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Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: Bryant headed back to Germany
As Charles Barkley has said many time on the TNT show, "Father time is undefeated against athletes." Kobe has yet to understand this.
Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: Josh Johnson may need Tommy John surgery (again)
It's amazing to me how the mechanics of pitching are so screwed up from youth players all the way to the pro's. I used to pitch from Little League to Babe Ruth to Highschool, so I saw how coaches would try to overuse us.

I was watching the Little League World Series last year and not one announcer on ESPN was calling out these 12 year old pitchers for throwing curveballs? The golden rule of pitching is that you don't throw a curveball ATLEAST til Highschool or you are done your growing. So thats one problem that will affect a kid later in life.

Then I see these Travel Teams playing year round, and I shake my head at how they get away with it. No kid should play any sport year round, as the body needs rest, yet I see some of these travel teams in various sports playing more then the pros!

Then I watch some of the pro pitchers mechanics, and you can see they're a Tommy John Candidate in waiting. Steven Strasburg's motion is predicated on speed from his elbow, and that is the WRONG way to pitch as you don't want to put too much stress on your shoulder or elbow. So they keep him on the dumb pitch count his first year, and he still ends up blowing his arm out and needing Tommy John Surgery!

Finally, the pitch count has ruined baseball and made the games much longer because you have so many more pitching changes in the late innings. Until the 1990's, good pitchers would pitch 250+ innings a year, and weren't limited to 120 pitches each outing. Now these pitchers can't go past the 7th inning because their arm is not trained to pitch that many pitches. Older pitchers always talk about how they threw on days off to keep their arm strong, and it showed back then as they threw more innings and complete games. Sure there will always be pitchers that blow their arms out, simply because pitching isn't a normal thing to do, but it seems to me the more precautions they take, the more these pitchers get injured.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: A second bye week?
I agree with you 100% about the length of the games and I am suprised there haven't been more fans that **** about this. The commercials haven't ruined any flow to an NFL (especially national games) You have a kickoff, commercial, 3 and out/punt, commerical, turnover/TD, commercial, etc.

The key thing about the NFL is it will always have the gamblers and the fantasy football people who don't care about crap like this and watching solely for those reasons. Its sort of like March Madness where a load of people in my work don't watch a game of College BBall all year, but will fill out their March Madness Brackets and all of the sudden care who is winning the Duke/Mercer game? In a sense, the casual viewer will always be catered to because they bring in the mass audience where diehards like us have to watch a football game with endless commercials...
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: A second bye week?
I meant to say I am a huge NFL fan, but I like to watch other sports too like MLB, NBA, NHL, Golf. My original sentence didn't sound right!
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: A second bye week?
I guess I'm in the minority but the more football Goodell throws my way, the more burned out I get. I just don't watch football as I enjoy the NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, so I hate that the NFL is extending their season and trying to make the sport a year round thing (i.e. moving the draft to May).

I live in the Philadelphia area, and the big story this spring has been the release of DeSean Jackson. This was a huge story, but I am so burned out from Football 24/7/365 days a year, I am almost indifferent towards the whole situation. Now I shouldn't feel that way as its a huge story, but I like to take time off from all the sports I watch as right now MLB season has started along with the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Again, it seems I'm in the minority, because the more **** Goodell shovels out, the more the fans eat it up!
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Braun loves the boos, seriously
Braun is playing the Heel (Wrestling term for Badguy) this year, as he taunted the Philly fans last night after a triple. After sliding into 3rd base, he pointed at the crowd with both hands and taunted them after the Brewers took the lead. I say give him a microphone and he could do his WWE schtick between innings, "For all the 45,000 losers here tonight, you are going to go home unhappy....."
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: The most dangerous wild card team
The 80's were way different then the 70's in terms of fighting and bench clearing brawls. By the mid 80's the NHL instituted heavier suspensions, the instigating rule, and banned bench clearing brawls by giving anyone off the bench & coach a 10 game suspension.

So the fights were more in context with the game, not just for the sake of fighting. There weren't fights every game in the 80's like there were in the 70's, it was more of a buildup between 2 players or multiple players as they would take place alot of times at the end of games when there was a blowout.

You look back at those Patrick Division battles between the Flyers/Rangers/Isles/Caps every year, or the Adams division battles between the Canadians/Nordiques/Bruins, along with the Norris Division battles between the Hawks, NorthStars, Maple Leafs, Blues and RedWings, plus you would get an Oilers/Flames series every year too that would usually go 7 games.

Bettman doesn't understand that the NHL is not the NBA, as you can't sell the sport on stars like the NBA does with Lebron, Durant and Kobe. The NHL is sold by its rivalries like the Canadians/Bruins, or Flyers/Penguins these days, and when they went to more of a conference type playoff system, they lost alot of good rivalries.
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: The most dangerous wild card team
I still wished they stuck within the division for the first 2 rounds and did away with the wildcards. The 1980's had the best rivalries because you played the a few teams every year and there was just a pure hatred you build up as a fan from these 7 games series. As a Flyers fan, I hated the Rangers, Caps, and Islanders because we pretty much saw one or two of those teams every year in the playoffs. If anyone has watched the NBCSportsNetwork Series 'Rivalries' most of the great footage comes from the 80's and the first 2 rounds of the playoffs.
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Concerns intensify over Papelbon
He is a terrible GM, but I think the big contracts are coming from the ownership. The ownership is so afraid of rebuilding, they keep putting it off and off, when we may get to the point of the Marlins-like rebuild where you literally have to start from scratch because Rollins, Utley, Howard, Lee are all in the mid 30's. We have very few prospects in our minor league system, so the day this team hits rock bottom it will be too late to get anything for those veterans. The fans know its coming, but the ownership still can't face the music.
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Concerns intensify over Papelbon
The day the Phillies signed him I knew they overpaid for him and his contract would come back to haunt us. They outbid themselves as they gave him the richest contact ever for a reliever because they weren't patient and let the market play itself out in free agency that winter.

We gave him a 4 year 52 million dollar contract with a vesting option??? Relievers are like goalies, as they are great one year, and then lose confidence and are terrible the next year, so you can't be locked into anyone longterm unless their name is Mariano Rivera.

Now Papelbon is pretty much untradeable because he still has 2 years left on his deal, and his velocity is decreasing each year. One of the postgame analysts picked up last night that he was throwing side arm on some pitches, and he said that is a sign that he may have some shoulder problems so he was compensating with a lower delivery. Plus he is a total douce, so that is another reason why teams wont want him.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Big Three will meet to talk Heat future
Yes it will, IMO. I can say that I have trouble getting attached to my hometown teams sometimes when we bring in alot of free agents, because they don't feel like 'my' team. The Eagles did it 3 years ago as they brought in a load of free agents and were known as the DreamTeam (of course they were anything but that.)

My point is that those players never resonated with me because so many came from Free Agency, whereas the Early 00's teams I loved because the heart of the team was from the draft (McNabb, Westbrook, Trotter, Dawkins, etc.) Now where I don't have a problem with Free Agency is if its just 1 player coming to a great team to get them over the hump. Pete Rose came as a Free Agent in 1979 and blended in with all the Schmidts, Bowa's and Boone's that came up through the system. The same with Terrell Owens in 2004, as he was brought in as a Free Agent to gel with all the players I named above. Moses Malone was traded to the Sixers in 1982 to gel with the core nucleus we had there for 5-6 years (Dr. J, Mo Cheeks, Bobby Jones, and Andrew Toney.) If those teams were made up of 80% free agents, it just wouldn't feel the same.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Big Three will meet to talk Heat future
I agree with you and that is why I feel a bit old on this issue cause I atleast have some memory of the pre-Free Agency explosion in sports.

I guess I just always like it when a team builds from the bottom up like OKC, and as a fan I would much want to follow a team like that then a team that loads up on 8 new free agents. My 76ers are doing it the old fashioned way as to building through the draft: Noel and Carter Williams in 2013 draft, and we have a top 5 and New Orleans pick in this draft, so the fans can grow with this team. It is a terrible year (we are tanking), but it will be much more sweeter in 3-4 years if we get lucky in the lottery and we build an OKC type team of star lottery picks. Oh well, thats just the way I feel.
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Big Three will meet to talk Heat future
It would have been nice if I proof-read my last post before clicking enter, as there are some grammaratical errors. Sorry!
Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014, About: Big Three will meet to talk Heat future
The Big 3 is everything I always hated about Free Agency. Now I don't begrudge the 3 Stars for playing together as they have every right to do that when their contracts ended. But what I always hated about Free Agency is teams that don't build from the foundation and you have a collection of free agents. Now I don't mind a team bringing in 1 free agent to get over the hump, but I always when teams just go out and start buying players on the market and their team is made up of it.

I'm probably in the minority, and a bit old school, but the teams I grew up in the 80's (before Free Agency really took over sports) were all build through the draft and you had a few players here and there from trades and free agency.

The 1980 World Series Philllies had guys like Schmidt, Bowa, Boone, Luzinski all come up through the system and you grew with those players as the team got better. The Heat had a TOTALLY different team in 2009-2010 then 2010-2011, and it's tough to say their team 'your' team.

I'm sure I will get killed here for this thinking, but thats the way I feel.
Posted Thursday March 27, 2014, About: MLB's least valuable team
The Tampa Fanbase is a joke, simply because they have been a consistent winner since 2008. Now I know the stadium is a dump, but as a Phillies fan, we played in a dump (Veterans Stadium) for 30 years, but that never stopped me from going to see the Phillies or Eagles play.
Posted Thursday March 27, 2014, About: Sixers upbeat on eve of historic futility
The Sixers pretty much announced to our fanbase they were tanking the season last summer, and they have put on a clinic on how to tank with the trades they have made. I have watched every Sixers game this year (simply because I am diehard fan), and I have not rooted for them one game this year. The irony is we have lost 25 straight and were still not the worst team in the NBA, so how f'n bad are the Bucks?

If we luck out with the lottery we have a bright future: Michael Carter Williams, Nerlens Noel, our #1 pick between #1-5, and New Orleans #1 pick around #10, and 30 million dollars in cap room.
Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: Lecavalier failing return on Philly's investment
I remember rolling my eyes when they signed him last summer, as it was another 30+ guy who was alittle bit past his prime that will hamper our salary cap for the next few years.

The Flyers have yet to learn in this Salary Cap era that they can't sign older players to long-term deals. They could get away with it in the 90's of signing/trading guys who were past their prime to make a Cup run: Hawerchuk, Coffey, etc. As they could buy them out or unload them a year later, but now nobody will want LeCavalier and his multi-year contract at this point. The cause/effect of this is that somebody good on the roster will be a salary cap casualty as we won't be able to re-sign them or end up trading them for nothing.
Posted Monday March 24, 2014, About: Bryant: 'We need to figure this thing out'
I've been saying this for months that the Lakers/Celtics are going to get the #1/#2 picks in the lottery. Just remember that Adam Silver is a protege of David Stern, so the conspiracy is still on in the NBA!
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: Rick Pitino irked by tournament selection
Seeds are pretty much irrelevant, as it all depends on who is in your bracket. You may be a one seed and have a tough bracket, whereas a 3 seed in another bracket may have an easier road to the final four.

I always go back and forth on who is more unlikeable: Pitino or Calipari? And I'm Italian and I can't stand these 2 guys!
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Another setback has Bynum concerned
As a Sixers fan who lived through the 'Bynum Horror Show' last year, this guy is finished. Putting aside that he has no desire to work hard, he is a 26 year old 7 foot player with bad knees, and they won't ever get better. Big men like Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, Bill Walton all had some problems with their knees or feet because of their size, and were never the same.

It's amazing that Shaq played most of his career without any injuries like this (until the end when he was just old.)
Posted Friday March 14, 2014, About: MLB reconsidering Montreal
The last thing Baseball needs is another small market that can't compete for Free Agents. Montreal always had a great farm system (similar to the Tampa Rays today), but could never keep their talent and would eventually trade them before Free Agency (similar to the Florida Marlins.) Because MLB has no salary cap, the big markets still compete for the big-time free agents, so the sport doesn't need anymore salary disparity among its teams.
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