-guaranteed flyer hoping to hit the jackpot.

he was just entitled and mid-20's and rich with nothing to do...a lot of time to do nothing
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Bynum hasn't ruled out Philly
That said, he looks like a good fit in Cleveland or even Philly though I hope my Cavs don't sign him. Maybe David Kahn needs him or Daryl Morey...
Posted Friday April 05, 2013, About: Bynum hasn't ruled out Philly
NBA GM's need to come around to understanding that the most important aspect of athletic ability is being able to do it night in and night out. ANYONE is capable of putting up 20 and 10 on any given night. Or even 10 and 5 (points and assists). Or whatever combination of stats that will help a team win on any given night. I could average maybe 4 and 1 if I could hit a free throw. The difference comes down to guys who can do it every game of ever season (or average it at the least).

Bynum makes the baseline. However his time as a superstar level game-changer left when he was operated on the last time and probably before. He's probably good for 16-18 ppg. and 7 boards. This takes into account the games he will miss (at least 10 per season average), the games against the Bobcats, bottom dwellers and assorted teams with no big man. Add to that fact that he has just missed an entire season because of injury and he is worth a speculative 2-year with a third year team option. He's still fairly young, so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt bonus...he gets 30 mil over 3, first two years guaranteed at 7 and 11 mil. The final year is good for 12 mil if he plays in 70 games in year two.
Posted Sunday March 31, 2013, About: Steve Kerr: Suns predicted Amar'e Stoudemire's breakdown
I think Carmelo will turn out to be a sympathetic figure ultimately. He wont get a ship as long as he shares his prime with Lebron. He may get one by teaming up with Lebron but at best you can call him Drexler or Malone to Lebron's Jordan...
Posted Saturday March 16, 2013, About: Darrelle Revis reportedly would welcome trade to Miami
Every CB who has the 'shut down' in him thinks he is the next Deion Sanders. Want t get paid like him too. Well I might say, once you start running back kick returns for touchdowns, then you deserve to get paid 10+ mil per year. Deion was practically Jordan in his prime for all his impact on a football game...Revis, not so much...not even close
Posted Friday March 15, 2013, About: Sir Charles: Sixers shouldn't sign Bynum
Bynum's big mistake was getting photographed at the playboy mansion with the playmate on his shoulders while he shoulda been rehabbing his knee injury. Otherwise he is no worse than Greg Oden...

That said, when he played he is all-PRO caliber. Now either one of two things are going to happen with Bynum. Either he is in fact 'fat & happy' with the millions that he has earned and has proven Shaq right (remember he called Bynum a juvenile delinquent when he was drafted), OR he has a sizable chip on his shoulder and is eager to prove his critics wrong.

I'm guessing the kid is a little more complicated than people give him credit for. He's 7 feet tall and knee injuries carrying around that kind of load are no joke. Philly should just start over with Turner and Holliday and Hawes and whatever other role players they have. Bynum isn't bringing a ship there anyway, experiment failed. Let somebody else get a crack at'em.
Posted Saturday March 09, 2013, About: Report: Rangers owners have 'good' meeting with Nolan Ryan
A big name that is prominent in the news always gets the axe eventually. NO matter the amount of success, owners usually care as much about perception and never lack for ego. Nolan Ryan is getting too much credit and before he gets too big for their breeches, they need to knock him down a notch.

Look at the late 90's Cowboys. Pure ego took that franchise apart. The Bosox and Epstein. Even the Bulls wanted to get rid of Jackson. Art Modell NEVER gave Paul Brown the respect or due for making the Browns a dynasty in the late 50's and 60's. The Yankees and Torre (though he had lost a little of his fastball it seemed, still...). Quite a list...
Posted Saturday March 09, 2013, About: Report: Anquan Boldin must take pay cut or be cut
First the pay cut, and then the roster cut. Bolding already has a Superbowl ring now and San Francisco or N.E. would snap him up in a minute. He needs to be a man and leave if he's not wanted. He'll make up the cash and he has already been to the mountaintop.

Flacco's contract has made the Ravens essentially the Colts (like someone else said). A team with too much cap plugged into one player. The Colts underachieved for soo long because the coaching could never get past the mediocre roster they had. No wonder when Manning went down they had NOTHING!
Posted Tuesday March 05, 2013, About: Baker irked by fellow manager's lineup
Guess I missed the memo, but why us Dusty Baker a 'tool' a 'dink' and all that other Ringling Bros. stuff? He slap one of you guys' mama?
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