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Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Kobe Bryant: A Failed Role Model
exactly my point!
Any word can be offensive to someone.
Specially we blurt out of anger, since we are not really thinking in words like "love", "peace" or "harmony".

To crucify him just because he said a bad word is taking this out of context. For the media to try and make it an issue, I say it's a "slow news day". But ofr people to go to an extreme and start calling him out like he meant to offend all Gays Lesbians and alike just because he blurt a meaningless word out of anger??? This is ridiculous!

And by meaningless is because I am positive that he did not try to take the referee's sexual preferences into the context. he simply let out a curse.
People need to grow up and stop being babies.... I say this without the intent to offend any baby!!!
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Kobe Bryant: A Failed Role Model
here, my full answer to you:
Posted Monday April 18, 2011, About: April 2011 HOF Inductees
FM'd my choices.
Posted Thursday April 14, 2011, About: The State of FanNation: Spring 2011 Chaos
Great as usual Yoda!
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: Well, I guess I'm done with this site too
the main problem I have with this site is that most people who can have a good debate leave.
The annoying kids who screws debate stays.
The MMA board had great moments. Good people, nice people and funny people.
Most are gone.
The ones left are just mainstream ignorant people who makes posting on the board an exercise of futility and patience (which I do not have).
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: Done with this place!
Damit Jim, you quiter!
I would beat you up for quitting like that, in the middle of a TD!
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Pick'em - UFC - Fight Night 24
here are the results:

TNerb was last with 18 points.
As misery loves company, Dyhard joined him at the bottom with the same 18 points!

I was in the middle with 26

Jim Beat me with 29

And the guessing champ was Uno with 35!

Congrats, Uno!!!
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Pick'em - UFC - Fight Night 24
Phil Davis vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - Nog - rd 2 sub
Dan Hardy vs. Anthony Johnson - Johnson - rd 1 TKO
Amir Sadollah vs. DaMarques Johnson - Sadollah - rd 2 KO
Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung - Garcia - rd 3 TKO

Aaron Simpson vs. Mario Miranda - Miranda - TKO - 1
John Hathaway vs. Kris McCray - Hathaway - Sub - 2
Sean McCorkle vs. Christian Morecraft - Morecraft - Dec 3
Michael McDonald vs. Edwin Figueroa - McDonald - TKO 2
Johny Hendricks vs. Anthony Waldburger - Hendricks - rd 3 - sub
Nik Lentz vs. Waylon Lowe - Lentz - TKO - 2

Alex Caceres vs. Mackens Semerzier - Caceres - rd 3 dec
Mike Russow vs. Jon Madsen - Russow - rd 3 Dec
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: A Cowboy goes to Heaven
RIP Dave!
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: Life is short....Enjoy it while you can
Dj, my thoughts and prayers to you.
My mom passed through the same thing and luckily they were able to eliminate.
Keep the faith and be there for your mom. that's all that really matters.
Posted Saturday February 12, 2011, About: So we lost another gentleman
RIP Dave
Posted Friday January 21, 2011, About: UFC Fight for the Troops 2 Predictions.
Awesome job, man. Liked very much your analysis.
Obviously each can pick different fighters, but I loved the breakdown.

Keep it coming!
Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: The Top 5 Up and Coming Fighters in the UFC
I think you would be remiss if you would not miss Charles Oliveira. He is 2x1 in UFC, but he is only 21 and already 14-1 MMA record.
he beat guys like Efrain Escudero and his 2 wins in UFC earned him Submission of the night.
And despite being a Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he has 7 submissions and 6 KO's.
he's an exciting fighter to watch, and definitely should be on your list.
Posted Monday December 20, 2010, About: UFC 125
Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard - Edgar UD
Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann - Leben KO 1 (just to be different I change the round) :)
Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera - Silva KO 2
Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim - Nate - Sub 2
Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida - Clay - UD 3
Marcus Davis vs. Jeremy Stephens - Davis (T)KO 2 - Last chance I give Davis.
Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier - Grispi (T)KO - 2
Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares - Baroni (T)KO - 1
Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes - Brown (T)KO - 2
Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto - Roberts Decision 3
Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann - McKee Decision 3 (how cna I vote against Christmas this time of the year???)

Read more:
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: 2010 FanNation Awards - Video Recap
Awesome, Yoda!!! :)
Posted Saturday August 28, 2010, About: UFC 118 Pick'em
Damit, I forgot to put mine...

BJ Penn - rd 1 TKO
Randy Couture - rd 2 Sub
Demian Maia - rd 2 sub
Kenny Florian - 3 dec
Marcus Davis - rd 2 tko

Preliminary Bouts
Joe Lauzon - 3 dec
Dan Miller - 3 dec
Andre Winner - 3 tko
Nick Osipczak - 2 tko
Amilcar Alves - 3 dec
Posted Wednesday August 25, 2010, About: UFC 118 Pick'em
Jim77's Picks

Penn Rd 3 Sub
Couture Rd 1 TKO
Florian Dec
Maia Rd 2 Sub
Diaz Dec
Lauzon Dec
Winner Rd 2 TKO
Miller Rd 2 Sub
Osipczak TKO Rd 1
Pierce Dec
Posted Wednesday August 25, 2010, About: UFC 118 Pick'em
C's Picks:

Penn, round 5, submission
Florian, round 3, decision
Toney, round 2, KO
Maia, round two, submission
Davis, round two, TKO (I flip-flopped on this one, but I finally settled on Davis)
Lauzon, round three, submission
Winner, round 1, KO
Miller, round 3, decision
Ospiczak, round 2, KO
Alves, round 3, decision
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: MMA Tourney round 2
hehehe no rush. but tomorrow I'll be out. My office has a summer outing and so I won't be close to a computer :)
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: MMA Tourney round 2
BTW, have you been smoking? Your eyes are... red....
... you know, that's rude. cats should share!!!

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