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Posted Monday April 21, 2014, About: Gomez defiant after latest bench-clearer
Just more evidence of everything Milwaukee Brewers being classy! From this clown to Braun to the fans celebrating Braun being a complete scumbag! This organization and it's fans get more despicable every time they show up in the news.
Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: New deal for Kaepernick?
Here's an idea, Kaepernick is not only overrated, he's a glorified game manager, just like Russell Wilson, so don't put the cap strain on your team with a player as easily replaceable as a light bulb. Does anyone remember when the 49ers were in first place in the NFC West at 6-2-1 with Alex Smith behind the center and with, coincidentally, the exact same number of pass attempts as Kaepernick that season completed 8% more throws for 3 more touchdowns? In Harbaugh's system, with that defense, even Gabbert could win 11+ games!
Posted Wednesday January 15, 2014, About: The Yankees' infield is a mess
Remember when the Yankees went to four consecutive World Series, going 15-5 with three titles while having Scott Brosius manning third base? I'm pretty sure over that four year period Brosius' average season was .267 BA, 16 HR, 70 RBI with a 96 OPS+ and an average dWAR of .7 which aren't exactly stratospheric numbers for a third baseman. For comparison's sake, Kelly Johnson's average numbers over the past four years have been .226 BA, 18 HR, 55 RBI with a 91 OPS+ and an average dWAR of .4 which, while a little lower than Brosius', aren't that far off.
Posted Thursday December 26, 2013, About: Obvious favorite to sign Tanaka
Doesn't really matter, they'll pay the 50% tax next year and get under for 2015. They can't justify not going all in to their fans after missing the playoffs and taking a hit in attendance in 2013. Tanaka may put them over the luxury tax threshold, depending on the outcome of the A-Rod debacle, my guess is he'll match Braun's 65 games which would save them roughly $11M, but he'll also make them seem like more legitimate contenders which, in turn, puts more people in the seats and increases revenue to offset the luxury tax hit.
Posted Tuesday June 11, 2013, About: Pittsburgh's near future rides on phenom's debut
There's no way Burnett retires after this year but unless Burnett wants to give the Pirates a "hometown discount" they probably won't sign him either. He's leading the NL in strikeouts and at 36 will probably try to get another 3 year deal in the neighborhood of $36M-$40M, or at least 2yrs for $25M with an option, and I'm sure some team will be happy to oblige if he doesn't completely fall apart in the 2nd half of the year. Taillon is at least a year away, if not two, and Locke's incredibly low BABIP (7th lowest in MLB) is cause for concern regarding his future success, Wandy is only signed through this year with a team option ($13M) for next year that I'm sure the Pirates will decline. That's just a roundabout way of saying I don't think anyone has to worry about finding room for all 7 pitchers in the rotation at the same time.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Astros, Cubs and Rockies eye 100-MPH prospect
As much as people, myself included, criticize the lack of elite prospects coming through the Yankee farm system and actually succeeding at the MLB level, they've been victims of some very bad luck or circumstance or whatever you'd like to call it. They drafted both Gerrit Cole and Jonathan Gray out of high school! If that doesn't look like a potentially awesome 1-2 punch 2-3 years from now then I don't know what does.
Posted Wednesday September 19, 2012, About: Tomlin ready to take carries away
Good thing they didn't resign their OC who took them to 2 SB in 5 years so they could hire Haley who also is struggling in the red zone and with running the football this year. Maybe it's not the OC, maybe it's the awful OL!
Posted Monday August 27, 2012, About: One-time MVP candidate fading fast
It's not quite to the point of "holding on" to staying above .500, they're still 9 games over .500 and have 13 of their final 35 against the Cubs and the Astros. They only have to play .400 baseball to finish 82-80 which is only slightly better than the .375 winning percentage they've posted in a terrible August during which they've had a much harder schedule than they have the rest of the way.

While it is disappointing to see them stumble to the finish line, their realistic timeline for being a playoff contender is still 2 years away and they've shown tremendous improvement in just the past 2 seasons. If they improve as much over the next 2 seasons as they have the last 2 then you're looking at the 2014 NL Central champs.
Posted Friday August 24, 2012, About: Is this Jeter's first MVP season?
First of all, it would be Jeter's 3rd MVP season, he was robbed twice previously, but as long as Mike Trout doesn't start licking windows and drooling all over himself in the last month of the season the writers will be on pins and needles ready to vote for a "rookie" (by MLB special order) to win the MVP, an award he would certainly deserve.
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Texas under fire for Feliz injury?
The problem with this line of thinking is assuming "stuff like his" translates from 1 inning to 6-7 innings. We have yet to see it, except from Nolan Ryan and he's a freak. Joba's velocity and subsequently the effectiveness of his offspeed offerings decreased, so did Bard's, so did Feliz's. I'd much rather have a guy with elite "stuff" pitching 1-2 innings 4-5 times a week to shorten those games than having a guy with diminished "stuff" pitching once a week for 6-7 innings. You can get roughly the same number of inning per week out of him but with much better "stuff" which make that same number of innings more effective.
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: Texas under fire for Feliz injury?
Why do teams keep doing this? Joba got ruined, Feliz isn't doing so well, who knows if Bard will ever be the same, it's just a mistake! Keep elite bullpen arms in the bullpen, why sacrifice someone being elite to hope they can be good as a starter when in most cases the best case scenario is that they're average but more often than not they're injured, perform poorly and are never the same!
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: McGloin takes a shot at Jay Paterno
"The team has to believe in the quarterback" but they also have to respect the quarterback and the quarterback needs to be a leader who earns his teams respect, that is where McGloin falls flat. He's not respected, he's a punk who runs his mouth a lot and can't even come close to backing it up. They kicked Drake off the team for proving McGloin is nothing but a punk but for my money I'd rather have Drake on the team than McGloin, no one needs a loud mouthed punk on their football team and especially not as the QB.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Hill risks NBA discipline with 'The world knows' line
It's not just the FT disparity, the ridiculous fouls called early in the game to get the Pacers into foul trouble were a significant deterrent to them playing aggressive defense. FTs don't tell the entire story but that's how Heat apologists and the NBA will spin it, that 10 FTs isn't a lot and the Heat got those because they're more aggressive going to the basket but Hill's right "Y'all know. We know. Everybody knows. The world knows."
Posted Monday February 06, 2012, About: FSU 'forced' to sue West Virginia?
Does Georgia Southern ring a bell? Oh yea, that 1-AA creampuff scored 21 on what some (foolish) people want to call the greatest defense ever.
Posted Tuesday December 27, 2011, About: Chamberlain says he's stronger than ever
While the "Joba Rules" were ridiculous and further evidence that the Yankees can't develop young pitchers at all, the biggest mistep with Joba was yo-yoing him between starter and reliever. When the guy was a setup guy, he was one of the top 5 relievers in all of MLB and he was only clearly behind Rivera and maybe Papelbon before he completely became a headcase. Why take a guy who was dominant in his current role and change his role where he was at best going to be a #3 type guy? The same goes from the Rangers and Neftali Feliz, it just doesn't make sense.

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