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Posted Sunday February 26, 2012, About: Rave Rangers reviews for Yu
Great. Go Rangers!!
Posted Sunday February 19, 2012, About: Early frontrunner for Manning & Wayne?
makes some sense to me. They have nothing in the qb cupboard up there. Still kinda think Jets make a lot of sense and Redskins would be smart to pursue him.
Posted Sunday February 19, 2012, About: Rangers still seek long-term deal with Andrus
It seems that one can never get a Boras client to sign away a year of free agency. Rangers did what they could. Glad they are looking at deals like this to keep their money up the middle.
Posted Sunday February 19, 2012, About: Hatcher: Cowboys need defensive leader
agree. somehow lots of teams (Giants?) win without Ray Lewis. Love Ray. Love leaders. Love talent more.
Posted Tuesday April 19, 2011, About: Former Cy Young winner would pitch from 'pen
that the way baseball go
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Jackson barbs on Cuban get personal
I'm a Mavs fan. I wish Cuban would shut his mouth and not be so dooshy. He is suckng the life force out of me. For the first time in years I could not care less if they get inhaled , chewed up, and spit out in the first round
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Expensive Drew opens season on Sox bench
Rangers fleeced the Sox in that Eric Gagne trade a couple years back. Got David Murphy in return. How great is he? How much better would the Red Sox be if they had kept him and their $ and left JD Drew alone?

Theo Epstein. Soooooooooo over rated.
Posted Monday April 04, 2011, About: Marlins balked at Rangers' demands for Young
They'd gladly give him away. Think about it. every trade we've heard has Texas paying signifigant future dollars. It is like a see saw, the more a team will take in salary, the less the Rangers demand a player in return.

If a team said, "We will take him and pay 100% of salary" then indeed the Rangers would give him away.

Its $ and players in this deal. Like every other deal that goes down.
Posted Saturday January 29, 2011, About: Rangers pitcher responds to Berkman's dig
given your criteria for "proven" , how are the Angels and A's "proven"?
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Brown facing his worst Texas season ever?
f u and f your used car salesman coach. Mack will be around long after you are put on probation and suck. hookem

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