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Posted Sunday June 24, 2012, About: Teams interested in Iguodala
I'd take him as a wing for Kyrie to throw it up to.
Posted Sunday June 24, 2012, About: Two frontrunners for Youkilis
If Antonetti makes this move, he'd better hope that Youk has ANYTHING left in the tank. We need a right-handed hitting LF. Damon, Duncan and Cunningham have been TERRIBLE. Like it was said earlier, you can't keep putting a band aid on gushing wound. The Tribe needs to stop shopping the discount clearance rack and make a move that will actually keep fans excited about this team in a town that is obsessed with a losing football team.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Cribbs days in Cleveland numbered
That's funny. Not only is he NOT their most skilled player, his skills are diminished and about to be rendered useless by the league's changing rules.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Cribbs days in Cleveland numbered
In 2007 and 2009 (his Pro Bowl seasons), Josh excited Cleveland fans with very little else to be excited about. When the other team assuredly scored, the ensuing kick off was ripe with anticipation of JC returning one to the house. After his disastrous 2010 campaign and the rule changes from last year, (not to mention his AWESOME WR skills) and most true Browns fans had enough of him in the first place. He thinks way too highly of himself and his "skills" (just follow him on Twitter) and if the Browns cut him loose, I think the initial backlash from fans will fade into obscurity once the season starts and no one is running back kicks anyway.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Matta, finally, calls out his Buckeyes
Matta needs to call himself out. For as good a coach as he is, and as good an evaluator of talent he is, he can't manage a game. He recruits deep, but then only plays six or seven guys. This year especially, he needed to get his bench more involved to save his starters down the stretch so they could play more effectively. Sad to say it, but it'll be an early exit for the Buckeyes this year.
Posted Sunday January 08, 2012, About: Why Browns may chase Packers QB
Thanks. My only difference is that I don't want Bowe or either Jackson...they're both "me" first players. I kind of like Robert Meachem. I'll also keep Colt before I hand the offense to Jason Campbell.
Posted Sunday January 08, 2012, About: Why Browns may chase Packers QB
No, they don't NEED another QB, especially if they VASTLY improve the O-line and get someone else besides Greg Little to catch the ball. Still think that Evan Moore could be utilized more in a Jeremy Shockey mode, but apparently, the coaching staff doesn't agree. Running back, well, Hillis has burned a lot of bridges this season, but he still is only one year removed from a 1600 total yards and 13 TD season. But he needs a complimentary back (a la Sproles or Bradshaw) to stay healthy...and Montario Hardesty is not it. The main problem still lies in the fact that the Holmgren/Heckert/Shurmur regime think that their antiquated system will still work in the ever-evolving NFL and that the players they have are "good' for this system.
Posted Sunday January 08, 2012, About: Why Browns may chase Packers QB
It isn't so much that Flynn wouldn't want to come to Cleveland (even via the "Franchise-tag"/trade route), it's more of the same with the Browns. If you don't surround him with talent, no quarterback will succeed in this league. The Browns need a playmaker at receiver, a playmaking running back, fix the right side of the line, a corner to go opposite of Joe Haden and at least one more pass rushing linebacker to team with Jackson and the emerging strength of a defensive line (Sheard and Taylor). He may not be the answer, but Holmgren and Heckert are here to MAKE these kind of evaluations and decisions...We'll be in Year 3 and still have very little to show for it.
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: Prince avoiding dad's former teams?
Um, he's avoiding the Indians because he doesn't want comparisons with his dad? You mean, he doesn't want compared to his father's ridiculously amazing stat line as an Indian in 1998: 14 games, 35 ABs, 5 Hits (1 for extra bases, a double), 1 walk, 13 strike outs, with a .143/.189/.171. Truth and Rumors, you're an idiot. Who at MLB.com posted this? An intern?
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: Lockout push Nets rookie to D-League
The NBDL draft was tonight. I just attended the Canton Charge draft party (the new Cleveland D-League team) and the guy earlier was right. Kyrie couldn't play if he wanted to. Current draft picks and any player who appeared on an NBA roster last year wasn't eligible. Also, the D-League is managed by the NBA and some teams (like ours) is owned by their parent team, but they aren't governed by the collective bargaining agreement.

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