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Posted Saturday April 19, 2014, About: Cowboys' Henry Melton, bar owner settle assault claims
no payments were made, right people drop law suits against rich athletes all the time with no money exchanging hands which is why there was a suit in the first place.
Posted Saturday April 19, 2014, About: Manny Ramirez only interested in MLB, Japan teams
why would anyone waste money on this washed up cheater? if they do they deserve what they get a washed up over the hill roid abuser
Posted Thursday December 26, 2013, About: Colorado's new leadoff man?
if you are a rockies fan you better pray he is not your lead off man unless you like allot strikeouts strikeouts. he put up plenty of those in the 2 years he led off for the reds,200 a year in fact but hey he is fast so he has that going for him. his first year with the reds he showed so much potential until they made the fateful decision to make him a lead off man. I thought he would improve with the indians without that pressure but apparently not.
Posted Saturday December 21, 2013, About: Carlos Beltran blasts Mets
how much money did the mets over pay him for not being the player they thought he was when they signed him? and he got his feelings hurt when the man paying him all that money dare speak his mind? wait until he chokes in the clutch for the yankees if he thinks that was disrespectful he hasn't heard anything compared to what he will from yankees fans if he does not live up to the contract.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Cards didn't fully trust Wong
no it's actually a 3 year deal with ellis. 1 with the cardinals then 2 with the reds when jocketty will sign him. he will be officially a ex-cardinal then and be eligible for the jocketty retirement package for all ex cardinals where they receive over priced 2 year deals for having played for his beloved former team.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: GM won't guarantee Phillips' return
just because he insulted some sports writer is no reason to dump him and especially for someone as useless as uggla. his production being down has more to do with him being drilled by the pirates for no apparent reason other than to make them feel like they are tough guys. he was hitting .300 before that and he came back to soon imo. but he did what was asked of him batting in the 4th spot and that was drive in runs. hopefully price will keep him in the top of the order where he belongs no matter the injury situation. his offense may not be up to stat geek standards but he has not lost anything defensibly and is the best second base man out there. if they move him they better get a top prospect and a solid bench guy in return.
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: Bears may move on from Cutler
it would be stupid to move on from him now. for the first time since he came to the bears he has a coach who believes offense is part of the game. they finally gave him something that resembles a offensive line for protection and 2 actual wide receivers to throw to. they need him to run the offense to score as many points as possible while they rebuild the defense. who would have thought Bears fans would see their team score more than 40 points in a game and lose? he deserves the chance to play in the same system 2 years in row for once. you bring in a new starter and you set the rebuild back another year having him learn on the job. I don't count the martz years because that offense has not worked since the greatest show on turf days and it almost got him killed out there.
Posted Tuesday October 22, 2013, About: Baker waiting on a call from the Tigers
who are those championship teams you refer to? did I miss the part where he won a world series as a manager? he could not even win a playoff series with the Reds which is one of the reasons he was would be sad to see him ruin yet another powerful arm like verlander but if given the chance he could not resist letting him throw 150 pitches a game. and he would revamp the starting lineup to make sure the fastest 2 guys always bat 1 and 2 in the order whether they can hit or not. and it would be fun watching another fan base go nuts trying to figure out his lineups everyday. you went 3-5 last night? that's nice but you will sit today because you do not match up well against the pitcher we are facing today and we all know it's all about the match up with dusty. and I can't wait to see the reaction to him sending the starter back out when it is clear to everybody but dusty he has lost it,then watching him get lit up until the game is tied or the lead given up before he takes him out of the game. be afraid tiger fans be very afraid!
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Flynn already in Buffalo
nothing says desperation like signing this guy. this is the best they could get? one step closer to a top 5 pick in the draft with this signing. this guy has to be the biggest free agent bust ever and the fact that the seahawks were able to get picks out of him in a trade is even more remarkable.
Posted Thursday October 10, 2013, About: Baker and his son make a play for the Nationals
be afraid nationals fans be very afraid! it would be fun though to see him tell bryce harper he is not playing tonight after going 3-4 for the night before because he does not like the match up with tonight's pitcher. it would be fun to see him bat the nat's fastest guy at leadoff whether he can hit or not. would love to see the fans reaction as he trots the starter back out for another inning to get pounded because he has not thrown the 100 pitch min. or given up 10 runs yet,gotta save that bullpen! would love to the reaction as he sits guys who are hot in order to get those cold bats on the bench luke warm. maybe it would be better if the nats management just said they never got the call. but hey if if finishing high enouh to make the playoffs and be one and done is your goal then hire him. if watching him put out a different lineup every night is your goal then hire him. if shaking your head at his stupid in games sounds exciting to you then hire him.
Posted Wednesday October 09, 2013, About: Sixers supporting White 'with respect'
if by treating him with respect you mean catering to his every whim and paying him not to do his job then congratulations you are doing a great job of that. the rockets did all they could but it was never enough with this wack job. they had him set u with the best medical help he could get but it they were not his people so it was not good enough for him. in other words the houston doctors actually tried to treat him instead of telling him what he wanted to hear. so good luck with that respect thing when you really need him but he can't play because of his "condition". he gives people who suffer with that but go to work everyday a bad name.
Posted Thursday September 12, 2013, About: Goodell puts Redskins decision on Snyder
not a REDSKINS fan at all but I really hope snyder does now bow down to the police. there are plenty of otherthings these people could do to improve the lives of native americans or whatever they want to be called now than changing the name of a sports team. most logical people only make the connection of the football team team when we her that name or the name of any sports team when we hear that name. braves/ indians? I only think of baseball. how about these do gooders do something of substance and work on improving life on the reservations? how about helping them get the help they need with getting an education? or medical help? or help with the substance abuse problems they have. but know getting rid of a football teams rank higher on the pc liberal agenda.
Posted Wednesday August 14, 2013, About: This Browns race still too close to call
if campbell is better than wheedon then browns fans are in for a long season. he was brought in to the Bears to be a quality veteran back up in case Cutler went down there would not be the dramatic drop off in production like in past years. did anybody in the browns watch him play in the 1 game he started for the bears last year? the guy was awful! I know it was against a good team but you could not tell the difference between him and the other losers that have used over the years.
Posted Friday July 26, 2013, About: Hill's kept promise hurts Team USA future
well maybe next time team USA won't wait to ask to ask him to try out for the team. he was not on the list when he scheduled the camp. because another guy backed out he is supposed to drop everything and come running? he made a commitment to for a youth basketball where a bunch of kids were looking forward to seeing and working with him. he made the right choice. if they are going to hold this against in the future him then he is to good to play for them anyway.
Posted Wednesday July 24, 2013, About: Oden narrowing choices, decision next week
he should announce that he is signing with his home town team the pacers for the league min. he would have no pressure to be the team savior only back up hibbert and play 15-20 min. a game. if he is half the player he once was he will be able to show teams he is healthy and get the big contract while helping the pacers to the title. how are teams going to stop 2 centers the likes of Hibbert and oden? if not the pacers then go to the spurs. basically any team other than heat and lakers. if he signs with them then he can break a leg as far as I am concerned.
Posted Tuesday July 09, 2013, About: Make-or-break year for Cutler
what is Cutler's value to the bears? look at their record without him in the lineup and you can see his value. if they think they can do better with a rookie qb then they are nuts! this will be the first year year he has played for a coach who believes offense is part of the game since he has been with the bears. although not proven as head coach trestman's track record suggest he will be a huge improvement over the clowns Cutler has had to work with. add the off season upgrades to actually give him some weapons to work with and more importantly something that resembles on offensive line for protection and all signs point to him having the best year since he left the broncos. if the bears do not want him then I am sure he will have no problem finding a job with a team that needs a qb to put them over the top. if romo can command the type of contract he got from dallas then Jay can look forward to a nice payday wherever he plays after next season. did romo take a team with no offensive weapons to the NFC championship game? did the cowboys collapse without him when he got hurt? the cowboys finished with a .500 record while the bears went 10-6 last year with a offense of Cutler running for his life until Brandon Marshall got open or was close to being open. spare me the rest of metric stuff Cutler is the better qb of the two hands down.
Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Kings pull $56 million offer to Iguodala
good for the kings! not a fan but I wish more teams would act this way then we not have the dwight howard saga. either you want the money or not and if not then they move on. he was offered more money by the kings than he will get elsewhere than he acts like he has been insulted or dissed because he did not meet their deadline? this what pisses fans off about athletes today. not that they get the money because anybody would take that if given the chance but the whole it's not enough attitude by most of them. a huge offer like that should be good enough for him not the wining and dining along with that. look the kings suck or you would not be getting that big of an offer but under the new ownership they want to get better which is why they made you the offer. stop acting like you deserve more than and either take it or decline it but be a man and let them know when they need to or don't act like a baby when they pul the offer.
Posted Monday June 24, 2013, About: Madson may be done for the year
must be nice to madsen,sure he can't pitch but that does not stop the checks coming does it? what he get, 11 million not to pitch for the reds last year then the angels were dumb enough to give him another 5 million not to pitch for them? another reason to steer your kid into baseball and have him try and be a pitcher.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Yanks desperately want to hear 'R' word from A-Rod
can someone explain to me what the point of having morals clauses in contracts is if the team can't enforce them? if it's not legal then neither is the contract right? if being found to be violating baseball's drug policy is not a violation of a morals clause then what is? I hate the yankees and do not feel sorry for them but they should be able to get out of the contract because of that clause alone.
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: Worst trade of the decade
worst trade of the decade? apparently you never heard of the trade from the reds that sent Josh Hamilton to the rangers for the loser known as ednison volquez. not only worst trade of the decade possibly of all time.
right he should stop doing what every young single guy dreams of doing because that affects the recovery of his broken arm and to back problems. could not possibly have anything to do with how he injured it in the first place. and that would be on field doing his job right? let me know when he does something illegal like say getting busted for multiple dui's,beating his woman. doing drugs or having 7 kids with 7 different baby mamma's. until then he is rich and young let him have his fun! why does this **** bag florio try to make non stories major issues? how dd a dweeb like him ever get his own football web site?
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