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Posted Sunday May 15, 2011, About: JDS vs. Carwin
I think Carwin takes GSP down easily... but then again, GSP would be stupid to fight a HW....

Now, if it is JDS we are talking about, I disagree.
Carwin's style is more hold against the cage and use his fists than Lesnar's bullrush & Takedown style.

If anything, I think Carwin with try to stand against JDS, and if possible do exactly like he did against Mir. Pin against the cage and use upercuts to kill JDS.

But I think JDS will use his speed and better boxing to stay in the middle. He will let Carwin attack the first round and try to tire him.

While I don't think he has a small gas tank (I agree he got tired by trying to end the fight against lesnar), but overall, he is just too big, and he has to feed oxygen to those big muscles! He will tire faster than JDS, and so JDS will capitalize on it.
Posted Friday May 13, 2011, About: JDS vs. Carwin
I am thinking he will simply let Carwin get tired.
His cardio was exposed against Lesnar.
If this is a stand up battle, JDS might simply cover up and defend for one round then come out guns blazing for the kill. Obviously easier said than done, but that would be my guess.

The question is if Carwin goes to wrestling (pin against the cage, takedowns, GnP)...
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: you heard here first!
I don't see why not.
Phil Davis fought 4 time last year. that's one fight every 3 months.

if Silva does not get hurt (like in his Vitor fight), he can pretty much fight the week after :)

but Again, I can't say much because I simply do not know. I know i got it from a secure source, but you know how it is in this business. Until it is signed, it might not happen. but I don't think i would have heard it if it wasn't (at least) the main plan!
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: you heard here first!
nope... they got it from me ;)
Posted Wednesday May 11, 2011, About: you heard here first!
Not a joke, but I can't comment much more than that.

I guess time will tell... ;)
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: Hendo/Fedor in july
Posted Wednesday April 13, 2011, About: Hendo/Fedor in july
Forget it C.
That is besides the point that I was just merely noting he wasn't KO'd by Silva's punches.

he is just trying to bring a retarded point and getting away from the subject (as usual). And with wrong facts... also as usual.

I had enough of this.
Since Hyped left, Jim now out too, I think I am also done here.

I am tired of trying to keep this board moving and having only an uneducated fool who distort facts and takes things out of context only to have an e-**** context.
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
You know something? you are right.
You will keep coming back.
And this is why i won't.
Have a fun conversation with yourself.
Posted Tuesday April 12, 2011, About: Hendo/Fedor in july
are you seriously going to chase me to try and open a debate with your fantasy?
Please, enlighten me: when did the ref save fedor?
if anything, it was the doctor who stopped the fight.
And the ref had nothing to do with the outcome nor it stood Pezao when pezao had mount.
So please explain: How did the ref saved Fedor?

And what does this has any bearing into what I said?

And how exactly are they both past theoir primes if, right now, Hendo is the champ?

Please GTFO of these boards. You are biased, and it is impossible to talk sense to you since you are too dumb to know you are wrong, and too ignorant to read and learn anything new.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
and just to show how clueless you are, here's from UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones ( about Rashad Evans.

???Right now I know that I???m hunted by Rashad Evans, and that???s something that I???m comfortable with. It???s disheartening, big time, because I know Rashad???s going through a lot of pressure, and he feels betrayed and I???m sure a lot of people are harassing him on the internet. I see the tweets that people send him, and it???s tough because Rashad???s a great guy, he???s a great father, he???s a great person, and after this fight, whoever wins or loses, it???s gonna be different for us and I don???t see our relationship being the same???It???s an interesting combination of emotions that I have.???

If you think it's just another day at the office when you have to fight yourself, it just shows that it is perhaps you who either have no friends, or have no clue what it is to compete like they do.
I personally vote for either since if you can't imagine how it would be different, it surely means you have no real friend... which is just sad... but then it might explain how you are and why you cling so much by those nonsense you call truth that has no facts to back it up.

I have opinions. Right or wrong I have them. but at least i have my facts straight, and I stand behind them.
You on the other hand try to ridicule what I think to try and make a better truth... which is really pathetic.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: Hendo/Fedor in july
well... just so people don't give me grief over it...
I know he wasn't "standing" :)
I meant he wasn't KO'd even when mounted & GnP'ded by Silva, a GnP specialist!
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
and BTW, you are simply amazing.
I stil think Fedor is GOAT and you are just stupid to fight a reality. This is a fact, not a debatable issue. Just ask anyone who actually know MMA.

My theory about Rua & Bones was a conspiracy theory. If you can't grasp the meaning, as I noted, you are too dumb to talk to.

Showtime was stable enough and not going away, and this is a fact. The prof is the fact UFC bought them up, since they wouldn't go anywhere. (reality hitting you in the arse?)

And JDS, Cain & Lesnar I have explained. If you are (again) dumb enough not to understand that ground game has multiple disciplines (which I explained each and got you backtracking)... one more example where you are caught, backtrack, then try to use it as you were (ever) right about something...

Like I said, I am tired to explain reality to you and you simply distort the issue at hand to try and be right.

You have nothing. No fact, no real concept of MMA, of timeline or of history (which you chose to ignore) and this makes just a pathetic conversation.

From now on, I will ignore you, as you add nothing of value to any discussion.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: Hendo/Fedor in july
I don't know. At this point in time, it's hard to predict.

Let's not forget the beating Fedor took from Pezao and he wasn't KO'd. He took many hard punches and remained standing.

And if anything, he took probably harder punches as Hendo, since he is a HW while Hendo fought lighter guys.

it will be intriguing though. And anyone who wins will be marking a good spot in history...
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
tsc tsc tsc... if only reality would agree with you...
You make up the facts as you go...
and apparently have no idea what happened and when...

Get a life, I'm done with you.

it is simply impossibe to talk to someone who has no concept of time line and what happened when.
You are delusional, Uno... seek help.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
Jim77 agreed with me too.
And by the way, I don't need anyone agreeing with mke to prove you are wrong.

But it just comes to show how out of reality you are when everyone can say you are wrong and you keep your own truth going.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
people hiding in the close are the first ones to say this...
Yet you are the one calling me a kid or a girl almost every comment of yours... maybe you wish i were... but then again, I am married with kids, and you are SOL.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
you really are clueless.

You have no idea what happened, have you? why don't you go check it before you make those asinine comments?

let me tell you what happened, so at least you are not so clueless.

1) Like you said Rashad & bones said they wouldn't fight each other.
2) Dana pressures Bones and he changes & says he would fight Rashad.
3)Rashad hears the interview and say he didn't want to fight Bones, [b]but now that bones said he would fight him he didn't want to be a punk and accepted the fight[/b]
4) They will fight.

So it's no like they decided they were competitive and changed their minds.

This has nothing to do with competitiveness, and everything to do with being able to trust the fighters you train with.
if you obviously would take your head off your butt, you would see that. But then again, it seems you just try to say the opposite of what i say just for the sake of keeping a discussion... which is fine, if only you had any merrit to it.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
while your retarded arguments makes me laugh since they hold no water, you are more and more pathetic by the second.

1) Rashad & bones: before the full debacle started, they both had agreed that if one wins the belt, the other would move to HW thus avoiding fighting each other.
So once more you are flat out wrong and lying.

2)Keep repeating about me & pride. you sound cute this way. it's the only thing you can hod on to, isn't it? Specially if the example I gave is still true to this day.

And by the way, I gave you muliple examples. the fact you are still trying to hold to Wandi & Rua, and example that still proves you wrong to this day means you have nothing to add. Go back to your cave and keep repeating to yourself... nobody agrees with you anyway.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
a child, a woman... what's next?
Is this the best you can do?
To try to offend me?

You are the ones saying they would kiss and make up after the fight.

As I noted, if this was a non-issue, gyms would not have the strick no inter-fight rules... which you are oblivious to and making dumb comments about it.

just give it up. you have nothing to argue about. You have been exposed... but apparently a women child no less..
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
and you act like anything that happened in the past has no relevance... which is dumb...
and whiole I can prove you are wrong time and again, you have yet to bring something other than your own wrong assumptions.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: fighting friends/teamates
again, you might have to check your facts.
Rashad left Greg's gym... just one more prof you are as dumb as you sound.

no facts, nothing. Just your own (wrong) impressions which does not have any reflection to the reality...
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