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Posted Wednesday November 28, 2012, About: America still loves Peyton
Sorry...I'm playing in th Super Bowl....that should do it :-)
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Big Ben out on Sunday
Looked to me like B-Left has not even bothered to try to stay in shape...stick a fork in PIT
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Chargers confident Gaither, Mathews will be ready
Looking for Manning and the Broncos to take both games with the Chargers this year. They do that, or even split they should win the division.
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: Has the NFL run out of good ideas?
Seems to me baseball has survived with only subtle changes over the years. Though I am not an avid fan, baseball goes on and on. Football needs no radical changes to keep it viable imo. To the contrary, stop messing with it and play the game...might be a better strategy. Greed by all parties will kill the dream that is football before lack of innovation.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: Broncos OL in line for $7M raise
"Thats bc the stupid GM built the team around Peyton..."

I'll yield that to you...they let Sorgi go, not a blue chipper, but knew the system and was more capable than any backup or replacement they had. He could have gone at .500 for us imo.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: Broncos OL in line for $7M raise
In Indy we love Peyton's little brother...but the utter collapse of the Colts last year without Peyton proved the 4 time MVP was deserved because no one in the league including, Eli, carried their team like Peyton did. No other team, including the Giants and Pats struggled as much without their Starting QB. Both Mannings are future HOFers imo.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: Broncos OL in line for $7M raise
Can't blame them for wanting to keep Manning upright! Regardless of cost, I think the tackles that can't handle the job won't be around long. Manning's ability to change the play at the line from pass to run and back again, will challege them to keep their head in the game. Those that can't won't be around long imo.
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: Colts playing hardball with blackouts
I became a Colts (homer) the day the Mayflowers arrived. We had plenty of blacked out games before Manning arrived. Rebuilding and the prospect of more losing seasons before they find their way again is not something we are used to. Clearly hoping for better "Luck".

If we have blackouts, we'll just turn to the Broncos game and watch #18!
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: Wayne drags Luck to Miami
If I were Luck, I'd want to train with the best. Wayne is that and one of the best route runners in the business, and year after year proved he can improvise when coverage is tight. Luck needs to be in lock step with Wayne what ever it takes.

Reggie has been an effective team leader since Harrison left. And anyway, temps in Indy are hotter than Miami this year.
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: Gov. Dayton blames 'idle time' for string of arrests
The governer is deluded imo! Case in point...the Indiana Pacers had a team full of thugs that ruined their chances for a championship run, and nearly destroyed their franchise till they got smart and cleaned house. My advice....get rid of the thugs....normal people can go to a bar till 2:00 AM and still maintain a degree of self control.
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: Colts moves suggest Manning is next to go
I wonder how many teams have from day 1 started their #1 pick QB only to see them fail or flounder. The Colts have an opportunity to let Luck develop AND let Manning gracefully retire. Allowing Luck to study under arguably the best ever QB mind, could produce a new Legend.

I predict, and certainly hope Irsay, Manning and Luck are all in Indy when the season starts.
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: Colts moves suggest Manning is next to go
I just don't see the Colts letting Peyton go anywhere. I imagine Irsay and Peyton will make deal that keeps him here. Luck, a talented Junior, will get the opportunity to study under arguably the greatest on field football mind ever.

I wonder how many teams have started the #1 picked QB only to see them fail. If Colts have any sense at all, the devlop Luck, not throw him into a starting role on day 1 of the season.

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