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Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Joe Montana wanted to be traded to Steelers, not Chiefs
boy that would of been great. joe could of ended his career in a steelers uniform. he could of won a super bowl for his home areas team that would of been great.
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Ohio State fan petitions to have bowl ban lifted
whoever this person is should just leave it alone all of buckeyes fans have move on . we know their will be no bowl game this year. please let sleeping dogs sleep.
Posted Friday November 09, 2012, About: Tebow's big problem
now he needs to get some of it off to be able to be a fair qb all that bulk is preventing him from tosing the football around.
Posted Friday November 09, 2012, About: Jeff Kent lost 60 pounds, tore MCL on Survivor
boy that happens to all the people who have been on the show. some have come home with illnesses and break of bones and even one came with burns on his arms. it is not the game for me to go on.
Posted Tuesday October 23, 2012, About: LeBron looking to Coach K for counsel
i love the idea coach mike kryzyski is one of the coaches in the land. if lebron needs someone to go to for help with basketball he the one to go to. they have a relationship because of the olymics and he fells good going to him. coach k is all so a good father figure to go to when lebron needs help.
Posted Tuesday October 23, 2012, About: Braxton Miller listed as starter after hospital trip
i hope urban is very careful with this young mans playing on saterday. i am a little bit concerned about him after the hit he took. braxton i hope you take care and if you play dont try to be the hero. we are not going to a bowl game. you do not have to be hero. i want to see you play next season.
Posted Saturday October 06, 2012, About: Should Odom's apology be accepted?
i hope mark cuban forgives him. last year was a very hard year for him. one he lost a family member that was his best friend in the family. two he and his wife klhoe was having a hard time trying to have a baby. lamar is a good man and needs to be forgiven.
Posted Wednesday September 26, 2012, About: Did Matthews post Goodell's phone number?
boy clay that may have been a bad move but if it gets rogers attention and it gets the deal done more power to him. someone has to to something to get things moving in the right direction.
Posted Wednesday September 26, 2012, About: Rodgers blasts NFL for tarnishing game
thank you for saying you are sorry about what is happening in the nfl right now. i know roger goodell will not because he is that type of man who does not want to amit he wrong. i think my steelers lost because of a bad call also. the one thing we can all hope for is a deal getting done soon.
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Warren's career in jeopardy
i wish warren well i hope you career is not over. if it is i hope you have something to fall back on. anyway good luck to you.
Posted Saturday August 18, 2012, About: Meyer going too hard on his Buckeyes
after the last coach you need one who will wake the boys up. meyer is a man that wants the best out of his players and he may have to get tough on the boys. i hope the one who are being a crybaby dont ruin it for us.
Posted Saturday August 18, 2012, About: Women sues Dallas Cowboys over 'burned buttocks'
the lady should of known that a black coroled bench would of been hot on a day that is 100 degrees outside. when it is hot you need to bring with you a big cushion to protect you behind from buring. i wish her well but she should of known better.
Posted Sunday August 12, 2012, About: 'Severe' setback in Steelers' offense
todd just air it out. that is the way we need to do the offense quite this hiding evrything and just air it out. ben can do whatever he can to air it out. the reason we need todo this is we do not have a good running back on the team right now. todd you need to have a good running back for a running game. this steelers fan does not want a old fashion running game i like the passing game.
Posted Sunday August 12, 2012, About: Report: Johnson, wife argued over condoms receipt
boy this sure sounds like a realty tv stunt. i have seen this before on other shows and thing always get cover over after the drama that is needed is not needed anymore. i hear they are doing their own show and they needed something like this to bring some pub for their show.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Rex blasts Jets after more fights
well if rex didnt bring this on himself by putting so much presser on his team by predicting the team would go to the super bowl all time. then he brings in tim tebow and he wonders why his team is starting to fall apart in training camp.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Steelers won't shop Wallace, holdout irks Tomlin
mike wallace you are driveing this steelers fan crazy. you better get into camp now because your job on the team might not be there when you return. remerber lou gerhgic took someone elses job when they held out on the yankees.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Meyer on QB: 'Most dynamic athlete I've ever coached'
well i hope braxton miller is the real deal. he will have one of the better coaches in the country in urban meyer. will braxton be you know who the backup of the new york jets only time will tell. as a buckeye fan we can only hope. go bucks!!!
Posted Friday July 27, 2012, About: Steelers pull best offer from Wallace
i hope mike gets to camp soon. he will be missing a lot. the other wrs we have may take his job away from him. it has happen before . who startd first base foe the yankees before lou gerick
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: PSU may wish it received 'death penalty'
i am glad it turned out the way it did. the punishment is perfect to me. they got what was coming. i realise to the students it was a shock. they should think how the young men felt when they was having their inocents by sanducky. then being shock by the inaction by joe patino. i hope one day you will find a way to get over it. the boys will never get over it.
Posted Saturday July 14, 2012, About: Paterno negotiated contract perks amid Sandusky inquiry
i would take the statue of joe donw. now it is a very baqd for those who are victums for what sanducky did and what joe did in not stoping it from happening. next i would ban the program for one to two years from bowls games. that way the kid there now can still play but the school will not make the big bucks from what you get from the bowl games.
Posted Saturday June 02, 2012, About: Danica wants to run Indy 500-Coca-Cola 600 double next year
dancia i sure hope you can do it. i know it will be harder for a woman to do but if she is prepard for the long run in both cars more power to her.

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