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Posted Friday December 27, 2013, About: CJ2K: 'No way' he'll take a pay cut
The team, the fans, the city..........please let him take his ""Talent"" somewhere else....also, take Munch and the rest of his coaches with you.....need a completely fresh start.....lots of areas that need new blood....Titans are bottom feeders right now....can only go up...with Bud gone, maybe it will be a change for the better.
Posted Tuesday December 17, 2013, About: Shakeup speculation swirls in St. Louis
Titans need him back....at least they would have a chance to get to 8 & 8.......embarrassing for Music City......
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: Colts looking for WRs
Titans would unload Kenny Britt in a heartbeat....but who would want him??
Posted Friday October 04, 2013, About: Questions linger about Rinne
Only 81 games left to find out........
Posted Thursday October 03, 2013, About: Franklin (somewhat hilariously) dodges USC questions
What a change it is now, to go to a game with the attitude that the team on the field is really prepared, realizing that your not going to win every time, but that the team is focused and ready to play its heart out....as a fan, James Franklin has really turned a bottom dweller into a team that is now fun to watch....He has become a "Game Changer" for Dore faithful....sure, there are many programs he can go to, with better recruits and bigger and better facilities...we are just glad he stopped in Music City and gave us the chance to get to know and appreciate his coaching style and ability to get the most out of his players.....who knows how long his stay is at Vandy....but what a difference he has made in such a short time....Thanks coach.........
Posted Sunday September 29, 2013, About: Mack Brown disputes offering Johnny Manziel as safety
Money vs Loyalty= MONEY.........Agree....no one is safe.......
Posted Sunday September 29, 2013, About: Mack Brown disputes offering Johnny Manziel as safety
Just leave James Franklin (Vandy) alone...........
Posted Thursday September 26, 2013, About: Ole Miss QB: We can put points on Alabama
Vandy was one play away from sending Ole Miss home with their tail between their legs......'Bama will not leave anything for them to take home...it will be ugly for the Rebels.....
Posted Wednesday September 11, 2013, About: Texans courting RB controversy
Coach Jeff Fisher, of the Texans, says "Arian will get 35 touches against the Titan's this weekend".
Posted Monday September 02, 2013, About: Dodger Stadium Winter Classic tickets selling at record clip
I guess "He** will have frozen over on game day"....
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Chris Johnson aiming for another 2,000 yard season
We do have Jake Locker, so you are correct in your assumption......
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: Caps extend bona fide offers to four players
for Music City's sake...please leave Trotzy alone.....
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Manziel sets sights on being the best ... ever
gives you a reality check on what is important in our everyday life....incredible loss for everyone involved....takes the term "perseverance" to a new level...thoughts and prayers are with all involved....
Posted Tuesday May 21, 2013, About: Manziel sets sights on being the best ... ever
I'm sure we all have lofty goals....let's just prove it on the field...he will never surpass, or even come close to some of the names mentioned in article...yeah, focus on winning SEC West first.....
Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Explosive comments could send Bryz packing
Posted Tuesday May 14, 2013, About: Waiting for Wiggins over Tuesday?
Dores have talent and depth to take it all this year in Omaha...seems like they are on a mission...going to be great regional in Music City..........
Posted Tuesday May 07, 2013, About: Arkansas loses senior QB to transfer
Love it when student/athelete goes the distance and gets a degree...refreshing...he will shine at WK....
Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: Chick-fil-A Bowl to regain Peach name
Liberty Bowl is still going in Memphis.....
Posted Monday April 22, 2013, About: Trucking company suing Pilot Flying J
I think this Haslam is going to have to answer a lot of questions............
Posted Monday April 22, 2013, About: Revis camp blasts Jets, Cromartie burns after trade
much closer to the "Bermuda Triangle" now...........
Posted Monday April 22, 2013, About: Can James Franklin retain starting QB job?
61,000 at spring game.....good start to rebuild.....just need offense....
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