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Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Take some time too mourn.
It's been 9 years. We've seen two teams win multiple Super Bowls since the Patriots' last, and we've seen Tom Brady lose multiple home playoff games in this time and lose a Super Bowl after an undefeated season. The Pats were winning Super Bowls when the focus of the team wasn't on Brady, he was more or less a game manager. The Pats have yet to win the Super Bowl with the team centered around Tom Brady.
Posted Thursday September 19, 2013, About: Week 4, not too much to say about this one
1 Colorado State at Bama - Bama
2 Florida A&M at tOSU - OSU
3 Clemson at North Carolina State- Clemson
4 Arizona State at Stanford - Stanford
5 FIU at Louisville - Louisville
6 Auburn at LSU - LSU
7 SMU at Texas A&M - A&M
8 North Texas at Georgia - UGA
9 Michigan at Connecticut - Michigan
10 New Mexico State at UCLA - UCLA
11 TENN at Florida- Florida
12 Louisiana-Monroe at Baylor - Baylor
13 Michigan State at Notre Dame - MSU
14 Boise State at Fresno State - Fresno St
15 UNC at GT- UNC
16 San Jose State at MINN- Minnesota
17 Kansas State at Texas- Texas
18 WVU at Maryland- WVU
19 Utah State at USC- USC
20 Utah at BYU- Utah
21 ARK at Rutgers- Arkansas
22 Troy at Mississippi State- MSU
23 LA Tech at Kansas- LA Tech
24 Missouri at Indiana- Mizzou
25 Purdue at WISC- Wisconsin
26 Cincy at Miami of Ohio- Cincy
Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Week Three, a few great games and less cheese than last week
1 Alabama at Texas A&M- Bama
2 Tennessee at Oregon - Oregon
3 Ohio State at California - Cal
4 Stanford at Army - Stanford
5 Louisville at Kentucky - Louisville
6 Kent State at LSU - LSU
7 Nevada at Florida State - FSU
8 Akron at Michigan - Michigan
9 Tulsa at Oklahoma - Oklahoma
10 Vandy at South Carolina - Vandy
11 UCLA at Nebraska - UCLA
12 W. Michigan at Northwestern - NW
13 Wisconsin at Arizona State- Wisconsin
14 Notre Dame at Purdue - ND
15 Washington at Illinois (in Chicago) - Washington
16 TCU at Texas Tech on Thursday- TT
17 Mississippi at Texas - Ole Miss
18 Boston College at USC- USC
19 Iowa at Iowa State- Iowa St
20 Mississippi State at Auburn- Auburn
21 Oregon State at Utah- Utah
22 Fresno State at Colorado- Colorado
23 Air Force at Boise State- BSU
24 Virginia Tech at East Carolina- Va Tech
25 UCF at Penn State- Penn St
Posted Sunday September 08, 2013, About: I've lost the will to live!
Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson
Posted Tuesday September 03, 2013, About: Week 2, Electric Bugaloo
1. Ohio St. vs SDSU- OSU
2. Oregon at UVA- Oregon
3. Stanford vs SJSU- Stanford
4. South Carolina at UGA - UGA
5. Florida at Miami- Florida
6. LSU vs UAB- LSU
7. Notre Dame at Michigan- Michigan
8. Oklahoma St. at UTSA - Okie St
9. Oklahoma vs WVU- Oklahoma
10. Texas at BYU- Texas
11. Nebraska vs Southern Miss - Nebraska
12. Northwestern vs Syracuse- NW
13. USC vs Washington State- USC
14. Cincy at Illinois- Cincy
15. Navy at Indiana- Indiana
16. Tulsa vs Colorado State- Tulsa
17. Michigan State vs USF- MSU
18. Hawaii at Oregon State- Oregon St
19. Utah State at Air Force- Air Force
20. Missouri vs Toledo- Mizzou
21. Auburn vs ARK State- Auburn
22. TENN vs Western Kentucky- Tennessee
23. North Texas at Ohio- Ohio
24. Army at Ball State- Ball St
25. Idaho at Wyoming- Wyoming
Posted Monday August 26, 2013, About: 2013 Pick'em kickoff
1. Alabama(1) vs VT- Bama
2. Ohio St.(2) vs Buffalo- OSU
3. Oregon(3) vs Ark State- Oregon
4. Georgia(5) at Clemson(8) - Georgia
5. Texas A&M(6) vs Rice- A&M
6. South Carolina (7) vs UNC - SC
7. Louisville(9) vs Ohio- Louisville
8. Florida(10) vs Toledo - Florida
9. Notre Dame(11) vs Temple- ND
10. Florida St.(12) at Pitt- FSU
11. LSU (13) vs TCU (20) -LSU
12. Oklahoma St. (14) at Mississippi State-Miss St
13. Texas (15) vs NM State - Texan
14. Oklahoma (16) vs UL Monroe - UL Monroe
15. Michigan (17) vs Cent Michigan - Michigan
16. Nebraska (18) vs Wyoming - Nebraska
17. Boise St. (19) at Washington - Washington
18. UCLA (21) vs Nevada- UCLA
19. Northwestern (22) at CAL - NW
20. WISC(23) vs MASS -Wisconsin
21. USC (24) at Hawaii - USC
22. Oregon State (25) vs Eastern Washington - OSU
23. BYU at Virginia- Virginia
24. Ole Miss at Vandy- Ole Miss
25. PSU vs Cuse- PSU
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: The 2012 postseason pick'em is here! Good luck to all.
Really surprised at how high I finished.
Posted Tuesday January 08, 2013, About: College Football Game Day - Bowl Edition
Doubt it. Offense should be better next season, but we're losing too much on defense.

Jarvis Jones
Alec Ogletree
John Jenkins
Shaun Williams
Bacari Rambo
Sanders Cummings
Avry Jones
Christian Robinson

All defensive starters and none of them will be back. First 3 mentioned are projected first rounders.
Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: College Football Game Day - Bowl Edition
After seeing this game, I keep pulling my hair out when I think about the end of the SEC championship game.

congrats Bama, and thanks for making the SEC proud. I just wish my team would have been there instead.

Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Broncos not necessarily as good as you think
And that "article" was one random fan's opinion. Yeah, that's a good source to use when judging a team.
Posted Wednesday December 19, 2012, About: Broncos not necessarily as good as you think
All doctors who have a knowledge of Peyton's condition have made it clear that he's at no more risk of getting injured than any other QB in the NFL.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: The 2012 postseason pick'em is here! Good luck to all.
So my conference picks were'nt crazy at all according to Vegas.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: The 2012 postseason pick'em is here! Good luck to all.
Northwestern is the only shot the B1G has at winning a bowl game. But I can assure you, I didn't realize I had done that until you pointed it out.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: The 2012 postseason pick'em is here! Good luck to all.
Saturday December 15, 2012
New Mexico Bowl
Nevada vs Arizona - Zona

Idaho Potato Bowl
Toledo vs (22) Utah St. - Utah St

Thursday December 20, 2012
Poinsettia Bowl-the most important bowl of the season!
BYU vs San Diego St. - SDSU

Friday December 21, 2012
Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl
Ball St. vs UCF - UCF

Saturday December 22, 2012
New Orleans Bowl
East Carolina vs LA Lafayette - LAL

Washington vs (19) Boise St.- Washington

Monday December 24, 2012
Hawaii Bowl
Fresno St. vs SMU- SMU

Wednesday December 26, 2012
Little Caesars Bowl
West. Kentucky vs Cent. Michigan - WKU

Thursday December 27, 2012
Military Bowl
(24) San Jose St. vs Bowling Green - SJSU

Belk Bowl
Cincinnati vs Duke - Cincy

Holiday Bowl
Baylor vs (17) UCLA- UCLA

Friday December 28, 2012
Independence Bowl
Ohio vs LA Monroe - ULM

Russell Athletic Bowl
Virginia Tech vs Rutgers- VA Tech

Meineke Car Care Bowl
Minnesota vs Texas Tech - TT

Saturday December 29, 2012
Armed Forces Bowl
Rice vs Air Force - Rice

Pinstripe Bowl
West Virginia vs Syracuse- WVU

Fight Hunger Bowl
Navy vs Arizona St.- ASU

Alamo Bowl
(23) Texas vs (13) Oregon St. - Oregon St

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
TCU vs Michigan St. - TCU

Monday December 31, 2012
Music City Bowl
N.C. State vs Vanderbilt- Vandy

Sun Bowl
USC vs Georgia Tech- USC

Liberty Bowl
Iowa St. vs Tulsa - Tulsa

Chick-fil-A Bowl
(8) LSU vs (14) Clemson - LSU

Tuesday January 1, 2013
Heart of Dallas Bowl
Purdue vs Oklahoma St.- Okie St

Gator Bowl
Mississippi St. vs (20) Northwestern- Miss St

Capital One Bowl
(7) Georgia vs (16) Nebraska - Georgia

Outback Bowl
(10) South Carolina vs (18) Michigan - SC

Rose Bowl
Wisconsin vs (6) Stanford - Stanford

Orange Bowl
(15) Northern Illinois vs (12) Florida St. - Florida Sr

Wednesday January 2, 2013
Sugar Bowl
Louisville vs (3) Florida- Florida

Thursday January 3, 2013
Fiesta Bowl
(4) Oregon vs (5) Kansas St- K State

Friday January 4, 2013
Cotton Bowl
(9) Texas A&M vs (11) Oklahoma- A&M

Saturday January 5, 2013
BBVA Compass Bowl
Pittsburgh vs Mississippi - Ole Miss

Sunday January 6, 2013
GoDaddy.Com Bowl
(25) Kent St. vs Arkansas St. - Ark St

Monday January 7, 2013
BCS Championship
(2) Alabama vs (1) Notre Dame - Bama

Navy beats Army 33-17
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: "Be Careful What You Ask For, Nick" -- Will Muschamp
Plenty of times.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Last week before the bowls...End it with a bang
I don't get why Kent State is ranked higher than Northern Illinois. I know Iowa isn't a great team, but I have to think they're a lot better than Kentucky.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Last week before the bowls...End it with a bang
And give me K State. Must have accidentally hit a backspce in my c/p job.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Last week before the bowls...End it with a bang

SEC season review and SEC Championship Game prediction
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Last week before the bowls...End it with a bang
2 Bama vs 3 UGA in the SEC CC- UGA
8 Stanford vs 16 UCLA- Stanford
11 OU at TCU- OU
12 NEB vs WISC- Nebraska
13 FSU vs GT- FSU
15 OrSU vs Nichols- Oregon St
17 Kent State vs 22 Northern ILL- Kent State
23 OkSU at Baylor- Okie St
Thursday BE game for the CC- L-ville at Rutgers- Louisville
UCF at Tulsa- Tulsa
PITT at USF- Pitt
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: "Be Careful What You Ask For, Nick" -- Will Muschamp
Personally, I don't agree with Saban. Florida has more than earned the Sugar Bowl, and a lot would argue they should be in over UGA or Bama regardless of the outcome of the game. I don't agree that only conference champs should be considered for the title game, like last year, though I didn't want to see the rematch, I think the title game should be between the best two teams in the country, and if they happen to be in the same conference, so be it.
Posted Thursday November 22, 2012, About: Week 13 already?
I'm definitely not a Notre Dame fan, but God do I hope they win. I'm a huge SEC fan, but as a UGA fan, I wanna beat someone new in the title game.
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