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Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: Lakers eyeing Hinrich?
Well....i didnt know we were gonna go back to the beginning of time to include all the Lakers picks to support your argument, lmao! It's almost not even worth commenting on, I mean excuse me but I thought we were into talking about whats going on in the present, not 1952. Other teams want Lakers picks? Really? You pretty much lost me when you had to dig deep for Vujacrack and Marc Gasol--both Hall of Fame Laker picks. The only "major" trade that i can think of involving " good" Lakers players were Shaq & Caron; both of which weren't original Lakers. Also, just to get you in the know about your team, Kobe was drafted by the Hornets, who then were basically forced to trade him to the Lakers because he was 18 yr old braty crybaby who said he'd only play for the Lakers. Furthermore, it's just like a hater to claim that a team got lucky on picks just to try and help your case, however when it happens more than once as in the case with the Spurs...all it does is prove what I said in the first place. For years now if you just listen to NBA people, former players, commentators, etc, you will hear them say the Spurs are one of the best, if not the best at drafting players nobody has ever heard of, yet you think otherwise, lol. Yes maybe Parker (28th pick) and Ginobili (56th) turned out to be way better than the Spurs could've dreamed of, but when those guys were drafted, the analysts doing the draft didn't even have them on their player list..didnt even know who they were--Obviously the Spurs knew something the other 28 GM's didn't. You want to mentioned all the Lakers great picks...we'll how bout the list of players the Spurs drafted and traded for various reasons ( I guess spreading the wealth around the NBA), ie, Scola, Barbosa, Salmons, Udrich, & Dragic. All of which were 2nd rd picks except Salmons. It's funny to me that you actually think you had a case, silly Faker fan.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Lakers eyeing Hinrich?
I know I'm gettin in a little late on this and I never post here but whoever said that the Spurs were stacked is plain ignorant. Any true BBall person, GM, head coach, or a freakin Ball boy knows the Spurs build from within, and that doesn't make them stacked. Jefferson is the only starter, and for that matter the only main person in the rotation thats isn't Spurs bred other than Dyess.
LAL, Boston, Miami, Dallas can't say that. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Hill, Blair, & Splitter are all Spurs picks. Other teams, like the Lakers, have to go get help from other teams just so they can compete because they can't draft or evaluate overseas talent even a lick to what the Spurs can. Ya'll say stacked, I say ya'll don't know crap about basketball.

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