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Posted Tuesday December 25, 2012, About: Canada scout on the U.S.: 'Our skill is better than their skill'
Wow, i came on here to post the exact same comment, and then i read yours. I mean, the exact same comment. That is great. But the headline is a bit misleading, the Canadian coach sounded much more complimentary than what the headline suggested.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Beginning of the end for Flacco in Baltimore?
So the "Ratbirds" (thanks Mangler, that is great) are one of the better, most consistent teams in the NFL for years, and now Harbaugh and Flacco are on the proverbial "hotseat"? I don't see it. Give the coach, QB and the Ratbird's team to the Browns and Cleveland will gladly accept the franchise's success.
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Who's on Texas Tech's wish list?
No, not really. Better university, better city.
Posted Sunday December 09, 2012, About: Who's on Texas Tech's wish list?
Yeah, Cincinnati is not a bad job, in fact, they have had a decent program for several years now. They will actually be on the shortlist of candidate programs to upgrade conferences ... again. And it is a beautiful city. I know, 14 year resident. Check out the program some time, and visit the city -- in short, enlighten yourself.
Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Could Clippers lure Phil Jackson?
This is neither a Truth nor Rumor. It is just the idiotic drivel by some intern with nothing to write but some naive opinion.
Posted Monday August 13, 2012, About: Reid unhappy with own agent's remarks
I know this goes against the grain, but i actually agree with Call Me John's sentiments. Harshly stated, yes, but on the nose for sure.
Posted Saturday April 21, 2012, About: Jets may draft another QB, too
I have always felt this way for baseball: If you need pitching, then, for your draft, use every single pick on a pitcher. You are bound to garner a couple pitchers that will do the job. I think the same adheres to quarterbacks: Use every draft pick on a quarterback. Then have them all battle it out in camp. You are bound to find your starter in that lot. So, instead of drafting one and HOPING he works out, just bite the bullet and draft 7 of them ... you will find your man. And, if you so happen to find a couple serviceable studs, you can sign and trade them. Remember, Tom Brady was drafted in 6th round, or whatever.

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