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Depends on the rule changes and how they affect the game. If the game gets so watered down it is no longer entertaining to watch, then Lem could be right. Last time I watched Olympic boxing I was bored to death.
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: 'Significant' interest in JaMarcus Russell
One year minimum salary contingent on making the team might be worth the risk for a team like the Jags. If he did okay could you trust him to a multiyear contract.....nope.
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Zaire makes bid to be Irish QB
The Irish will be running the ball more this year...
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Brothers commit to Texas
Mac Brown is a great recruiter but not a very good game day coach. He should concentrate on finding some better assistant coaches to overcome this.
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Tim Tebow's dad: 'Don't believe all you hear'
Tebow is a good football player but not a very good quarterback. If an NFL team makes an offer of course he'll accept it, but chances the team is going to be in a dire qb situation (injuries) and wont be very good anyway. Maybe you'll get an offer after mid-season Tim, in the mean time work on your mechanics and accuracy. Nina Agdal is awesome, can't be much more obvious than that...
Posted Sunday June 02, 2013, About: Report: Why Raiders owner Mark Davis fired PR director
Big Al left the team in terrible shape after years of questionable trades and stupid draft selections. So SI evidently published a fairly accurate account of how your dad ran the team over the last ten years and you fire your PR guy for that? Truth sometimes hurts, but there it is...
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Falcons GM trying to keep Tony Gonzalez from retiring
Everybody has a price Dimitroff. You should think about shoring up that defense first though.
Posted Saturday February 02, 2013, About: Bob Knight: Fab Five 'never won anything'
Time out! Ya, Knight is right...
Posted Monday May 28, 2012, About: Bears already phasing out Forte
and where are the Vikings now paying all that money to a back with knee problems now? I don't know what it is now, but the average career span of running back used to be 5 years. Forte is a better receiver out of the backfield but I don't know if that translates into a better running back. A healthy AP was more elusive, faster, and probably harder to bring down than Forte. There is what is right and then there is the business side of football. In an ideal world the Bears would pay Forte for what he's done for them in the past, but reality suggests they franchise him this year then see what he can get when he's a free agent. Reality sucks sometimes but nobody ever said life is fair.
Posted Monday May 28, 2012, About: Bears already phasing out Forte
Since I'm not going to be having drinks with Cutler at the bar I could care less what he's like as a person. On the field though, he has better than average talent. The Bronco teams he played on had no defense, so hanging losses on Cutler for that is somewhat misplaced. So far the Bear teams he's played for have had a turnstile like offensive line and a receiving corps where the best receiver would probably be a #2 or 3 on most NFL teams. I haven't heard the exact numbers, but sounds like the Bears have made a fair offer to Forte. Granted he has been the main cog in the offense for the last few years, but he is no AP and shouldn't get that type of money. Being a Bears fan I would love to see what the offense would be like with Forte in the backfield, but I don't think the Bears need to tie their hands cap wise by over paying him. Having an above average running back is a luxury not necessary as the Colts, Patriots, Saints, Giants, and Steelers have proven. Bears have all the leverage Matt sign the contract.
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: Draft's biggest loser
My vote goes to the Browns. Why would you trade picks to move up 1 spot to get a running back who probably would have been there anyway? Then you take a 28 year old qb that probably would've been there with your pick in the second round. Crazy!
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Tebow's job not safe even if Manning rejects Broncos
Great work ethic, good in the locker room, good for team's image, good person, doesn't complete 50% of his passes = job insecurity in the NFL.
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Irish dealt significant blow Thursday
He'll probably end up at Houston with his cousin. I hear they have better looking women and pay a lot more than Notre Dame.
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Arkansas OT arrested for theft
Petrino was overheard saying "You're goin to drive me to drinkin if you don't stop drivin that hotrod Lincoln".
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Bears, Forte no closer to extension
I hope this is not another case of the McCaskeys going on the cheap. Mike manage to ruin one of the best teams ever in the eighties, lets not have a repeat.
Posted Saturday March 17, 2012, About: Can Marshall win over Bears fans?
Now that they have their #1 receiver, they can address that need in the draft.
Posted Saturday March 17, 2012, About: Bears, Forte no closer to extension
Reward the man Emery, he's earned it.
Posted Saturday March 17, 2012, About: Can Marshall win over Bears fans?
Lovie and the team leaders will have their hands full, if they can control him and he gets 80+ catches, 1000+ yards, and 8+ tds, all will be forgiven. Da Bears!
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Ex-Tar Heel accuses SEC schools of paying players
Have a buddy that played at an SEC school, this has been going on a long time. Some know how to cheat better than others. NCAA has blinders on as rampant cheating would be bad for the NCAA.
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Orton finally heading back to Chicago?
Unless Da Bears upgrade the oline it wont make any difference, the third stringer will soon be the starter. Bears are well under the salary cap sign VJax and Manningham, draft some oline to protect Cutler and make Forte's life easier. Work on the D next year too many holes to fill.

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