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Posted Saturday August 18, 2012, About: Who Will Be NL ROY?
If not for Miley the Dbacks would be in a load of ****. Injuries and inconsistent pitcher play has plagued them all year. If not for Miley the Dbacks aren't still in the NL West race
Posted Thursday August 09, 2012, About: Who you take Fantasy?
Brees needs to be top 3 over Cam.
AP needs to be in top 3 rbs over lesean.
I don't ever understand wry besides Megatron. You didn't put Andre Johnson or Fitzy or Green
VD instead of Finley in TE
Janikoski over Bailey in Kickers
Packers D sucks balls!!! Put in a defensive team like Ravens or Steelers or Jets
Posted Sunday August 05, 2012, About: MLB Should Use Instant Replay
They should have a replay ump only in the booth to review these things and then tell the umps down on the field if it needs to be reversed
Posted Thursday August 02, 2012, About: What team was the biggest trade deadline disappointment?
Rights answer is better. The dbacks didn't want to give up uptown for a very good rental. They did the right thing and stood pact and i think it will pay off for them. Only 1 game behind dodgers and 2.5 behind Giants
Not because of medals but people like Owens Lewis and even the Miracle on Ice team were far greater olympians not only because of their physical performance but also because of the statements they made in history.
Yes Phelps is the easily most successful olympian ever and greatest swimmer ever but at the end of the day that's all he was. Others are the greatest not only because of their medals but also their iconic moments in history
Phelps is not THE greatest. What Phelps is though is the by far by miles the most successful olympian ever.
First, Phelps competes in 2x the events as most guys. Still though, I would put that aside if it was just based on medals.
The thing that really makes the difference to me is that Michael Phelps was just a swimmer. The best swimmer ever, but still just a swimmer. People like Jesse Owens deserve to have the title as greatest Olympian not only because of the success they had in medal #'s but also the statements they made in their performance. I would put the Miracle on Ice team right up there too with greatest Olympians.
At the end of the day those are the people that revolutionized sports and made huge statements in history also.Not to take anything away from him, but Michael Phelps was just a GREAT and I do mean GREAT swimmer.
Posted Saturday April 07, 2012, About: Stan Van Gundy should NOT be fired from the Orlando Magic
they can't and won't win with van gundy. the window for winning is closed they are no longer as talented. they must move on, blow-up, and try to build around dwight as smoothly as possible
Posted Saturday April 07, 2012, About: The Nats should move Brycer Harper to the Majors now
Just cause he dominated minors doesn't mean he's dominant enough to be in the MLB. 2 very different settings. he's not ready

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