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Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Benjamin blew off an NFL team workout
I recall a certain agent saying he told his client to come late to a meeting so that the Colts wouldn't draft him... hmmmm, how did that player turn out? Oh yeah, he is in prison.
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Petition aims to block Vick from camp
Only 2000 lonely people ,who like cuddling up with their "Child"/pet and watch horror movies, are upset about this?
Posted Thursday April 03, 2014, About: Spurrier backtracks on Clowney dig
That was a weak clarification.. he still can't say that Clowney put any real effort into working out.. he was just "there with the others."
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: NFL coach pans Manziel's 'sideshow'
If I were a Viking fan I would be more concerned that my coach just now figured out that Pro Days are choreographed.
Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: Graham vows to lead the league in penalties
Duh... grabbing other players mask and ripping him to the ground is fun... I will keep doing it... I will take the penalty and make team suffer.. I R Smart.
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Graham ready to file immediate grievance
The poll taken of NFL players asking if they were willing to accept gay players must be accurate. After they answer yes to that question we have more players wanting to be identified as a wide receivers and no longer a tight ends.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Richie Incognito deletes Twitter account
I wonder if he left a parting message leaving his lawyers telephone number in case people wanted further comment? His lawyer had probably warned his client that he either had to lay off the steroids or cancel his twitter account.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Richie Incognito deletes Twitter account
I wonder if they sat back and enjoyed a cigarette? Either way that just shows even the wild can be tamed by a gentle hand.
Posted Tuesday January 28, 2014, About: Why the Texans won't take Johnny Football
The thing many seem to look over is that no matter what was being said about him off the field and no matter what controversy was swirling around.. when he got on the field... he was Johnny Football and you would have never guessed he had any worries. That is maturity.
Posted Wednesday January 22, 2014, About: Browns set up for another coaching fail
I have been thinking the same thing. He said he wants to get back into coaching and no one else seems to want the job.
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: NFL looking into Niners' sideline behavior
Here we go.. the NFL wants the Super Bowl to be played without drawing attention to allowing Sherman to play.. so they shift the focus to a non participant. Sherman should at the very least be fined for his actions and post game interview. That was not passion, that was a classless act. The choke, the yelling, the lies the gives as an excuse.
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: Rams looking to draft Bradford's replacement?
Bradford did end up being the best of the pack as far as QB's are concerned. We should all remember that him and Suh were the two top picks in the draft, and most people knew that Suh would be a beast and Bradford was in for a real hurting because he would have no protection. Wasting another draft pick on a QB when you still have some much protection problems will not solve anything.
Posted Thursday January 09, 2014, About: Notre Dame's next star quarterback
Probably the same people who visited Texas as laughed at the short , wiry Manziel kid and laughed him off as not college material. Keep looking for those big guys to lead your team, skip over the Manziels and Russull's out there.. they don't fit the bill.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: Carolina desperate to keep dealing
Carolina was doing their best to save money and now it is backfiring on them. The goalie situation would not be happening had they not tried to pull a quick one on their former back up. Burke will now be shelling out more money for his penny pinching. Telling your back up that you can't pay them more because you are committed to an AHL goalie will probably not be one of his lines next year.
Posted Tuesday December 24, 2013, About: Munchak a favorite to take over at Penn State
So sorry, sometimes I forget that this forum has turned into a little chat room for a few select people with nothing better to do than make thousands of comments. I forgot that in order to contribute to this forum you must know every single poster and all their past comments. Unlike people like you who have no real life, and no personal friends, I have a life outside of sports. I feel sorry for people like you who feel only your comments are humerus and if someone else attempts humor it is forbidden by the rest of the lonely people on this board.
Posted Tuesday December 24, 2013, About: Munchak a favorite to take over at Penn State
Christmas Eve and you are already so drunk you are wandering around making comments in the wrong section?
Posted Tuesday December 24, 2013, About: Brown was forced out by ...
New AD Patterson will be assembling an 8 member panel to find out who leaked this information. When all the investigating is done he, and he alone, will decide the outcome of the investigation.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: USC to pursue Orgeron again
Oh great, he agree's to come back, all the crud about Sarkisian comes to light, and Haden is forced to fire him, and once again coach O is the interim coach.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: O'Brien's NFL buyout reduced
He held a team together and amazingly kept many top players who had the option of leaving for another school. Those points I will give you. I think that confusing the circumstances in which he took over and how he actually coached the team on the field is a mistake. If you take out the shocking charges (sex abuse) and just look at the sanctions, you could say that except for the 60 million dollar fine, USC had just as tough of circumstances, and Kiffen took over and just like O'Brien did a pretty good job. Two years is not enough time to judge his accomplishments with, and I think there is a reason he is itching to get out while he can, he knows things are not gong to be so good the next couple.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: Stephen Jones confronted a reporter over Garrett story
Callahan is the play caller and Garrett is the puppet who takes the blame for the poor play calling. Only a team owned by Jerry Jones would allow Callahan to keep his job and let the head coach take the fall.
If Garrett was a real man, with real coaching skills, he would rip the headset off Callahan's head, tell him to hit the locker.. when he hears JJ voice on the headset telling him he is going to fire him, he can tell JJ to go pleasure himself while he coaches the team.. win the freaking game and get to the playoffs and announce to the world he quits.
Posted Monday December 23, 2013, About: O'Brien's NFL buyout reduced
Sorry, but this looks like a future Lane Kiffen repeat story. Take a guy from the pros with a pretty good record as an assistant, make him the head coach of a football team that was pretty good before NCAA sanctions, and the first couple years he does well.. but not great... and suddenly all they hype about what a great NFL coach he will be? Nawwww, not buying it, haven't seen PSU do anything spectacular.
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