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Posted Monday May 16, 2011, About: Nogueira, Filipovic seeking rematch?
Nog beating Cro Cop means nothing
Cro Cop beating Nog means both end their careers....

So I see only Nog with something to lsoe here.

While Nog can try to revamp his career (after surgery), I don't see how Cro Cop could help his.
I would say let Cro Cop retire, and give Nog a middle of the pack opponent. that will gauge where he is. And if he is competitive, then wait for fedor & Hendo and then put nog against either! That should be exciting! :)
Posted Sunday April 17, 2011, About: White: No MMA competition for UFC
the day you become more evolved and at least learn the rules of MMA< you will see that your ignorant post are exactly the people we do not look to follow the sport.
The uneducated see violence where there's an art.

Dana might be aiming high... you you are on the sub-levels of human beings., we don't need you.
Posted Friday September 17, 2010, About: Barnett signs with Strikeforce
he's been caught 3 times already.
But I hope he learned his lesson...

If he can pull that off and not get caught, SF gets the nod as the best HW division at the moment.
Fedor, Overeem, Barnett, Pezao (bigfoot Silva), AA, Werdum....
Posted Friday September 17, 2010, About: Cuban sees no threat in Lakers
Posted Wednesday August 25, 2010, About: Rivers: Starting five undefeated vs. Lakers
well, he has a point. And this is obviously just to spice things up both for his team as well as for the Lakers.
I would LOVE to see them back at it this year... but then again, surviving in the east will be harder for the C's than in the West for the Lakers.
Even if they meet, the C's will probably be tired & weary while theLakers should be fresh.
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Magic: Lakers will three-peat
remember the C's.
When they got together, people said the same thing... and they won that year.
Yes, they need time to gel, but nowadays most players learn pretty fast to play together.
look at when they play for the national teams.
The also get used to changing players every season (even multiple times).

So the best bet for the Lakers is really to win now. later will only get harder as the 3 guys get used to each other...

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