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Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Giambi retiring to manage Rockies?
If you watch some of the commercials here in Denver you would understand.
Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Colorado's unique experiment failing?
How? The Rox have a lineup that offensively can compete with any team in baseball. Heck our 2 bench outfielders in Eric Young Jr and Tyler Colvin would be starters on any other team. No one wants EY on base due to if he gets a single or a walk he turns it into a double almost every time due to his ability to steal. If it wasnt for the hype of Bryce Harper, Wilin Rosario would win the NL Rookie of the Year with his rookie leading home runs and Jordan Pachecho a close second with his rookie leading batting average. Let alone Josh Rutledge who is the new BIG second baseman in League once he moves when Tulo gets back. With our pitching coming together this team will not be looking at the wild card or even the west crown next season, they will be looking at the NL pennant.
Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Colorado's unique experiment failing?
Problem is...its working finally. With posting an 18-13 record through the beginning of August, the pitching is finally showing dividends with blowouts from the starters becoming fewer and fewer. The piggy back bullpen has really shown some talent with Roenicke, Belisle, and Ottovino with ERAs lower than four. Add in that stater Chacin has given up a total of 5 runs in his 3 games back from the DL. Oh and they just won the series against that vaulted LA Dodgers line-up including a 10 run to 0 shutout. They wont win anything this year but next season, It will be the Rockies, not the LA Yankdgers that will win the west.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Will Selig ever deal with A's stadium issue?
I promise you It wont be Charlotte. They can barely keep Panther games filled, Bobcat games are a joke, and the minor league baseball team is 25minutes south of Charlotte and should really be called the Rock Hill Knights as the Rock Hill residents are the only ones who show up to the games

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