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Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Upton's interest in Braves soaring
Bourn is a Scott Boras client. That alone makes it extremely unlikely he will re-sign with Atlanta.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Braves eyeing Ex-Sox Ross
They better be more concerned about signing a catcher to fill in while McCann is out. This is a huge hole that has to be filled.

Bourne is probably gone. The Braves do not have a good history with his agent, Scott Boras. This is not all bad. His defense is great but he strikes out too much for a leadoff hitter. And he really struggles with quality breaking pitches.

If Cody Ross can fill the left field slot and let Prado shift to third base then that's not bad deal. Hopefully they can find a quality CF solution. One thing Bourne definitely did do was provide a welcome respite to the lean years in CF after Andruw Jones ate himself out of Atlanta.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
The Jets are 3 and 6 on the season. Their offense is terrible. Tim Tebow has touched the ball on a total of 33 offensive snaps. He has completed 5 of six passes he's attempted and rushed for 92 yards. What does he have to do with the Jets being 3 and 6? That's right! Nothing! Buffalo is also 3 and 6. The Bills backup QB is Brad Smith. He is 0 for 1 passing and has rushed for 76 yards. What does he have to do with the Bills being 3 and 6? Nothing. But, the news out of New York is that the gutless players that won't put their name on it are bashing Tebow. Nothing out of Buffalo about Bills players bashing their backup. Why? It has nothing to do with the team being 3 and 6.

The media consistently reports that the Jets players are unified in their support of Mark Sanchez. Yet, they are bashing his backup. Why would they do that? Oh, maybe it's because they know Sanchez sucks and they wish they had another QB to put on the field. How supportive is that?

Tebow is not a good QB. He could be a good scheme player or maybe a great player at another position. But he has nothing to do with the Jets being 3 and 6.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Did RGIII offend the Colts?
There was no upside for RGIII in working out for the Colts. He has done everything the Redskins asked him to do. He is going into a much better situation and has a better chance of success (at least early) then Luck.

Andrew Luck may be a great NFL QB if he can survive his early years on a really bad team.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Did RGIII offend the Colts?
Ego? Of course his ego is going to come out. If he didn't have an ego he would not be the player he is. Does anyone really think Andrew Luck doesn't have an ego the size of a mountain? All elite athletes have massive ego's. This is what makes them believe they are better than everyone else. That they will win when they are playing against other elite athletes.

All of this RGIII ego business stems from a comment made by someone that didn't have the guts to put their name on it. The man has been on teams with hundreds of players. Where is the clamor from the people he played with in high school and college complaining about his ego? The silence is deafening...
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Rockies start talks with Braves for Prado
Also, in 2011 Prado played 100 games in LF. He made 3 errors. He played 41 games at 3B. He made 5 errors.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Rockies start talks with Braves for Prado
Replacing Chipper with Prado gives you a guy that has averaged 133 games over that last three seasons (Chipper has averaged 121). And for more than a little bit of that time his production has been hampered by the fact that he was playing hurt or coming back from an injury. His numbers have declined since his best season. He's a serviceable player that works hard, and plays harder. The kind of player every team needs. But he is not the piece you build a team around. If trading him gets some better pieces then that is the move to make.

If he stays, leave him in left field. He did fine out there. Bat him second, or sixth through eighth. He is not a leadoff man (no need with Bourne there), and he's not a 3-5 hitter.
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Giants-Cowboys war of words in full swing
Not that much of a story. Divisional games always get some level of trash talk. Neither team can play consistent good football. One and done? Don't know. Run into either team on the wrong day and they can send anyone home. New York showed they can play with the Packers. Dallas already beat San Francisco. New Orleans is a dome team that may have to take their show on the road in the weather to make it through.

Nothing to see here. Move on, people...
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: Archie pans Peyton-Luck plan
If the Colts would not improve significantly with Manning, they would be better served trading him and letting the rebuilding process go forward with Luck. But, there has to be a big question surrounding the possibility of trading someone that is owed as much money as Manning. Either way, it would not be so bad if they have both on the roster. And whether or not they like it is not really all that important.

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