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Posted Thursday March 06, 2014, About: Barkley's unique solution for tanking
Why so good teams stay good and bad teams stay bad? Shouldn't the nba be a fair opportunity to win!? The draft is the only hope for crap teams to become relevant again... Even tho the drafted stars will run to another bigger market anyway eventually... Charles is dumb he contradicted his own point by saying they rarely get the top pick anyway, so yea they "tank" and still don't get the top pick obviously the system works then? What he's saying would make the nba more boring an more of the same old teams winning
Posted Friday December 13, 2013, About: Amaro mocks Hamels, Lee speculation
The only players who should have stayed are Brown Asche Revere and Ruf and hamels.... need to fill catcher 2nd short and right. They have the young talent but they are stuffed full of guys who need a handicap ramp to get out of the dugout.. come on phils
Posted Friday December 13, 2013, About: Amaro mocks Hamels, Lee speculation
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Hawks 'definitely' dealing Smith?
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: Hawks 'definitely' dealing Smith?
The sixers would benefit the greatest from a smith trade... Jrue smith bynum(if he ever plays) would work well together and getting rid of BUST Evan turner and Swiss cheese big man hawes for him is a complete steal they would be nuts to not take that offer... I kno he's a free agent but it's well worth the risk the potential for this team would be nuts young athletic just new a superstar for big situations....
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Kobe Bryant laughs at Dwight Howard's imitation
Well it must be a big moment for a fraud to play basketball with the president. On the other hand Kobe, it also must be nice to have people come in and bail your fraud ass greatest ever legacy out by inhancing it by having them lead your teams to victory in finals, hence Shaq 3x, Pau 1x (you collected his deserved MVP in that fiasco), Pau and Metta 1x and now probably Dwight. I will say this fa ya Kobe, you do have great fortune by having these players arrive and help your fraudacy outl. I will give you this though, "your team IMO are the front runners for a ring this year. Then you can put up that fake stare and air of conceit.

Really so Jordan's a fraud because of having pippen and roadman obviously lebron is a fraud the celtics are def frauds having Garnett Allen and pierce who else oh the mavs must be fraud by having dirk terry and Kidd lets see it couldn't be because Kobe's one of
The most dominant players in the league and when he goes off no one can stop him... I'm a sixers fan he came from Philly no one hates him More then us but your just plain idiotic and ignorant, u know nothing about basketball
Posted Sunday February 12, 2012, About: Sources: Kobe gives blessing on Arenas
Who cares Lin will be a non factor when "superstar" melo and stoud come back he will be like 6pts 8 assists and they'll lose just like Rubio numbers he's not that special... He's just taking a **** load of shots 8-25 lastnight? And 7 turnovers that's not good I take Irving over any rookie player.... That being said I'll keep watching my TEAM win while people argue over PLAYERS lets go sixers!!!

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