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The NFL won't cancel and game unless they think someone could be struck by lightening.
Posted Saturday December 07, 2013, About: Hot Stove Mariners 2013-2014 Post-Cano
I agree, the Sox were never going to give Ellsbury over $100M, same with Cano, don't think the Yanks would go over $200M.
Posted Saturday December 07, 2013, About: Hot Stove Mariners 2013-2014 Post-Cano
I was surprised that Ellsbury signed with the Yanks, but then there really isn't any loyality in sports. Not sure he is worth $153M...
Posted Saturday December 07, 2013, About: Tipsy's Bar
Things sure have changed around FN...
Posted Saturday December 07, 2013, About: Is Colin Kaepernick highly overrated??
Eagles could jump in the picture is 49ers stumbles, especially against Seattle tomorrow.
Posted Tuesday July 30, 2013, About: Denver Broncos Team to Beat!!!!!!
They may be the team to beat in the West....
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Patriots release DT Kyle Love after diabetes diagnosis
The Pats gave him a chose to retire for 1 year and get his health taken care of or be released, he chose to be release. He has since signed with the Jags.
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Patriots release DT Kyle Love after diabetes diagnosis
Did the Patriots say that's why they released him or just his agent talking. because we all know that agents always tell the truth.......not!
Posted Friday February 08, 2013, About: Announcers that need to go
Ditto and Ditto.......

Why do we need them anyway, most of us can figure out whats going on by just watching the game....
Posted Tuesday January 29, 2013, About: Celtics-Lakers Trade
Pirece in LA would be sac-religious....
Posted Monday December 31, 2012, About: Chicago Bears breaking news!
Didn't see that one coming, if not for the Vikes, the Bears would be in the playoff.....I did think Rex Ryan would be gone, guess they blamed that circus on the GM.....
How about just getting rid of Tebow and take the pressure off Sanchez, it shouldn't take long to see if it was Tebow's presence or if Sanchez just isn't good....oh yea and get rid of Ryan either way...
Posted Sunday December 02, 2012, About: As of now. Dumb decision.
Alex Smith missed one game with the concussion and was cleared to play, Harbaugh should be thankful he now knows that he has a good backup QB if he needs one, but Smith should not lose his job because of an injury...IMO!!
Posted Sunday November 11, 2012, About: Happy Veterans Day...
Thanks to all the other Veterans.....Go Air Force!
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: World Series
I'm a Dodgers fan, so guess you know how I feel about the damn Giants.....boo hoo!!!
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Tipsy's Bar
FN sure is dead tonight, guess I'm too late for the early crowd and too early for the late crowd...
Posted Monday October 22, 2012, About: The Dilemma
MLB/NFL = better then a barrel of politicians....
Nice to see you back Mother......
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: RG III Got BLOWN UP!!!
Exactly, but he thinks he'll play next week, but just because they say its a mild concussion, there is really no such thing in the NFL rules, you either have a concussion or you don't....
I actually rooted for the Colts, and I haven't done that since, well since Manning got there...nice win!
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