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Posted Wednesday January 01, 2014, About: Which team in eastern time zone goes further--I'll take Carolina.
looking back.....I still bet on Carolina
Posted Thursday December 12, 2013, About: NFL/college football doppelgangers
dog got eager to chase a deer last night so I spent about 2 hours in the woods chasing an energetic malanois and this morning cleaning up the basement as a result of his eating in the woods.
Posted Wednesday December 11, 2013, About: NFL/college football doppelgangers
Michigan, USC, Penn S/Va Tech.....New England, Atlanta, TB, GB.....have a few ideas....going to take dogs for walk....on a side note I think MSU/Stanford may be the game of the bowl season
Posted Wednesday December 04, 2013, About: Top 10 powerhouses in ALL OF SPORTS!!!!
too late to take, but have a few a feeling this will be on the boards for about 6 months
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2013, About: Tailgater
bm-valid point...i'll do 1 to prove it, then we can go from a job where I go 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off without technology far as float boy goes, u only comment on circle driving so give me ur best sec to pick up the kid from driver's wrecker school
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2013, About: Who is under the most pressure? In all of sports?
Team Canada (hockey), Lebron James (still trying to prove he can hold MJ's jock), Aaron Rodgers (trying to build belief his health can save them), Urban Meyer (under fire for playing high school teams out of conference), and last but not least Brian Cashman (trying to figure out how to keep cano, not piss off yankee fans, and build a farm system similar to the A's or Rays)
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2013, About: Tailgater
how about u/anyone invite me to 3 throwdowns (I like a series) with diff locations....u pick the home teams (so that means main course) and I get to choose between a dessert or eliminating it in exchange for a cocktail
Posted Tuesday November 19, 2013, About: Tailgater
would have liked this one....but my items would have been based on location....
after losing today, the saints aren't home free....nice win for you, but time will prove me right
okie dokie....your argument is that Carolina won't make the playoffs. granted I took a loaded gun because not only do I need the panthers to make the playoffs, win a game, and several others to lose in 1st game.

Here's why it will happen:
1. It comes down to Chi/Det/GB loser of Norris div vs. Carolina--I see the lions finding a way to survive and beating up everyone enough to prevent them from making the tourney.

2. NE will be a 4th seed at best, thus needing to play Denver/KC-and even in Foxboro I don't see them being physical enough to survive.

3. Cincy will need to beat someone in the playoffs.

Those are your only 2 teams, because after day light savings time, indy doesn't fall in the eastern time zone. So as Mr. Sheldon Cooper says--baaaazzzziiiinnnngggga.
I'm not buying the Luckstravenganza that others are. Cincy has a solid defense, workmanlike offense, and the fortune of a 'great' division...all east coast teams in the afc are in a world of trouble unless old randy moss shows up, jim Kelly unretires, and the Moon blows up....The NFC would take an Eli and o line being reborn, Atlanta finding a defense, Detroit secondary staying in the area of a wr, and a chip kelly college scheme working to keep carolina from the playoffs and upsetting someone
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: Which team in eastern time zone goes further--I'll take Carolina.
no worries ewa....
Posted Wednesday October 30, 2013, About: Which team in eastern time zone goes further--I'll take Carolina.
No show-I work a job where I am required to go 17 days on, and was called last minute....and I put it under NFL time for the arguing aspect
just changed my vote after reading left's arguments in a published article-word for arguments I would have gone left, but at least be creative enough to change it up
brees' numbers can only go so much higher, where megatron's can be altered in a huge fashion....I GUARANTEE he scores more td's, although he may get less yds they will be more important as the lions find their way back to the playoffs while finishing only 1 game behind the packers...I don't throw bush into the equation due to injury potential, line issues, and potential rb td steals...brees will be battling for a wild card berth as well, but falling short due to his defense not getting the ball enough and a combative schedule--therefore calvin gets it
Posted Sunday July 21, 2013, About: What do you expect from the Eagles in 2013?
philly fans may suffer from repeatedly falling short, but what about the poor saps in Cleveland
Posted Sunday June 09, 2013, About: Best rivalries since 1990
vote right by can u have same team in multiple 'best rivalries'...nhl-wings/avs (96 and beyone) not to mention any orig 6...mich/blow s river...florida vs tennessee..bad boys vs jordan...the nfc east in the 90s...all blacks rugby vs....u pick duke kentucky over duke/nc?-even nc vs nc state or wake is bigger....and no boxing is a rivalry when you have limited 'matches' .I may be a bit slow at catching on but I think frog just likes to start dumb arguments to get others to talk and shoot down his claims
Posted Saturday June 08, 2013, About: In honor of THE playoffs--Stevie Yzerman and #19
not to sound like a shrink but the majority of behaviors are in search of dog barks then hops like bunny when he has to poop but simply walks to door to pee...infants cry in search of basic needs...boys mock girls when they have a crush...poor druggies commit crimes to meet drug need...people (as in those with morals/values or what is not the norm) can't be underestimated or predictable when it comes to meeting whatever need they view as vital
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: In honor of THE playoffs--Stevie Yzerman and #19
How is this tied:
1. No NHL argument for the burritos.
2. If you throw out my Montana wearing 19 in KC, then you have to throw out Cousy wearing it in Cincy.
3. You guys are saying Tony Gwynn was better than Bob Feller?
4. He never made a 2nd argument.
Posted Monday June 03, 2013, About: Best rituals in sports..
handshakes after hockey series, cutting down the nets, florida state football pregame spear chuck, dotting the I on ohio (and I hate blow hi o state), and booing roger godell or gary buttman

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