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Posted Saturday October 20, 2012, About: Stadium crowd to blame for Yanks exit
There is a difference in "sticking with a team" and booing a horrendous performance. The Yankees stunk it up, plain and simple.
But if they held a fan fest this coming weekend at the Stadium, I would bet you it would be packed. I promise you though...no Mets.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: What's next for Lincecum?
Stick by him? Tell me how they didn't stick by him while he lost 15 games. The fans were screaming for him to be sent to AAA, but they didn't do that to him. They DID do that to Zito last year, and Zito rebounded to have a great 2012.
What 10-15 starter has ever started a best-of-5 postseason game? I would bet, none.

Tim needs to devote himself to his craft and nothing else. No one can help him until he wants to help himself.
Posted Friday September 28, 2012, About: Lincecum's playoff role in jeopardy
Pot is just the beginning of his vices my friend.
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Ozzie wants players to zip it about Marlins Park
Any MLB'er who complains about a park being big, is just a selfish crybaby. Each park has dimensions that create unique situations and opportunities. AT&T park is NOT a home run park, but Angel Pagan has used the dimensions to break the franchise record for triples.
The HR is overrated, especially a solo shot. You hit a HR, you don't give anyone behind you anything to work with; You can't steal, or create a distraction or a hole in the defense because the infielders are covering the runner.
Posted Monday September 17, 2012, About: Trade Tulo?
Cool Breeze is correct. Jeter is his idol.

Did anyone see the "Most Valuable Player" discussion back in March/April (MLB channel) about which player is the most valuable/rare on the open market? Tulo won by a landslide due to there being no other elite SS that would command such interest. The point was, you could sign Pujols and someone else could sign Prince. You could sign someone from any other position, & the #2 ranked player wouldn't be that much of a downgrade. But there is a huge gap between Tulo & the #2 ranked shortstop, so it's ironic that trading Tulo is now at least being considered.
Posted Sunday September 16, 2012, About: Giants unlikely to bring back Melky Cabrera
They no longer need someone juiced up to sell out their ballpark. If it helped their bottom line, they'd welcome him back like crazy, but now, it looks like Melky's headed out of town.

Great bat (2012 Batting title) for a cheap price, that's for sure.
Posted Saturday August 25, 2012, About: Indians beanball angers Derek Jeter
Anyone who has any knowledge of Tony Conigliaro and what happened to him after he was hit in the face wouldn't be joking. There have been countless incidents and most of the time, there has been anger expressed toward the pitcher.
In 2007, LaRussa got upset when Aaron Harang hit Gary Bennett. In 2011, Jim Tracy was upset when Ubaldo Jimenez hit Troy Tulowitski. Both managers demanded that the pitchers be suspended. Calling out a pitcher after headhunting is nothing new, nor is it isolated to NY Yankee players.
Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Francona still hurt by Red Sox firing
I am no Red Sox fan but Mr Francona has done a fine job. The firing may or may not have been necessary but was definitely handled in an unprofessional manner.
Terry did an interview (before the firing) stating that "a change may be necessary", which was a very classy way to set up a proper dismissal. Unfortunately, this was not reciprocated, with "Terry has been nothing short of a miracle-worker during his time in Boston etc..."
Terry could have blasted his players, GM, owners whatever but never did.
Don't worry Terry. The majority of Boston fans seem to love you & realize what you have done for them during your term as manager. By the end of the 2012 season, (and the disaster that this season will be for the Red Sox) the rest of the fans will realize it as well.

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