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Posted Thursday November 14, 2013, About: Cards are ripe for a blockbuster deal
Last time I checked Julio Lugo has a championship ring and Tulowitski does not. Brandon Crawford and Juan Uribe are mediocre at best and have three rings between them since 2005. And the Cardinals have won plenty of championships with no-hit shortstops -- Ryan Theriot, David Eckstein, Dal Maxvill, etc.

Kozma didn't cost St. Louis the Series, anyway. Yes, he was responsible for two of the unearned runs in a 8-1 blowout, but also won Game 2 when he went Jackie Robinson on the bases, rattling Breslow to the point he threw away the game. The problem wasn't Pete Kozma hitting like Pete Kozma, it was the entire bottom half of the lineup hitting like Pete Kozma...
Posted Tuesday November 12, 2013, About: Cardinals talking Tulo deal
They can make the playoff with zero games from Tulo -- as they have the last three years, one win shy of three consecutive WS appearances.

They don't need Tulo to get back, and certainly not at the cost in both dollars and talent...
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Report: 'Bunch of teams' pursuing Stephen Drew
Position players tend to see inflated numbers when they move from the NL to the junior circuit, not the other way around. Not sure what game you've been watching over the last 40 years...
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Carlos Beltran wants three- or four-year deal
He'll get three years at $35-40MM. Compare his age 34-36 seasons to Torii Hunter and David Ortiz; Beltran has been as durable as Hunter and as productive as Ortiz. Each went into their age-37 season with a 2yr/$26MM deal. In a weak FA market, he'll easily get the extra year, especially from a needy AL team. I could see him going to Texas or Detroit, just hope it's not New York or Boston. I'd hate to have to root against him...
Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Will Steinbrenners push for Alfonso Soriano?
Soriano for Arod heads up? If their contracts go with them intact, I'd take that in a heartbeat.

Let's see, $18 million to hit 32 HRs and 108 RBIs (for the CUBS no less)


$28 million to shoot up, break down anyway and then **** about it?

Looks like a no-brainer, but even the Cubs aren't that stupid...
Posted Friday February 15, 2013, About: David Ortiz: MLB players are dumbest in sports
He who smelt it, dealt it...
Posted Sunday February 03, 2013, About: Curt Schilling: Who cares if teammate is gay?
Randy Johnson won four Cy Youngs between age 35 and 38, the last two being the best seasons of his career. He was runner up again at age 40...

Chris Carpenter was below league average and injury-riddled before becoming an elite ace with St. Louis in his 30s...then he missed two more seasons and came back to a runner up Cy Young finish as well.

Not saying I think Schilling belongs in the Hall, but the knee-jerk PED links to any late career success is unwarranted. Even Nolan Ryan was better from age 40-44 than he had been in the previous five years...
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Curt Schilling: Who cares if teammate is gay?
Someone's lobbying for the gay vote on the next Hall of Fame ballot...
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: Holland eyes Cy Young, Hall of Fame future
Derek, try my easy three-step HOF program:

Step 1: Become more well-known than 1980s relief pitcher Al Holland (which is who the name "Holland" in the headline first brought to mind)

Step 2: Win 300 games or 3 Cy Youngs (one ain't cutting it)

Step 3: Do it with out steroids (Seriously.)
Posted Sunday December 16, 2012, About: Rivera offers bold return claim
Yeah, I figured I come in here to read something like, "Rivera promises 50-save season" or "Rivera guarantees another World Championship."

This was about as bold as me ordering the fish tacos for lunch...
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Twins sitting on next Mike Trout?
Hmmm...I wonder where the Twins keep getting all that money?
Posted Tuesday November 06, 2012, About: Wainwright open to long-term deal soon
Really tough to give him elite money ($18M+) being two years remove from an elite season--he was actually below league average in his first year back. I'd like to see something similar to Yadi's deal--5 at $75M--but I think it's going to take 6 at $90M+.

If he puts together 16+ wins, 200 Ks and an ERA around 3.00 this year, he could go into the offseason as the top free agent behind Cano and Lincecum--each will pull nine figures if they hit the market.
Posted Saturday November 03, 2012, About: Cubs prospect injured by high five
Joel Zumaya missed the 2006 ALCS after playing too much Guitar Hero.

I think the entire 2004 Yankees team dislocated their shoulders patting themselves on the back after going up 3-0 in the ALCS...
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Toughest offseason GM job
Yes. Those fans don't expect their teams to make the playoffs more than every few years...or make it to the World Series more than once a generation.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: A dynasty grows in San Francisco
So this is the new definition of a dynasty--two titles seperated by a missed postseason? When a full third of the teams now make the playoffs?

Use to be you had to win three straight (98-00 Yankees, 72-74 A's), or at least get there (88-90 A's, 76-78 Yankees, 69-71 O's) before anyone started throwing the term around...
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: Rivera's wavering a ploy?
Yup...saw this on YouTube before they took it down...
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: Mets may target Cabrera
Should alleviate the pressure of becoming a Met, THEN becoming a disgrace...
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Phils could inquire about A-Rod
They're already eating it...just a matter of whether they get something for it or not.
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Lohse open to significant change of scenery
Yes, but he has less fingers than Antonio Alfonseca...
Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: Matheny's bad habit
May I suggest "A League of Their Own"?

I hear there's a good line in there about crying and baseball...
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Nats players grumbling over Strasburg
They haven't been outmanaged, they've been flat out outplayed. Managers don't figure much into blowouts...

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