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None of the above: It's that he is a arrogant, manipulative, disingenuous spin master who polarizes the parties in a toxic manner. He is an obstacle to settlement, not a facilitator. He just saw and dismissed the best offer the players are going to get, this season or next. But his massive ego just won't quite let him see that. By the time he does, his minions will have lost a precious year of their careers.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Gary Bettman is at a loss as latest CBA proposal falls through
Thanks, I looked it up. I had no idea offering to split HRR 50/50 with your employees did not count as a concession. I am indebted for the edification. It was in fact the players who took an absurd position by waiting until November to concede 50/50, which everyone knew is where they would wind up. But wait, they were not really offering that since they demanded current contracts not be rolled back immediately, which of course meant they would get much more than 50% for most of the life of the new CBA. The NHL does not need to move one inch and should not. The players are cherry picking the concessions they want while ignoring the conditions that go with them. I am at the point where I am quite to content to let Fehr drive the players over the cliff and come back back in the summer and sign for less than what they could have had a month ago, while losing a year of their careers in the process. Think it won't happen? Just watch.
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Eagles No. 3 QB? Receivers Jackson and Maclin
Easily ranks in the top three of most annoying players in the league. Can still remember his rookie debut against Dallas when he spiked the ball on the one yard line, resulting in a touchback instead of a touchdown. It foreshadowed what was to come.
Posted Friday November 16, 2012, About: Daly: Maybe they should get a reality check
Pay cut??? Puhleeeze. That last CBA that the players keep saying they were victimized under saw the average player salary increase by, wait for it......70%. Wow. What a sacrifice. No wonder they are digging in their heels now. I mean, come on, how much can they be expected to give before enough is enough??. Yeah, right. As for the lockout, why on earth would the owners continue to operate under a system that gives the players 57% of hockey revenues (and growing) when they had the chance right now to reset the economics of the game and put them into better balance. Greed? Sure, both sides. But Every time I hear players or media (read: Stu Hackell) buy into the NHLPA warped narrative of what has transpired since the last CBA, I just want to throw up.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Jackson was 'asking for the moon'
As usual, succinct and absolutely correct.
Posted Saturday September 08, 2012, About: Source: Some teams better off not playing
Very true. However, if the league were to improve profitability by eliminating weak sister franchises, the NHLPA would object strenuously over the loss of many player's jobs. They have previously taken the position that contraction of the league is an issue that must be collectively bargained for. This is where, as is typical, the player's want to have their proverbial cake and eat it too. As for the Commish, he is easily the most annoying sport management figure, who seems to have no feel whatsoever for the pulse of the game and what fans are feeling. He is incredibly bright and absolutely clueless.
Posted Saturday July 21, 2012, About: Romo has Dez's back
Yeah, what was Romo thinking? He should have thrown his No. 1 target under the bus and written him off not only as a football player but as a human being. Damn, don't you hate it when a guy backs his teamate with a well measured, carefully worded comment while not condoning the act in question?
Ignorant statement.
Many if not most lawyers handling the trial in murder cases are working for paltry legal aid rates because their clients cannot afford to privately retain them. Inexperienced counsel are effectively forced into representing the accused by court order and would much rather not be on the case. Appeals are often founded on the argument that the accused had incompetent, court appointed counsel at trial. And,frequently appeal counsel do the work pro bono, such as the Innocence Project, which has overturned numerous wrongful convictions with DNA evidence. but I guess you would be happier if they were executed instead. You can argue the system is broken, but not that it's about money when most accused don't have any.
Posted Saturday May 26, 2012, About: Showtime dropping Sapp
Ironically (given the pending massive booster scandal), she set out to clean up the football program by being more, uh....selective in what characters they offered scholarships to. That she did, with the resultant drop in wins. Educationally, UM continues to climb. Highest admission requirements in the State and cracked the top 50 academically ranked schools in the U.S. Sapp would not have been offered a scholarship there today.
Posted Thursday May 10, 2012, About: Hawks owner rips KG: 'Dirtiest guy in the league'
According to the SI poll, NBA players agree he is a first class cheap shot artist. He talks trash too, but nothing that would amount to a complete sentence in English.
Posted Thursday May 10, 2012, About: Hawks owner rips KG: 'Dirtiest guy in the league'
According to the SI poll, NBA players agree he is a first class cheap shot artist. He talks trash too, but nothing that would amount to a complete sentence in English.
Posted Friday May 04, 2012, About: Cowboys Claiborne open to playing wide receiver
That's quite a rant. Doctors are prostitutes, Lawyers are greedy, judges are biased and incompetent, Obama is Obama......what, no complaints about Butchers, bakers and 7-11 night shift clerks?

Yes, the lawsuit by former players against the NFL is not without it's challenges , but it's far from frivolous. Read the Complaint. The theory of the player's case is not that they deserve to be compensated because they got hurt playing a dangerous game but that the League repeatedly falsely denied any link between head injuries, dementia and depression despite knowing otherwise. Right now, the NFL may be busy shredding internal memos from 20-30 years ago on this topic. Think, for example, about cigarette makers denying any link to cancer for decades. The players also argue the NFL was reckless with regard to player safety, as manifested by it's failure to institute even a rudimentary protocol for treating head injuries. Sounds like a reasonable argument to me, even if not ultimately a winning one.

Remember Corey Stringer, the Viking tackle who died of heat stroke after two-a-day practices in 111 (real feel with humidity) heat. Was the lawsuit by his widow frivolous? It never got to trial but resulted in major changes in how the NFL dealt with practicing in the heat. It saved lives. The NFL has had a cavalier attitude toward player safety for many, many years, recent suspensions notwithstanding. I say it's high time they are called to account for it.

Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: Cowboys Claiborne open to playing wide receiver
Yeah, let's just keep piling on the guy for failing or blowing off a test. Damn, are we clever or what?

Thing is, in interviews, he presents as articulate and humble. Made me sad to hear him wonder aloud how people can be "heartless", mocking someone they don't know a thing about. Let's direct the contempt at the jerks who made the score public. Interesting thing about standardized tests that seems to be lost on the genuises here smirking at Claiborn: on an even playing field, they might be revealing in relative terms, but if you have any common learning disability, be it spatial, auditory, attention etc.., they tell us nothing about how bright you are --which is why as an enlightened society, we alter the method of both teaching and testing for students or job applicants with an L.D (except of course for the sacred Wonderlic). By contrast, these cheap shots reveal a great deal about those that author them.
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: Brees, Saints getting nowhere on contract
Here, here.
Very well said.
Posted Tuesday April 10, 2012, About: Tarkenton: Williams 'ought to go to prison'
You are missing a basic distinction: conduct that injures an opponent on a playing field or hockey rink is NOT assault unless it is beyond the ambit of acts that the injured player could reasonably be said to have consented to by his participation. No matter how terrible the injury, it's not assault unless it goes well beyond the boundries of not just the rules but the essence of the sport itself. You can severely injure a hockey player with a check to the head that gets you ejected and still not attract criminal liability. Take a baseball style swing at his head with your stick and you just commited a crime because your opponent never consented to that risk. Look up the charges filed against David Forbes of the Boston Bruins as one of the more notorious examples. What Williams did is way over line not just morally but legally. NFL players do not implicitly consent to the risks of having a bounty put on their head any more than they consent to having a rowdy fan hurt them with a bottle thrown from the stands. Both are criminal acts.
Posted Tuesday April 10, 2012, About: Tarkenton: Williams 'ought to go to prison'
Fran is not far off the mark. Counselling someone, let alone a group of people, to committ a criminal act like assault is itself a crime in every State; offering payment to induce the act is worse still. Hard tackles or body checkes that injure players are not inherently criminal for the simple reason that players are deemed to consent to that risk by virtue of their participation in a contact sport. However, no player consents to subjecting themselves to hits deliberately intended to injure, which is what Williams was begging his players to do.
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Kronwall now hated in Philly, too
Ironic that you find Kronwall's violent, close t the edge checks to be so offensive and yet they would somehow be more palatable if Kronwall would only be willing to engage in the ultimate violent act by fighting after delivering them. Speaking of irony, the Flyer's have adapted a strategy of trying to intimidate opponents for close to 40 years. Which is why the outrage by Flyer fans over a hit that did not even attract a penalty is amusing, even if the injury is anything but.

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