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Posted Thursday March 14, 2013, About: Is Jimmie Johnson bad for NASCAR?
If he drove for another team it would't be as bad. I think everyones tired of Hendrick being the ream with the dominate driver. Another knock against him is it's so hard to like Chad Knaus.
Posted Monday March 04, 2013, About: Junior hires Martin's engineer
Did Ken Schrader or Ricky Craven get this much of a chance to make something happen for Mr. Hendrick? What I do know about things is that someone from Hendrick has to be out in 2 years. To me the writing is on the wall. Larson will be the next wonderboy and Rick Hendrick will figure out a way to lock him up. If you watched the Nationwide race on saturday it seemed Jimmie was giving Larson a test the whole race. Either Gordon retires, or June brings JR motorsports to cup. Something will have to give.
Posted Sunday December 02, 2012, About: Alabama's Barrett Jones needed crutches after SEC title win
When Georgia was driving with seconds left I looked at my son and said I have waited my whole life to see Ga play for a nation championship(im 30). Soak this in, because it might not happen again. As time expired that has to be the most heart break I have felt over a sporting event.
Posted Sunday December 02, 2012, About: Rangers frontrunners to retain Josh Hamilton
The fact that he has missed enough games for them to have a 86-89 without him should let them know to stand firm at 3 years!
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer scuffle at Phoenix
I cannot believe he didnt get a one week ban. Im not much on this hendrick conspiracy stuff, but this is the first time I have started to doubt wheather all that HMS can get away with anything stuff.
Posted Tuesday October 23, 2012, About: Phils could inquire about A-Rod
I am a huge Braves fan. My biggest fear is that somehow liberty media bumps their heads and figures out a way to get ARod to replace Chipper. I dont know why any team would want him. Let the Yankees be stuck with him.
Posted Monday October 22, 2012, About: Jets don't trust Sanchez
Shouldnt this say BREAKING NEWS on it.
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: Costly divorce looms for A-Rod and Yankees
If he rides pine long enough he will take a trade anywhere. Just put his but on the bench until he softens. He would take KC or San Diego over the Yankees bench any day.
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Defiant Richt: 'Georgia is not going to fall apart'
Man I didnt think about the grass chewer when I said that. You are right Les would have left him also. lol
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Defiant Richt: 'Georgia is not going to fall apart'
Its the nature of the beast. If he stopped recruiting people who get arrested at times he wouldnt win a game. Georgia doesnt do a good job of covering these things up like some other colleges in the SEC. But I guess it would be better if CMR pulled cover ups for cash. Then he would be a better guy off the field.
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Defiant Richt: 'Georgia is not going to fall apart'
First let me start off by saying I have been a Dawgs fan all my life. I love CMR, and love how he goes about things off the field, but its time for him to go. These games that just get away from the Dawgs and they come out looking flat are an epidemic under CMR. Saturday night reminded me soooo much of the 2008 Alabama game and the 2011 sec champ game. Just flat. Heres some others that will let you know its an epidemic
2006 Tenn, 2008 Florida, second half of 2008 GT game(I was there), 2011 Boise St, 2009 Tenn, 2009 Florida, 2009 OKST, 2007 Tenn.

On another note CMR is the ONLY coach in the country that would have left Aaron Murray in the whole game saturday.
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: NL team may lure Zack Greinke from Angels
Didnt think about Bourn being a FA. I love Bourn alot, but he strikes out a little much for a lead off guy for me. I would love to see Jose Constanza have a shot at a full season for the Braves.
Posted Sunday October 07, 2012, About: NL team may lure Zack Greinke from Angels
I dont see this. Braves are loaded with starting pitching. Medlen, Hudson, Delgado, Teheran, Hanson, Minor, and Beachy later in the year. Only way this happens is if they trade some starting pitching to get Chippers replacement. Only other postion I want to see changed is Dan Uggla, and I think they are stuck with his janky ass. I dont think the Braves will look much different next year.
Posted Sunday September 23, 2012, About: Braves manager rips Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria
Wait just a damn minute. You mean to tell me if someone fired you, you wouldnt say anything about it, because its not any of your buisness anymore. LOL. What a stupid thing to say. You would say something everytime someone asked you just like Freddi did.
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Busch hasn't talked to Keselowski
I wonder if Mark's wife will have him hang em up after that happened.
Posted Sunday July 29, 2012, About: Official: Ramirez, Marlins bungle stadium opening
I have always thought that he was letting his talent do all the work. He doesnt seem to work very hard, and he seems to not try or care during games. He and Starlin Castro seem the most disconnected during games of any players in the league.
Posted Tuesday July 24, 2012, About: Georgia prepared to pursue Penn State players
Maybe the players from Penn St wont get arrested so much.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: New frontrunner for Dempster
Sorry its Medlen cant spell this am
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: New frontrunner for Dempster
WHYYYYYYY cant they just stick Medlin in the rotation already. Ill take Demps if we dont have to pay much. So he can take Minors spot and Medlin can take JJ's spot.
Posted Monday July 23, 2012, About: PSU may wish it received 'death penalty'
You guys have got to think of this how it is. They covered up What Sandusky did so they wouldnt hurt recruiting or their program. All the while he was allowed to continue to rape little boys instead of being taken off the streets. How on God's green earth can you say a team that cheats should be punished, but one that allows a crime against humanity to continue shouldnt be punished. Come on man. They deserve this and much more to show other programs across the nation that you cant cover up crimes just because they would hurt your program.
Posted Wednesday July 18, 2012, About: Dempster's first choice
Julio Teheran would be my guess as the number one target for the cubs.
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