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Posted Sunday January 05, 2014, About: Freese Trade
I also agree with you 11 rings that Grichuk could be a sleeper with only two years experience in pro ball. He will be 22 or 23 to start the season and probably will start the year at Springfield and maybe I can see him play at Memphis this season if he develops like the Cardinals hopes he does.
Posted Tuesday August 27, 2013, About: Mo has no choice
I would like to see them bring up Jackson and see what he can do. For some reason management has got a hard on against him. He has stayed around the 300 mark all season at Memphis.
Posted Wednesday July 17, 2013, About: Matt Garza
In most baseball circles you do not trade within your own division. Lets ride the ship with our young arms for now and the years to come.
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Adam Wainwright
We can think number 5 for going to California which in turn let the Cards sign number 4 and number 50 long term.
Posted Thursday March 28, 2013, About: Adam Wainwright
Changing the subject just a little, has anyone heard if Martinez has clear customs and got to the States.
Posted Sunday March 24, 2013, About: Two Weeks to Go
They have got rid of one bad signing and need to move the another one in Wigginton but want happen. The most valuable player on the team could be Matt Carpenter who can play so many positions in the field. I believe Jackson and Wong are headed for Memphis and Adams and Robinson makes the big club.
Posted Sunday March 03, 2013, About: shortshop
If I am the GM I am going with 16,33,8,or 38 as my shortstop and keeping Adams as a back up first baseman in 14 and save the money they would have to pay Hardy for the next two seasons.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: starting second baseman 13
I believe it all comes down on whether 15 can play and contribute. If he can I don't understand why they went out and got Cedeno. If Wong can hit in the Bluff City and 15 can play like his old self, I can see one or two infielders move before the trading deadline.

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