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Posted Thursday February 13, 2014, About: One part of LeBron's game was headed south
It just goes to show, Haters are going to hate.

Lebron is the ultimate basketball player, there is no weakness in his game. He is the best 2 way player I have ever seen play this game. EVER!

People will always complain about something no matter what.
Posted Thursday January 30, 2014, About: The folly in creating cap space
The Lesson is...

The next time you are lucky enough to draft and sign a local phenom to play near his home. Break the bank to bring serious help. I bet if that dude in Brooklyn was the owner of the Cavs, Lebron would still be there.
Posted Saturday January 11, 2014, About: Joakim Noah blows off media after Luol Deng trade
The Bulls are not trying to win a championship. This is clear. Trading Deng is not a winning move. PERIOD.
Posted Saturday January 11, 2014, About: LeBron James rips Andrei Kirilenko for flopping
J Kidd sent a goon in to the game to try and hurt Lebron. There was clear intent to hurt Lebron on that play. It was no different than him having one of his players knock a drink out of his hands to delay the game. NBA will definitely clean this up, or they will lose another superstar this season.

Scrubs who take malicious fouls on stars should be suspended for 10 games wothout pay, that's the only way to stop this.
Posted Tuesday December 24, 2013, About: Pop can't remember the last time San Antonio practiced
Long before Pop ever messed up the finals for the Spurs, I had long called him out for his poor in-game coaching decisions because it was happening too frequently for a long time.

All he did in his latest finals appearance was show the world what I had long been saying which is he runs a great practice but he makes terrible mistakes in the heat of the moment.

That is what happens when the game starts to pass you by. Pop, Phony Phil, Kobe, all of them should have stepped away years ago.
Posted Wednesday September 25, 2013, About: Heat auditioning Roger Mason Jr.
I agree. I don't think the Heat should be counting on Oden to come and save them from the Pacers. They will do themselves a favor if they can convince Beasley to use his athleticism to play better defense. Oden = Done. They should have went after Dalembert.
Posted Wednesday September 25, 2013, About: Roethlisberger skeptical of rookie RB
Ben shouldn't be talking about a soul. He is the sole reason the Steelers currently sux. It's on him right now, he is losing these games.

The Steelers need to start looking for a new franchise QB, Ben's time is up.
Posted Monday August 05, 2013, About: Carmelo Anthony will opt out, could go to Lakers
You might wanna give up on Lebron back to CLE.

The GM and the access to players that can actually help him in Miami is way too good.

A player like Deshawn, on a bad team is ordinary. On the Heat, he could be a Bruce Bowen type player.

Take Ray Ray for example, do you know how old he is? Doesn't look like it tho, when you have great players around you like Lebron, TD, TP, Bosh and Dwade, they make others look that much better.

Do you really think Birdman or Splitter would look that good on any other team. Superstars make others look good, and right now South Beach is the spot to be, just like L.A. used to be back in the day. Lebron is winning titles, he isn't going to leave Miami anytime soon.

What you are seeing right now with players like Deshawn and Oden, willing to play for free, is what Miami is going to have happening every year, until Lebron decides to hang them up.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: Nemesis DeShawn Stevenson asks LeBron, Heat to sign him
Wow. Another wing defender. These boys aren't playing with the rest of the NBA. It's a good move for them. Still doesn't make for the Miller mistake.

Anyone they can add to the wing to reduce the number of regular seasons games for Ray Ray and Dwade only helps them come playoff time, I still would prefer Miller tho.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: Why Greg Oden signed with the Heat
The funny thing about taking chances is they some times work out. Especially when there is nothing to lose. S.A. took a chance on Diaw, they had nothing to lose. It worked out, almost to a championship.

The Heat have nothing to lose taking a chance on Oden. If he doesn't work out, they still have the same front court that won a title.

The only place the Heat messed up, is with Miller. They don't know it yet, but they will.
Posted Thursday August 01, 2013, About: LeBron mulling union takeover
For a young man who has made some pretty good life decisions, I don't see what the problem is.

Lebron hasn't made any poor decisions to me.

Many here want to make a big deal of him NOT going to college.

Neither did, J-Zay or Will Smith and they are doing great too.

Just because you went to college doesn't mean you have common sense, or will do well running a company or anything else for that matter.

Many people on FN don't have common sense, yet they act like they are some authority for what others can do.

For instance, my little personal troll, thinks he can speak for me. But he can't. Not really sure why he tries so much but to each his own.

Point is, how many times does Lebron have to prove you people wrong before you get it. Not to long ago he was a loser, choker, quitter, etc...

Now he is a back to back champion, about to be a back to back to back champion.

Just keep hating, somebody's got to do it.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: George on Lakers: 'Wouldn't be a smart move'
And MJ has as many as Pip so not sure what Bosh and Lebron having the same mean if they needed each other to win.

Basically Shaq has a HUGE role in MOST of Kobe's success. So it's hard to give him credit for what Shaq was doing even before Kobe came into the NBA.

I agree another couple of rings and Lebron will be a G.O.A.T. at SF
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: George on Lakers: 'Wouldn't be a smart move'
Not me, I didn't even want to see him on team USA. As bad as he ball hogs, I was afraid he wouldn't give the ball back to the international officials during TV timeouts.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: George on Lakers: 'Wouldn't be a smart move'
I don't think Kobe is on par with MJ or Lebron.

How do you ignore the fact that Kobe joined a team with a G.O.A.T player already in his prime.

Prime Shaq is nothing to ignore. I mean imagine if Lebron or MJ entered the league on the team with the most dominant center of their eras.

MJ joins up with Drob. Can't use Hakeem he wasn't already in the league.

Lebron joins up with TD, when he enters the league.

Imagine how many rings MJ or Lebron would have if they were the second best player on their teams for 8 long years.

Basically half of Kobe's career he wasn't even the best player on his own team.

He is not on MJ or Lebron's levels.
Posted Tuesday July 23, 2013, About: George on Lakers: 'Wouldn't be a smart move'
They didn't care about team chemistry when they traded Shaq away.

If chemistry was the main concern Kobe would have been traded a long time ago.
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
OHH NOO! Don't back petal now.

Tell me. Mr Man.

How come the liar doesn't look like she was lying now.

What about how poor little George wouldn't dare grab someone because he could barely fight.

WHAT???? Who in their right mind becomes a bouncer and can't fight.

I would say you have to be pretty hot headed to attack the police. If you would do that, surely you're going to at least get physical with the boy that made you chase him.

The dude knew the law too, and told a convenient lie to avoid prison.
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
I am sure it was to you. Because you, Juror 37b, and many of your FN pals had already blamed TM, and called Jeantel a liar.

I am not surprised.

And now that it has come to light that GZ is a violent hot head now what do you have to say?

See common sense is not so common when you see the world with prejudice eyes.

Still want to say GZ didn't grab TM. But he'll grab a policeman.

Still want to say that GZ couldn't fight. But he was a bouncer.

Still want to say that GZ wasn't violent. But someone was scared enough to call the po po on him for domestic abuse.

That dude was as guilty as could be, he chased that boy with a loaded gun got his butt kick and killed him.
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
The verdict is all that matters.

No one can bring that boy back. But we can sure see that justice is done.
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
The verdict definitely was.
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
Are you serious???

She could have lied all day long before she got up on that stand and under oath.


"Get off" means contact is being made.

Ding Ding.

Fight has started.

Lying about her name to grieving parents to remain anonymous, means she is lying under oath. Wow. You got it bad.

Just as I thought. You have no reason not to believe her or do ya???
Posted Friday July 19, 2013, About: OKC GM wooing Miller in Miami?
Nope. Not until GZ is served justice.
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