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Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Steve Nash expected to retire after current contract
What if he retired right now, do the lakers have money to sign a decent PG (5 million a year, still doesn't get you anything decent)?
Posted Wednesday May 15, 2013, About: If Celtics rebuild, Paul Pierce will find a new team in 2013
I still think KG has 1 year left in him, Paul 2.

It's probably the best decision, not the nicest to cut him. I just don't get why Ainge don't try to trade PP at least. When they buy him out he'll sign with GSW and what a pick up that would be.

He still averaged 18 ppg - 5 apg - 5 rbg this season. He'll be of value for any competing team.
Posted Tuesday May 14, 2013, About: Celtics willing to wheel Rondo again
Rondo is one of the best (playoff) PG's right now. Why would you get rid of him? How would you shape this team anyways?

Even CP3 can't help you who fails miserably each time in the playoffs.
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Serge Ibaka's confidence is shaken
We all knew Ibaka had to improve his post moves and shooting this season, this guy can block but that's about it. He should be lethal in the paint and put up 20-10.

They should have amnestied Perkins, put a young or unexpensive center there and ride it out with Westbrook-Harden-Durant-Ibaka.

You can play small all the time with Durant and Ibaka at PF and C.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Timberwolves interested in Mayo?
Lol the wolves, when will they ever learn. I actually thought they make the playoffs this year (pre-injury Rubio and Love).
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Report: Maloofs' 'backup plan' nixes Sacramento bids
That's why it's called a RUMOR.

I hope they get it over with and just move. Maloofs got control, they won't sell to Sac investors. Done deal.
Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Timberwolves sending Kevin Love to draft lottery
They will probably trade him on the spot for the best ranked PG looooool
Posted Thursday May 09, 2013, About: Deng has lost 15 pounds in 9 days after spinal tap
We'll need him in the finals. :)

If the Bulls survive this round I can see him return, he just needs to rest and eat well.
Posted Wednesday May 01, 2013, About: Jackson: Nuggets sending 'hit men' at Curry
Mark Jackson needs to stop whining.
Posted Wednesday May 01, 2013, About: J.R. Smith on Jason Terry: 'Who?'
How many rings you got JR Smith?

Cya kid.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Brandon Jennings to L.A.?
So to the question he was asked you would have answered with.

"Yes we are being/getting swept".

Talk about confidence.
Posted Thursday April 25, 2013, About: Are the Timberwolves preparing to trade Kevin Love?
How is Love's defense?
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Dalembert: Heat 'an option' in free agency
If a journalist/nba.com asks him a question, should he say "yeah we are getting swept"? Or should he show some confidence.

Good to know that if you were Jennnings you would say "yeah we are getting demolished by Miami". Just shows how much character you got.
Posted Monday April 22, 2013, About: CP3 can't see Bledsoe coming back
What can they get in return for 2.6 million? He's worth more than what they get in return.
Posted Sunday April 21, 2013, About: Lakers to start two point guards?
Blake and Nash are going to be demolished... Green/Leonard/Ginobili/... all going to trash these little PG's.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Gortat takes a shot at youngsters
I'm +6 feet, am I allowed to say you're sad?
Posted Thursday April 18, 2013, About: Bogans driven daily by Bulls disrespect
Dude played every game, so many minutes and scored around 310 points. He isn't needed with what they had walking around.
Posted Wednesday April 17, 2013, About: Miller nearly quit this past offseason
Sad sad sad little man. :) If you read what actually happened you wouldn't talke like that, he didn't do anything bad or severe. Do you think any NBA team would have taken him back?

Do you think Lebron, Wade and Bosh would want to be associated with a person like that. Again, whatever happened is false and he got blackmailed.

Either you read about what happened or you shut your mouth.
Posted Monday April 15, 2013, About: Wizards' Nene considered retirement?
Or you have to be related to Sprewell.
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Why Spurs waived disgruntled Stephen Jackson
Nice, I hope he finds a team next year.
Posted Saturday April 13, 2013, About: Why Spurs waived disgruntled Stephen Jackson
Are you joking? How does this move save them money?

This was his final year, they don't need to give him a new contract in the summer. The only thing they don't have to do is pay him 2 games salary and some playoff money. Talk about money saving...
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