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Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Rex gushes over ... Tom Brady
He is just looking for a job next year as NE DC. He will need one. Who knew hiring Sporano as OC, getting Tebow (when you have such a sensitive QB in NEW YORK no less) and having a coach who lost control of his team LAST YEAR would not lead to success on the field this year. Baffling.
Posted Monday November 05, 2012, About: Big egos threaten to tear Thunder apart
They should have traded Westbrook.
Posted Monday October 22, 2012, About: Jets don't trust Sanchez
So why were they THROWING from inside the 2 yard line yesterday?
Posted Sunday October 14, 2012, About: Alabama stops recruiting prospect charged with rape
A 3rd arrest and LSU will also stop recruiting him.
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: Guillen, after angering Loria, may not return
He was on his way out as soon as he stepped in...
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: Howard hints at re-upping in L.A.
It's alive! What the heck is he going to talk about once he signs a max, long-term deal? Probably the traffic, the smog, the coach, the owner's son...Dude needs to prove he is a winner before he starts acting like a ****.
Posted Monday August 27, 2012, About: New rules for Dez Bryant
"[Bryant won't attend any] nightclubs unless the nightclub involves a team function..."

1) You don't "attend" a nightclub.
2) Do the 'Boy's really have "team function(s)" at nightclubs? Offense is at the bar with Coach going over video...Defense is getting bottle service for their excellent work in the last game...
Posted Monday August 27, 2012, About: Does Philbin know what he's doing?
If Hoodie did this they would say how smart he was for stockpiling picks...
Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012, About: MLB's hottest trade commodity
Do you have any "#4 Dad" shirts? My Dad was great, but he made a few critical mistakes, so #4 is the best I cna give him.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: AD: 'Michigan is back'
"'Michigan is back'"...That sounds better than "Michigan says they won't suck anymore".
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Jets want Tebow making special teams impact
To have so many other aspects of the team relying on the play of a 2nd team QB seems really dumb - even for the Jets...Either he gets hurt and they have to go to #3 if Sanchez is hurt...or Sanchez gets hurt and then they can't risk Tebow on special teams...or - and this one is the more likely - Sanchez sucks and Tebow gets a shot to lead the team...Any way you slice it, having your #2 QB playing special teams is just a bad idea.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Report: Howard won't play for Van Gundy
You left out one possibility: Everyone will dislike them equally. Put my money on that option.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Report: Howard won't play for Van Gundy
During the game? Nice.
Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: Petrino may not outlast latest storm
Guess he is wishing he was not wearing a helmet about now.
Posted Friday April 06, 2012, About: Petrino may not outlast latest storm
Two words: RUT ROW
Posted Wednesday March 28, 2012, About: Browns eyeing Tannehill
How about getting some skill players and a line and see what McCoy can do? Cribbs < Devon Hester (great return guy but not a great route runner), running game is a joke and the line will get any QB hurt...No QB can succeed with this offense - not even TEBOW. :)
Posted Friday March 09, 2012, About: Howard staying put, thanks to owner?
Why trade him and get bogged down with a bunch of huge and/or expiring contracts? Wait him out. Orlando can pay him the most money and, in the end, it's about getting paid. The big trades are rarely winners for the team trading the superstar.
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: League considers 'unprecedented' bounty penalties
The league might want to hold off as long as possible in issuing any penalties and setting a precedent...This practice is likely prevalent...we could be seeing replacement players and coeaches if they hit multiple players and coaches on the Saints with suspension only to find out every team does this...
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Hillis considered the CIA? News to Shurmur
He might make it...he was great undercover for the Browns last year.
Posted Thursday March 01, 2012, About: The hottest QB after Manning and Flynn
Skins, Seahawks, Tampa Bay, Colts (for now), Browns (for now)...That's a start
Posted Thursday March 01, 2012, About: The hottest QB after Manning and Flynn
Dallas had a better (scoring) defense than the Giants and just a single point higher than NE last year. Better rushing yards per game than both of those teams and Austin, Bryant, Robinson and Whitten make up a very solid group of receivers - definitely comparable overall to either NY or NE. Their defense stats and offensive weapons compare very favorably with many playoff teams...So what is the difference? ROMO. You don't think Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Schaub, Rothlesberger, Rivers, Ryan or Hassleback get to the playoffs with that kind of talent? I do. Romo is a Steve DeBerg...just good enough to get you beat.
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