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Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Knicks GM expects Kidd back next season
Woody has the players on his side!?!??!?!?!?

Well let's see:

Carmelo gets to shoot whenever and wherever he wants in Woodson's system. So that suits Carmelo well.

JR gets to shoot whenever and wherever he wants in Woodson's system. So that suits JR well.

Felton gets to Pick n Roll while only hitting the roll man 10% of the time, and hogging the ball huimself the rest of the time. in Woodson's system. So that suits Felton well.

Nobody is ever asked to pass the ball anywhere, or ever remember an offensive set, because there are none.

Watch the Memphis / SA series. There are passes. There are spots that people are supposed to be - through movement. There are set motion offenses, which result in 2 or 3 options. It is exceedingly rare that a player tosses up a three when his teammates are out of position to rebound. These are the things that a coach is supposed to instill. Watch Popovic. His players fight for him as well, but he imposes the team gameplan on Parker, Duncan Ginobili and everyone else. Woodson is popular because he is the coach who gives candy out after practice, as opposed to healthy fruit. He is popular because there is no discipline on the ship. Did you notice JR Smiith walk away while a Pacer ran for the ball and got it? Did you notice JR and Felton screw up two inbounds passes within 2 seconds of each other, allowing 4 Celtic points? Nobody is held accountable by the coach, thus making him one very popular coach.

I had the pleasure of seaso tickets inthe Altnata Woodson years. I was right across the court from Woodson, and cold see beads of sweat, let alone hear what he was saying. Which was....nothing at all.

Look back on every Knick and Hawk game Woodson has coached. In at least 80% of the games, his team loses the third quarter. Why? Because the opposing coach has made adjustments, and Woodson has not. It could be the best team or the worst team. A Woodson team usually loses the third quarter. Then , in the 4th quarter, some player - Anthony, JR Smith, Josh Smith or Joe Johnson - takes the team on his back, ignores any semblance of team basketball, and they get a win 52+ out of 82 times. A trained seal could do the same coaching job.
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Knicks GM expects Kidd back next season
Doc, I am unsure how it would be possible to NOT get a better replacement. Woodson is an excellent defensive assistant coach. There are plenty of good lifetime specialists like this ( Tex Winter did 23 years as an offensive guru. Pete Newell made a career as an NBA consultant teaching big men.) Woodson got this job because he played at Indiana with Grunwald and Zeke, and James Dolan. Oh, hold it, that's not right. Dolan didn't go to Indiana. He just got his man crush on Thomas around that time.
Posted Sunday May 19, 2013, About: Amar'e Stoudemire confused by benching
Let's face facts here. Every single criticism of the Knicks can be traced back to the worst coaching job in the history of organized professional sports.

Yes Carmelo's passes were crazy last night. However, nobody in this hemisphere - let alone his teammates - expects Anthony to pass at all, and they have no idea where they are supposed to be, since a pass is not part of the Mike Woodson playbook.

The strange, perhaps romantic relationship between Woodson and Smith blurred his vision. Is Novak a good defender? No. But neither is Smith. So if Smith is blowing his drives and his jumpers, why not try Novak. There were times, last night, when Novak and Copeland could have been on the floor, when Vogel had his slow line-up in.

Felton was 0 for 7 an even more out of control than normal. Jason Kidd can go 0 for 7, and manager to not have 4 turnovers and another 6 stupid plays.

Speaking of plays, why do we pay a coach over $1 million per year, when nothing he does matches the definition of coach in the dictionary? No offensive sets or encouragement of ball movement. No ability to adjust to the roster moves and substitution patterns of the opposing coach. Obviously no negative consequences for lazy play (hundreds of examples, but JR Smith simply allowing Indiana to take the bouncing ball away is one last night.)

There are lots of excuses from injuries to slumps. The bottom line is that ALL teams have these issues, and the coach works around them. The Knicks performance this year is IDENTICAL to the Hawks under Woodson: Boring, predictable and easy to defense ISO plays. During the season, this plan might work, because each team has 3 or 4 opponents to play each week. There is no time to study game tape. In a playoff series, where there are only 5 games over two weeks and the opponent is the same, it is easy for an opponent to see how tragically predictable Mike Woodson is. Give Woodson control of the Heat, and they would be out in the second round.
Posted Saturday December 29, 2012, About: Jeff Van Gundy only interested in Nets under his terms
Seems to me that he is saying that he does not want to talk to the team, if Carlisimo is under the impression that he can, perhaps, earn the job. I think the posters here are misinterpretting his words.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Joakim Noah: I shouldn't be suspended for headbutt
In case nobody has been watching professional basketball for the past 5 years, slow starts in the 1st and 3rd quarters are the hallmark of Mike Woodson teams. He is continually out-coached, and cannot make mid game adjustments. The Knicks percentages are guaranteed to go down as they play the league for the second tie around, this season. Teams will understand how to beat the Knicks. This is why Woodson teams are terrible in the playoffs: 7 games in a row with a team that is heavily scouted.
Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: QB change coming for Irish?
Crom is precisely correct. It has always struck me that the whistle had blown. His forward progress had been stopped long before that. By rule, when forward progress is stopped, the officials are to allow a lst second 'double pump' where they can get their arm oer the goal line / first down, etc. The truth of the matter is that his back was to the end zone when forward progress was stopped. While one cannot hear the whistle on slo-mo replays, it seems clear that as he was falling to his side, the whistle blew. As Crom points out, Te'o and another defender could have easily continued to halt his progress, but had jumped 10 yards away from the play, celebrating, before his elbow hit the ground.

Ironically, this is the opposite of the Bush Push, where the whistle shoudl ahve blown because Bush was stopped and could not double pump over the line. But he got the push, and went in. If the ND line help the running back straight up, and allowed a linebacker to crash into hsi ribs, the Stanford faithful wouldbe calling for a roughness flag. They call the stop of forward progress - and have for 30 or more years - in order to prevent injuries.
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: Ewing rejects Knicks' offer to coach D-League
Being good does not necessarily make one a good coach. Here is a short and incomplete list of great players( NBA Top 50 team) that were not good coaches:

Bill Russell
Dave Cowans
Magic Johnson
Isiah Thomas
Willis Reed
Plus you had Kareem who has wanted to be a coach for years, with no takers.

Of that same group of 50 - to my memory - the good coaches list consists of

Bill Sharman
Billy Cunningham
Lenny Wilkens
Larry Bird in a really short career.
Jerry West also in a short career
Special mention to Larry Brown, who was an ABA star.

So you have 5 of the 5 as terrible coaches, 5 as good coaches, and 40 that never really coached a heck of a lot. So being a star player does not make you good coaching material. (Jackson, Riley, Karl, Popovich and Daly were not exactly legends on the court, btw.)
Posted Sunday August 26, 2012, About: Ian Poulter rips Bethpage Black's greens
Virtually everyone who broke par did so in the morning, when the greens still had some overnight moisture. Once the sun dried out the greens, the scores were dramatically different.
Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: Terry wants jersey in the rafters
It seems to me that a rough litmus test for the rafters ought to be HOF membership, not necessarily championships. The notion that Dallas does not have very many jerseys in the rafters is NOT a reason to include a player who has not been named an All Star a single time in his career. Think about that: Not once has Jason Terry been thought of as one of the best 3 players in his position, in his conference.

For me, there are 4 potential jerseys in the rafters: Nowitsky, Blackman, Harper and Aguirre. Like Terry, Mark Aguirre was a Mav for only 8 years. But in those 8 years, he had 3 All Star nods. They have already cheapened the honor with the inclusion of Brad Davis, seemingly because he managed to be there from Day 1, and retire after 12 years with the team. his stats certainly do not warrant it. So perhaps Terry sees the Davis uniform up there and figures - reasonably - that he is just as good a player. But compounding one mistake with another is not a good idea.
Posted Tuesday August 14, 2012, About: Strasburg decision unpopular in Nats' clubhouse
Pitchers need consistency. You can't just sit a guy for 12 days, when he has been pitching every 5 or 6. He has to stay limber, and maintain strength. So he would throw simulated games to do that - which makes no sense whatsoever.

If he had not had TJ surgery, perhaps you can push him this ONE year. Then again, he has a crazy mechanic to his delivery, so even that dictates some rest early in his career.

Much as I hate to say it, baseball is a business. They have invested ridiculous sums in this kid, already, based on the notion that he can be good for a long time. But there is no guarantee that he even stays with Washington, the way FA is now. So there is a bit of protection of the investment warranted. They drafted, subsequently, under the impression that they have an ace on their staff. They might have drafted differently without Strasburg on the roster. They have invested a lot in signing bonus that they can never get back. Owners and GMs did not make baseball all about money: Players did, starting with Flood and McNally and moving forward to today.
Posted Sunday July 29, 2012, About: Kite: USGA, R&G neglectful with long putters, drivers
As for where to make the delineation point, one could probably say the Ping case. Go back to 1984 rules, give or take.

There have been, by the way, fundamental changes to other sports. The 4 major American sports have all seen changes. Soccer just recently redefined Offside - a critical part of the game.

The same goes for tennis. I bear no ill will toward John Isner et al. But serving 130 mph aces is NOT the entirety of tennis. The respective organizations should bring skill back into their games.
Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Woodson guaranteeing Lin return?
Sure, they were together for 5 days, but once Carmelo started talking, nobody could get a word in edgewise.
Posted Saturday June 02, 2012, About: Replay might have erased Santana's no-hitter
From 1880 to about 1980, baseball was played without an ability to have an instant replay of fair and foul balls. And the game progressed just fine, even though there simply had to be wrong calls. Earl Weaver didn't leave the dugout purely for exercise purposes! Before him was Durocher. Before Ducrocher was John McGraw. Sure, on the replay, with slo mo, it is easy to see that a ball touches the line. But that ball was traveling 80 mph, which means that it travels the half inch that hit the line in .0003 of a second. Before anyone starts criticizing, they ought to make 100 yes/ no decisions based on .0003 second observations, and see how perfect they are.
Posted Monday May 14, 2012, About: Hill risks NBA discipline with 'The world knows' line
I think that this is one of the situations where it in ONLY ten free throws. Anyone who watched the game saw that the Pacers got slapped hard early in the game, which significantly impacted their ability to be aggressive. At the same time, the Heat were their aggressive selves. I am not saying that is bad; they really hustle. But they also play a very physical style of defense ( Knicks Riley era) and were not getting called at all. I think that Hill really speaks the truth: We all know that the NBA has deferred to stars at least as far back as Jordan.

I would say, though, that the Pacers benefited from lousy calls with all of Reggie Miller's lean in nonsense. Maybe this is just karma biting them back.
Posted Wednesday May 09, 2012, About: Calipari to Knicks fans: 'Woodson will be your coach'
Woodson is a fantastic defensive coach. That said, anyone who watches basketball has seen the sum total of his coaching ability with Atlanta. Woodson is an atrocious offensive coach. This manifests itself in the playoffs, when an opponent can gear its defense to easily stop a Woodson team. This is why the Hawks routinely won 50 games, then flamed out in the first round of the playoffs.Gorge Santayana said it: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. A Woodson team will be terrific on defense. However, a Woodson team will be slow to react to an opponents' strategy change. A Woodson team will be ridiculously slow in every 3rd quarter - often giving up a lead they cannot make up. A Woodson team will rely on a single isolation scorer which, if the scorer is shut down defensively, means that there is no second option on any play.

Mike Woodson is an excellent defensive coach. He would be a credit to any coaching team. But he is not a head coach. If the Knicks want boring isolation basketball, that usually gets them the #4 playoff seed, and just as often has them losing the first round in 5 games, then Mike Woodson is the coach for them.

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