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Meh, I gave up expecting/hoping for votes long ago :-D
Hey, at least I got a vote in that TD ;-)

TDs are meant to be fun, and that was fun, so the topic was valid.
You say that... but do you recall our first TD?
Gold gloves are a farce. They mean even less than an A-Rod excuse.
As is expected, you are a high quality adversary. Good TD.
I was originally going to go with McCutchen over Gomez, but after looking through the numbers I didn't think it was clear cut. I feel that the only things Cutch has that Gomez doesn't is a bit more track record and more name recognition.

As for Choo, you have to love the guy. Hits for extra bases, walks, steals, never hits into double plays. Zobrist's flexibility is nice and all, and if I were building a whole roster I'd probably have him on my bench, but no way in this format.
Oh I can't resist...
Tempted to take this, but I wouldn't be able to post over the weekend. I don't want to be another to abuse the broken-timer-of-woe...
A quick google search of random portions of left's arguments return nothing. Shame on you.
Posted Monday July 15, 2013, About: Best MLB team; all under 25.
Wilin Rosario over Perez? Or too many concerns about him being a product of Coors?
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: Best MLB team; all under 25.
I could think of two maybe three changes I could make, but it's really splitting hairs.

Hell, I would pay some serious wedge to watch this team play...
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Rank the QB's 2013
Forgive me, I'm still confused. Are you ranking QBs on what their numbers (passing yards, passing TDs, wins?) will be at the end of the season? Because although the QB has as much influence on these numbers as any other player on the field, they do not have sole control of them. As such, numbers alone cannot be used as an indicator of a QB's performance.

To me, a more interesting way of basing this TD would be: if you could have any QB in the league starting for your team in 2013 who would it be and why, or which QB in 2013 would you want under centre 6 points down at your own 20 with 2mins left in the 4th quarter...
Posted Thursday July 04, 2013, About: Rank the QB's 2013
On what criteria are these QBs being ranked?
Posted Tuesday June 18, 2013, About: World Cup Favourites
Ivory Coast or Ghana. These teams are full of top class talent playing across the best clubs in Europe. Even Egypt are strong in tournaments - I wouldn't back them to win, but they're just as good a bet as Belgium or England.

I don't quite understand the relevance of past performance, but Columbia (in both top 10s) have never reached the WC semi-finals, whilst Belgium's only appearance in the semis was in 1986 (they've not even qualified since 2002). Even Argentina haven't been to the semi-finals since Germany had an East and West...
Posted Monday June 17, 2013, About: Sports/music comparisons.
Wow this is really a tough one.

And not wishing to be a pedant, but I think George Martin played on quite a few of the Beatles tracks, especially the early stuff...
Posted Monday June 17, 2013, About: World Cup Favourites
No African team(s) in hot weather conditions?
Posted Friday June 14, 2013, About: World Cup Favourites
Belgium?! Now I've seen it all.

I'm not around this weekend, but if this is still here on Monday (I assume that the timer is as ineffective on open challenge time limits as it is on ongoing TDs?) I'll take it.
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: My team is worse than yours.
A couple of duplicates in there (I drafted mine up yesterday) - I can't believe how much Lincecum's stock has dropped in the past 18 months.
Thanks Marlins, enjoyed that.
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: My team is worse than yours.
I'm not going to pick on the Astros. Mainly because I'd have to look up who the heck they're running out there every night, but also because those poor guys should be down in AAA (or even AA) where they belong - the young guys learning the game properly, and the older guys playing out their 'not-quite' careers in the mediocrity that they deserve...
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: My team is worse than yours.
Hey, waddaya know... it even posted first try!
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: The balcony jumper..
You let me get away with David Moyes :-)
Thought I'd bring in some more 'fruity Europeans' so that you were not alone...
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