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Posted Saturday April 19, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
tGB also takes his religion serious, allow me to explain. The fair beast was excommunicated from the Bread of Life Ministries for taking a man's life during a baptism ceremony, it was a tragic event for some but as the circle of life played out it was a joyous occasion for others!

So anyway after being excommunicated the Guide Bear opened up his own non-denominational church where all are welcome and nun are shunned at the Loaf of Bread Ministries and services are held right here under the porch at the Haus!

Happy Easter!
Posted Friday April 18, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
I have one more comment on this subject and then I'm finished.

I like what Default mentioned a few pages back that "the NCAA will change by necessity" but that change is probably too little and it certainly is too late. And instead of being proactive with their changes the NCAA has been mostly reactive and by doing so made itself an easy target for law suits.

Northwestern union vote:

The upcoming vote scheduled for April 25, as a fan of CFB and an outsider to Northwestern this vote feels as much a vote of confidence for or against Pat Fitzgerald as it does a vote for or against unionizing the team. It also feels mostly symbolic to me but if it passes the symbolism would be huge. Even if it fails which I predict it will be soundly defeated, it's still full steam ahead for CAPA. Of all the schools in the Big Ten Northwestern is the least likely, least deserving of this push for unionization.

Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald:

As far as coaches go Fitzgerald is a class act, he does all the right things, his players graduate at a 97% rate, as a former linebacker at Northwestern he's fiercely loyal and he's a players coach. It's also been his longstanding policy of offering only four year scholarships, none of this one year scholly/process players like Saban favors.

I've read other blog/message board comments and some of the criticism leveled at Fitzgerald is surprising, his character is attacked, his salary is attacked etc... Fitzgerald put himself in position to be rewarded with his job, the untimely and unexpected death of his predecessor made it happen sooner than expected but I think it's hard to argue against Fitzgerald and his success at Northwestern and to his critics I say this... stop being concerned about the 'other guy' and make it happen for yourself!
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
One thing that there will be plenty of are players former or present willing to take it to the 'boss man'.

Kain Colter:

The dashing former Northwestern QB who fancies himself as a doctor (probably a surgeon) and special forces commando/agent (probably an international spy) has a buddy named Kenny Bell from his high school days in Colorado that plays receiver for Nebraska and according to the SI story, Bell is considering taking the union movement to the Cornhuskers...

Bell goes on to say that as a football player at Nebraska, "I'll tell you what, you can't afford to pay dues because we don't have enough money to eat sometimes."

What a total crock of BS. If that's the case my assumption is that some of these deprived stars have incredibly poor money spending habits, AKA they can't count very well.

I think we can mostly all agree that we will see major changes but for me, some of these self centered showboat players are making me tired. I get the strong impression that many want instant gratification but there's also the concept of 'paying your dues' (not union dues!) but I suppose the times are changing and now the 'dues' are paid in high school.

Another thing is tv money will not always be there. Right now college football is at an all time high in national popularity but that could change too.
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Week 2, Electric Bugaloo
Harles, kick-off is still a long way off but when it gets here I want to be ready... I have a few minor changes in store for the 2014 Pick 'Em contest.

1. We need to get Van back in the contest, I'm going to make a new rule called the 'Van Rule' where he can post his picks however he wants AND he can post them at the Ice Haus thread so he doesn't have to visit the contest thread. The 'Van Rule' also applies to ANY Gator fans that would like to participate in this extraordinary opportunity!

2. Attendance. I have noticed as the season plays out that attendance drops off, to combat this lack of interest I'm changing the prize aspect of the contest.

Each and every week of the contest there will be a chance to win $100, a crisp C-Note will be mailed to ANY contestant that gets all 25 games picked correct. Go 24-1 and you win yourself $25. I will make this happen.

There will still be prizes at the end of the contest for the top few finishers plus I'd like to mix it up with a couple other categories, to be determined.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
In many ways CAPA, (college athletics players association) and the NCPA (national college players association) have already 'won' and have succeeded in at the very least of getting the full attention of the NCAA and sporting public, forcing the NCAA's hand at implementing changes before any court decisions.

There's another pair of lawyers from New York City on behalf of the players, Gordon Schnell and David Scupp and these fancy ambulance chasing non-producing wage garnishing representatives of the legal system, their number one concern is the BILLIONS of dollars that the NCAA generates... and maybe they want their cut.

The 'billions' that the NCAA generate are distributed to about 1,200 member schools, any improprieties with that money is probably not with the NCAA but more likely with the recipients of that money, maybe that needs a closer look.

The way I see it is that there's an extreme amount of healthy cooperation involved with the TV, NCAA and it's member schools and some of these law suits and associated lawyers want to break up that cooperation into a less healthy system where the rich get richer at the expense of the MAJORITY.

And it's worth repeating that the NCAA doesn't just generate these 'billions' out of thin air, the television executives, these fat cats I have to imagine have a very large say in how the NCAA conducts it's business.
Posted Thursday March 27, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
Dig it, another George Thorogood tune!

"One Seed One Whiskey and One Beer!" (and a meatring)

Sing it with me Clip-Clop fashion!
Posted Thursday March 27, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
ampity amp amp ampington!
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
You guys remember that song by George Thorogood, 'I Drink Alone'? Well tGB does a clip-clop cover of that song but he changed the lyrics to 'I Grow My Own'.

Sing it with me, btiches!
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
Hi Ult! Hey Chief, this is something you posted at Harles's thread:

[i]"...Cool thing is I can take one puff at my desk and no-one is any the wiser. And, like I said, I still enjoy a puff now and then..."[/i]

That is exactly what the Guide Bear tried right here at the Haus! Except, and this is a big exception, Gator Robster IS the wiser and he grabbed Lady B-i-G's kitchen broom and chased tGB under the porch!
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
Dig it! tGB him very many happy again!
Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Like Harles mentioned, everything you posted is true. And this is where the NCAA could prevail in some of these law suits, I think the NCAA shines when it comes to finances and how that money is doled out.

Approximately 750 MILLION dollars of revenue for the NCAA last year, that's about two million dollars every single day of the year. Players and unions and lawyers see those figures and feel cheated.

But the NCAA is much more than just Division one sports, there's around 1,200 schools under the NCAA's watch and most likely every penny is already spoken for and I believe the NCAA's tax exempt status will stay protected because of their commitment to so many sports programs.

I was critical of Mark Emmert in an earlier post because of the overall poor perception the NCAA has but when it comes to finances my opinion is that the NCAA does very good work. Speaking of work, I bet it's no picnic to work at/for the NCAA, I imagine it's a high stress demanding workload.

Back, when you said you quit smoking in Alaska, that gives new meaning to 'cold' turkey... smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Mil. one very interesting and conflicting point your comment brings up is the non-revenue generating sports in college, these are funded in part if not in whole by the football and basketball programs that do make profit.

So a select group of basketball and football players might grudgingly feel like they're supporting tennis, golf, swimming programs etc.

I'm not arguing for the players, just playing the devil's advocate.
Posted Sunday March 16, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Hey Trib, I agree with the line of thinking that we 'reap what we sow' but the NCAA is not immune from that concept and I'd like to see the courts give the NCAA some of their (NCAA's) own medicine.

My biggest complaint against the NCAA is how they look into infractions and enforcement, in some cases very heavy handed and in other high profile cases they're handled with kid gloves!

Mark Emmert:

I don't know if he's to blame personally or if it's the hierarchy at the NCAA but he has been an ineffective leader, he's nothing more than a figure-head for the NCAA... make that an Action Figure head, he looks like a middle aged blonde Ken Doll!

Appearances are important and all but beyond that he seems to be lacking, results are what matter!

Emmert is highly educated and no doubt a very smart person but the NCAA is suffering under his watch.
Posted Thursday March 13, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Ah jeez, I wouldn't know the difference between a defacation case and a violin case!

Trib, I thought of another route the players that want paid (more) could take. Instead of taking their beef to the courts, instead of hoping to beat the NCAA they should get their ducks in line and make a play directly at the tv networks. Every Monday morning they should show up at a network, have their story ready and try to sell their act. It would sure turn some heads and who knows, it might lead to a reality type show and beyond that who knows again, some younger renegade tv exec might want to try to get the ball rolling.

And good to see you too my friend, no news is good news on my end! I'm getting my garden ready, I helped my bro inlaw re-work his entertainment center to accommodate a big screen tv... and I used some of the lumber to build three fancy gun cases... for the three air guns I got my three nieces! Very many happy!
Posted Wednesday March 12, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
(a). I hope McNair doesn't settle out of court, instead I hope the NCAA is forced to show how they handled the investigation.

1. Wow, this is almost delusional on the NCAA's part, it's like the NCAA is admitting wrongdoing into the investigation but also trying to influence the courts that that sort of thing is ok. If it doesn't 'help' McNair's case it sure would seem to hurt the NCAA's case.

2. More of the same and it feels desperate. Again, it sounds like the NCAA is admitting that they could have "reached an incorrect result". Just because the NCAA claims it wasn't deliberate malice or whatever, that's flimsy! The courts award damages in accident cases too.

The NCAA's punishment did not fit McNair's actions, now we'll the Judge decide!
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Hey Harles! I just went back through the thread, it looks like many of my thoughts have already been expressed, I'm just getting a late start is all. And I was surprised this thread is nearly a year old, it's still a great thread for the long off-season though. Keep us posted on any new news!
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Thanks for the response BackRoaods... Back Backington! The Backster! The Backinator! HOORAY for Backy!

I see the NCAA as a very complicated outfit, the relationship between the schools and the NCAA also complicated but the schools and the NCAA are very dependent on each other and for that reason alone I think it's unrealistic to believe the NCAA could cease to exist anytime in the near future.

I also think the NCAA's most important role is collecting those big TV contracts and distributing the monies to the schools and on that front I think they do good work.

The numbers might be a little different today but as of 2010 only 47 Athletic Departments under the NCAA's watch turned a profit and I'd bet that most of if not all of those 47 schools are in the major five conferences. I suppose the schools that lose money on sports rely on grants and subsidies from the NCAA's pipeline and student tuition to fund their athletic departments.

I think it'd be a nightmare scenario if the major conferences decided they had enough of the NCAA because the major conferences would then need another organization to basically do the same thing the NCAA already does. It would be less costly and more efficient to fix the NCAA's existing problems as opposed to starting anew!
Posted Sunday March 09, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
1.Hey Backy, I get all that but what's that got to do with the haphazard way the NCAA metes out punishment? The NCAA has serious policy issues and maybe there's a problem with leadership too, in fact, your comment just reinforces my opinion that the NCAA is in very serious need of reform.

With all their TV contracts and marketing, the NCAA has revenue of approximately 750,000,000 dollars a year. Most of that goes back to the member schools but you'd think with that much payola coming through that they'd be able to hire a 'life coach' to tell 'em how to run a tighter ship.

2. I think the NCAA would cave before that happens, it would fit their modus operandi of inconsistency. In their weakened state they'd see the writing on the wall and cave. There's already talk of the NCAA giving more autonomy to the major conferences. They're already caving.

3. Just because the NCAA doesn't have the powers of a law enforcement agency does not mean that they don't have tremendous powers, unfocused powers but major fire power just the same.
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Delany Vs. O'Bannon: Bluster or Bond?
Ult I'm not going to pretend to have the answers, probably every team will have players with problems that need to be addressed, it's not so cut and dry, there's not a 'one size fits all' solution but I'd prefer to have most problems handled in-house and under the radar if possible. My opinion is that a union type setting could foment player unrest where none or little exists.

I'd like the NCAA to act like a legitimate outfit with a more focused approach especially in enforcing rules and handing down sanctions and punishment... as opposed to the inept all over the place impression it created by hammering some schools (USC) and completely exonerating others where serious academic fraud was documented (UNC).

And the two and three year long investigations I feel is a waste of time and money, some of these decisions could be made in months if not days. I'd like to see a 'Roger Goodell' type whip the NCAA into shape because Mark Emmert is just a mouthpiece for an out of control NCAA.

~~~~~~~~~~Humor & Sarcasm Alert!~~~~~~~~~~~

1. It could be that Bielema and Saban would be in favor of unions in college football, union players would slow down the hurry up - no huddle offenses, unions are notorious for slowing down production!

2. Kain Colter:

He invited criticism by comparing his play to that of a Special Forces unit, a distinction he has not earned. That being said he most certainly has the physical abilities to perform at that level, let's examine this further!

After starting the 2013 campaign with four consecutive successful missions against the likes of Cal, Syracuse, W. Mich and Maine, the fifth mission was a fail at home against Ohio State starting a skid of seven failed missions in a row! However, Kain ended his campaign in Champaign with a successful mission over the Fighting Illini.
Posted Wednesday March 05, 2014, About: What'll ya have?
Yeah, that's what I meant!
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