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Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: Bears S says Stafford folds under pressure
What the heck is this clown talking about? His QB has more folds than a circus tent being packed away!
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Kane wearing out his welcome in Chicago?
I agree Kane is young and stupid, but he's not being paid millions to be a party boy. He's being paid to be a world class athlete. And right now he is pissing everything away.
Posted Wednesday March 07, 2012, About: Madden not happy with playing time
Look in the mirror and get a clue - nobody wanted you at the beginning of the season and you're not playing now... RETIRE!!!!!
Posted Thursday February 23, 2012, About: Inge isn't helping his cause
How can a guy who is a lifetime 2:30 hitter get so many headlines. He hit 1:90 last year and now he gets indignant because he's been replaced by a 3:30 hitter who averages 25 to 30 home runs a year! Go home and pout then look in the mirror!!!!
Posted Monday February 13, 2012, About: The frontrunner for Manny?
What do you mean frontrunner - that would mean teams would actually be interested in wanting to sign this choad. Manny's agent must have hired a good publicist to make it look like somebody actually gave a **** about his client! Only an idot would sign a 40 year old - with a still to be served drug suspension.
Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Why the Rangers are backing away from Oswalt
He should has signed with Detroit!
Posted Tuesday January 31, 2012, About: 'Gutting roster' on table in Columbus
They should start with a new GM before they do anything else! Why would you let the guy who screwed up the drafts and the trades for the last few years to put the Blue Jackets in this spot make the trades for their future?
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Carter wants out, may get his wish soon
How the heck does Howson still even have a job? this guy is the worst GM in hockey (not withstanding Garth Snow). Useless drafts, horrible trades. I'm surprised that the Blue Jackets fans are still even turning out to the games.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Pujols' wife blasts Cards
Oh the horrors of having to get by on only 26 million a season. It's just such an insult!!!!
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: Manny to be Manny ... in Baltimore?
Selig should have told Manny's agent to take a hike. I can't believe they let him get away with only 50 games. The guy is a major T-U-R-D!!! Good luck to whatever idot GM decides to try and sign him! I'm sure we'll get the third positive test by mid-July and Manny will retire again.
Posted Friday November 25, 2011, About: Dykstra: No coincidence I'm in rehab
Dykstra studied at the Denny McLain school of how to screw investors!
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Circus clowns play fans for fools
I think the owners are a bunch of idiots! That being said, the players are so unrealistic about their place in the sporting world. You don't see any sense of urgency from the players, who seem more concerned about playing overseas, doing exhibitions, or doing reality shows than settling the strike. The players are more concerned about their lifestyles. I think the fans have realized this disconnect from the players. I think that if the players that don't wake up and realize this they are going to be in for a rude awakening once the strike is over.
Posted Wednesday October 05, 2011, About: Tortorella never gave Avery a chance
Why does the writer seem like this is the most indignant event that ever heppened in the hockey world. Avery was a fourth liner at best the last few years. At least Avery got a free trip to Europe, plus I'm sure he got to talk to some potential suiters from the European leagues as well. As far as not being given a chance to shine in training camp, boo-effin-hoo! Have you seen the game footage on him? If he put in as much effort in working on his game as he does in to his social life than maybe he'd improve.
Posted Tuesday August 09, 2011, About: Carcillo already wants a piece of Vancouver
I can't wait to see how long it will take "goon boy" to get benched for taking stupid penalties against the Red Wings. The Black Hawks may have gotten tougher, but they also got a lot stupider!
Posted Monday August 08, 2011, About: Posada not happy with new role
5 years from now Pasada will be wondering why nobody will hire him for a front office or coaching position!
Posted Wednesday August 03, 2011, About: Weber, Preds nearly $4M apart
I look forward to seeing Weber in a Wings uniform! I still don't even know why there is a hockey team in Nashville (and Florida, and Phoenix, and Columbus... yeah there is a pattern there).
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: Eli: Plax more welcome than Tiki
Tiki still hasn't figured it out. He may be apologetic, but his speach was all "I", "I", "I', "Me", "Me", "Me" ~ not I'd like to help a team somewhere. I don't think that'll fly. And besides, who really wants a 36 year old running back who has been out of football for 4 or 5 years!
Posted Wednesday June 08, 2011, About: Thomas on Pistons' short list
This would be the final nail in the Piston coffin if it were to happen!
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: Wild taking offers for (almost) everyone
How does Fletcher even have a job at this point. The Wild's drafting has been awful and their trades (Cam Barker for Nick Leddy ~ their only decent first round pick in years) have been equally as bad! They need to wake up before their fans start staying away!
Posted Monday May 23, 2011, About: McLellan calls out Heatley
Heatley handles adversity the same way my dog handles being yelled at ~ both tuck their tails and run the other way. Look for Heatley to demand another trade!
Posted Friday April 08, 2011, About: Palmer's not going anywhere
"Can't blame the owner... I wouldn't let him pull a Haynesworth, either."

Really, I never saw that out of Palmer. I think he got tired of having to put up with Chad "Look At Me" Johnson, Terrell "Throw Me The Ball or I'll Throw You Under The Bus" Owens and the rest of the idiotic jailbirds that the ownership brought in.

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