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Posted Thursday May 16, 2013, About: Dusty Baker a possibility in Dodger blue
What about Jim Riggleman or Manny Acta? They're not doing anything these days.
Posted Friday March 29, 2013, About: Managers on the hot seat in K.C. and Philly
What, exactly, are the Marlins' expectations - anywhere but last place?
Posted Thursday March 07, 2013, About: Wilson holding himself back from suitors
He's a washed up punk. Either he knows it and is buying time to create 'hype' so that someone will buy into it and sign him, or he's that delusional and thinks he still has something to offer.
Posted Monday March 04, 2013, About: Mets frustrated with out-of-shape Johan Santana
...if they have any money left after that contract.
Posted Monday March 04, 2013, About: Rangers ready to dump Ryan?
Ask Robin Ventura what happens when you mess with Nolan Ryan.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria accuses media of fudging facts
The man has a sketchy past to begin with - all his moves are motivated by how he can best line his own pockets before putting money towards a decent product on the field. After he bilks the State of Florida for millions of dollars to build his personal palace of the gauche, he suddenly realizes that he has to put together a decent product to placate all of those bureaucrats. Here's what happened: he had to make a "splash" by doing whatever it took to try and sign every big name free agent out there, but guess what - when you put that many egos and swollen heads into one room, along with the existing egos (Ramirez, Hanley), it's a recipe for disaster, so instead of giving the team time to try and gel and work together, he kicked everyone to the curb and is now sitting high and mighty in his ivory tower. As much as I don't like him, I actually feel kind of sorry for Stanton.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Alfonso Soriano unsure if he'd OK trade to Yankees
This guy acts like he's doing the Cubs a favor by remaining 'loyal' to the team. Does he really not realize that he has one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, albatross contracts in the majors? How about this - why don't the Cubs and the Yanks trade Soriano for A-Roid and call it a fair trade, because they'll each probably get about the same amount of production as the other while still paying out the wazoo for old age, busted mediocrity.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: Jonathan Papelbon: Phillies lack leadership
They're all overpaid crybabies. A real leader is a person who doesn't whine to the media or management, who has the balls to pull a teammate aside when he needs a pep talk or light a fire under their ****, and shows basic determination, grit, and tenacity. That's why the role of 'Captain' is so rarely handed out on teams - so few players are true leaders.
Posted Monday February 18, 2013, About: Ozzie Guillen asked about O's base coach job, Asia may be next
The problem with Asia is that, while plenty of people have used it as the last stop before the graveyard of their careers, just enough have used it as a baseball purgatory and come back to MLB with rejuvenated prospects and careers. Do we really want this scenario for Ozzie? Please just let him fade into obscurity where he belongs.
Posted Thursday January 31, 2013, About: Under PED cloud, Gonzalez offers vehement denial
Saying "No comment" implies guilt. Actually coming forward to make a statement is far more honorable. At least with Gonzales it's the first time he's been linked to anything like this, unlike Colon, Cabrera, or A-Roid. Plus, the products that Gonzales is said to have purchased do not fall under MLB's list of banned substances, but that's not going to stop people from trying to drag his name through the mud simply because he's a talented pitcher and they dislike the Nationals.
Posted Monday January 14, 2013, About: This winter's most sought-after MLB player is...
It's Mike Rizzo - do you really think he rushes anything? They're not going to trade Morse unless they have the right package offered to them, i.e. AAA quality starting. They're not going to dump him just to dump him.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Dodgers set to sink $250M on Greinke AND Sanchez
Whatever they made, Frank McCourt blew, so no.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Dodgers set to sink $250M on Greinke AND Sanchez
See: Red Sox, Boston: 2011; or Yankees, New York: 2009-2012.

What these people don't get is that you need a group of players who get along and thrive off of each other. Look at what the Giants did in 2010, and what the Nats accomplished this past season. That's how you build a contender, not by simply purchasing the biggest contracts out there.
Posted Friday November 30, 2012, About: Will Safeco's friendlier fences lure free agents?
Neither was DC, and look at them now. The Mariners need to overhaul how they do business if they want to be contenders.
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Wright put off by Mets offers
I'm sorry, but if he had the same agents as Melky Cabrera when that **** went down, I'd bounce agents so fast and seek employment elsewhere. The fact he has stuck with the same agents, he gets what he deserves.
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Rangers ready to swing for Greinke?
Just ask Robin Ventura.
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: Ex-Nationals manager Jim Riggleman wants back in
He was actually offered the interim managing position in Houston for the remainder of this season, with a contract offer to come back next year as a coach. He turned it down.

If he wants to return to managing, send him to Miami as Ozzie's replacement. Riggleman and Loria would be good for each other.
Posted Friday September 21, 2012, About: Blue Jays GM considered releasing Escobar
Are you serious? I'm happy someone noticed it and spoke up. Professional sports have no room for discrimination - just ask Jackie Robinson. I cannot begin to fathom why someone would put incidiary remarks on their selves to begin with, but to think you could get away with it just smacks any and everyone in the face who is a minority in any way, shape, or form. The Jays should release him outright, and he can sit in the unemployment line next to Cabrera in the off-season.
Posted Saturday September 08, 2012, About: Hanley Ramirez: 'I'm different now'
He's an arrogant prick. "You don't talk about Hanley like that." Whatever. He is a ticking time bomb, though, and it's only a matter of time before his not being the center of attention gets to him and he starts acting out.
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Yankees pinstripe 'Plan' in danger
That's because the New York market has over-inflated his ego and self-worth.
Posted Friday August 24, 2012, About: Marlins ready to go young, take lumps?
Loria needs to just sell the team to someone who cares, then let that new person come in and clean house - fire Guillen and trade away any "serviceable" player that's worth something and build from prospects up. I hate the Marlins with a passion, but that plan worked out well for the Nationals so until they do something similar I'll continue laughing down at them wallowing in the cellar with the Mets and Phillies.
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